Romance by Rg2®: ‘To Kamala Harris With Love’: A Love Letter: “The Political Letters by Rg2” (1)

04 Feb


The Honorable Senator Harris:

My vote is for sale.

It’s only one. However, it may well represent the millions of potential votes of the restless ADOS voters on whom your candidacy’s breakthrough likely hinges.

Willing am I to ink bubble the circle next to your name on the ballot that won’t arrive soon enough for the next election cycle—on one vital condition, however:

That your platform includes both a verbal and written commitment to reparations/recompense for Native Black Americans/ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery).

President Obama secured 95% of the black vote his first term and 93% in 2012, both historic records in the American franchise. He did so, both times, without a clear, unequivocal pledge to redress the economic wrongs, sins, and atrocities perpetrated upon ADOS during 400 years of state-sanctioned bondage and domestic terror (the remnants of which continue to this day), 100 years of Jim Crow, the current state of ADOS mass incarceration, and the ungodly wealth gap that, unaddressed, will only widen in the coming years.

Pres. Obama’s net worth is now $40 million, not counting the $65 million two-book-each Penguin Random House deal both he and Lady Michelle signed in 2016-17, and the recent Netflix production deal they’ve secured, the value of which numbers in the tens of millions of dollars.

That 95% black vote has paid off handsomely for the Obama family—they are set for life, including their grandkids to be.

The Clintons, who also successfully corralled the majority of the black vote, left the White House in debt. Today the Clinton fortune is valued at $250 million—a quarter of a billion dollars. Pres. Clinton’s signature set in motion the largest, most devastating prison industrial complex development in American history, the foundation of which is ADOS men.

The utter discontent and frustration of ADOS voters has now culminated into a sleeping giant now permanently awakened. The political, economic, and criminal justice walls have ADOS pinned on all four sides, squeezing the oxygen with each inch forward.

Politics is now perhaps the most lucrative industry which doesn’t require talent.

Should you ascend the presidency, Senator Harris, your current $2.1 million net worth is guaranteed to balloon thereafter—exponentially.

I’m for the American dream. ADOS certainly are as well; yet, all we’ve known is a nightmare which seemingly refuses to end. We’re willing to withhold our votes for the results we seek. The collective absence of a voting bloc is as, if not more, powerful than one that does.

Our forefathers and -mothers are angry with their progeny. We, ADOS, hear them, we feel them, we will honor their legacy.

Will you, Senator Harris?


cc: ADOS US of A


For Roy Greer Sr. and my great-grands . . . I hear you. -Rg2

Never shall I forget. -Elie Wiesel

© 2019 Romance by Rg2®

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