Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2™, conceived and created by Romance and Multimedia Writer, Rg2, is an on- and offline series of romance-themed, just-for-her prose and poetry dedications at the heart of which is the special recognition of women for their countless contributions to societies the world over, chief among them simply being “lovely.”

A kiss on her hand; an after-work footrub; a midday park rendezvous; a gift of imagination; a moonscape wine sharing; a gift card to her favored retailer; a you-relax-and-I’ll-do-all-the-chores weekend; a just-because random act of caring that says simply: “You’re special to me.”

Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2™ is also creative content for romantic greeting-card verse, as well as a special-observance and -recognition social movement for relationship enhancement among couples and lovers across the globe.

Pamper the woman and forever live in her soul. -Rg2



2 responses to “About

  1. Elise

    May 21, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    Hi Roy! You are such a romantic. Nicely done!


    • Rg2

      May 22, 2012 at 3:40 am

      Sweet you are, Elise. Means alot to me. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Hope all’s well with you. -Rg2



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