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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 342: ‘Let It Snow, We’ve Nowhere to Go’: ‘Romance for the Holidays’ by Rg2 (27) Vol. V




“Let It Snow, We’ve Nowhere to Go”

I guess we should begin taking down the tree, Love
And all the decor before the new year begins,
My mother says we mustn’t take the old into the new
Let’s keep with tradition as the holiday season ends

The last of the put-aways will be the mistletoe
I’m in no rush to dismantle it from atop the door,
We have up to the second before midnight Saturday
Tonight is the pamper-you prequel to the encore

We’re snowed in, angel, stranded in the great indoors
Doesn’t it look like the arctic has paid us a visit?
No worries, I’ve gathered ample wood, the fridge is full
I’ve prepared for this occasion—wouldn’t dare miss it

The bar is populated with a bevy of winter spirits
How about a hot-buttered rum or a Bailey’s mint cream?
Something silky on the palate with a warm down-flow
To take the lingering chill off your bones. . .it may seem

I’m just what the doctor ordered in the dead of winter
Trust me, I had nothing to do with the blizzard outside,
But if this is St. Nick’s idea of a romantic sequester
It’s a parting gift even better than a sleigh ride

Here, have a sip of this, can you taste the nutmeg?
Well now, there’s something gathering in your eyes,
Yes, I can feel the sentiments flowing through you
Careful now, woman, you may just provoke a rise

Over which I have little control, coupled with this rum
Who’d have thought being trapped could be so good,
Cabin fever is more than the stuff of creative fiction
I’d better take from the cord more pieces of wood

To add to the fire and intensify the flames
How the glow reflects off your honeymocha skin,
Come, l wanna take you under my wing
This is our safehouse, not an iniquity den

Well, a little iniquity never hurt anybody
When the heart is pure and intentions are true,
Such as holding you close in the middle of a storm
There’s a sanctity to this moment and aren’t we due . . .

This tranquil, quiet time; our own hibernation time
The perfect way to celebrate the last Pamper-Her-Friday,
Of a year in which we’ve lost many a loved one
We count our blessings to have seen another as we lay

I thank you deeply for my gift and, even more, your love
For making this holiday season one to remember,
And if you’ll do me the honor . . . under the mistletoe
A final kiss of what will be an unforgettable December

And since we’ve nowhere to go . . .

. . . let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


Peace, Love, Joy . . . and Romance in the new year. -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 341: ‘A Midnight Prayer, Love’: ‘Romance for the Holidays’ by Rg2 (26) Vol. V



“A Midnight Prayer, Love”

I hear Jack Frost has been nipping at your nose
Well, tonight, woman, I want to nibble on your ear,
This Pamper-Her-Friday before Christ’s birth . . .
. . . can I share with you what it is I hold dear?

Your hand in mine on this blustery, sacred night
I want to give my love to you fully clothed,
I cherish peace in our home, may it be on earth
Good will to those we love—even those we’ve loathed

Mind if I say a prayer? Feel free to chime in
“Heavenly Father, I thank you not for the gifted things,
But your provisions of food, washing me of sin
My devoted provider no equal . . . the king of kings

“I thank you for my mother’s health, my sisters’ health
For your eternal guiding light upon the grands,
And for this woman who finds tranquility in my arms
Precious Lord, our very lives we place in your hands

“We know Kris Kringle can’t hold a candle to you
A savior he’s not, a redeemer he simply can’t be,
But if the jolly giver reflects just a tinsel of your virtue
Then every man, woman, and child will truly be free

“The stable roof above our heads, our hearth ablaze
The hearty scent of poultry wafting about our home,
Your sacrifice, Father, your resurrection we honor
This house you’ve made a chapel, a protective dome…

“…is your hand upon our heads, blessed is thy name
So grateful we are that you’ve never left our side,
Those times we failed to acknowledge your presence
Rest assured your existence we’ve never denied

“My tower, you are, our power, you certainly are
My salvation, my refuge, my inner and outer joy,
You are the source, indeed, my spiritual force
From the day you rescued that troubled little boy…

“…into the man who understands what it all means
Reverence for life, reverence for love—to never forget,
You’re the infinite reason for this fleeting season
Heavenly Father, we remain forever in your debt”

Merry Christmas, angel, a little something to unwrap
for a sacred Pamper-Her-Friday by candlelight,
Giving thanks for your love and the man above
Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night.


Pamper the woman . . . and remember your blessings. -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 340: ‘We’ve Only Just Begun a New Romance’: ‘Romance for the Holidays’ by Rg2 (25) Vol. V



“We’ve Only Just Begun a New Romance”

It’s official . . . I received the letter today, angel
Santa’s announced he’s not visiting us this year,
Somewhere along the way we lost our values
It says we don’t deserve that he come by here

We stopped talking caringly, the letter states
We buried the very reason we came together,
Cherishment somehow gave way to callousness
We buckled under the storms we had to weather

We no longer look into the other’s face
As if eye contact would bear some hidden truth,
The notes I would send whimsically—they waned
Small slights, like mixed drinks without the vermouth

Why did we allow work to seep into our night-calm?
The poems I’d write and read to you bedside,
They somehow became fewer and fewer between
Strangers in whom secrets we would no longer confide

Why did we become so comfortable with indifference?
Compliments having become a sadly missing link,
Our laughable witticisms devolved into criticisms
Our agreement: Your blown kiss would meet my wink…

…we broke that promise to ourselves, didn’t we, angel?
Your telling me my ears are big and my gargle too loud,
Giggling to your girls that my foot size is clownlike
and my car on its third paint job . . . of it I’m too proud

My frequent complaints of your overlong showers
and driving your vehicle to a near-constant gasless state,
Date nights became second to your outings with girlfriends
Is there a wonder emotional distance became our fate?

“Why haven’t you hugged each other just because…?”
I can hear Santa’s disappointed voice,
A simple “hello hug,” to say nothing of a snug
Silently questioning whether we made the right choice

In one another . . . did we lose faith in the other?
Buying gifts at Christmas more out of duty than honor,
Emptily trying to outdo the one given last season
Santa says Rudolph saw right through us, as did Donner

And all his reindeer companions they’re all saddened
They don’t recognize the couple once before in love,
We’ve forgotten the meaning of gift-giving, they lament
So no sleigh bells will be ringing from the nightsky above

Gosh, how we’ve let down St. Nick this holiday season
Even sadder is how we’ve seemingly quit on ourselves,
How is it that we’ve underappreciated our home
Is it broken beyond repair even for Santa’s elves?

Search your heart, woman, and I’ll search mine
Do we really wanna surrender our love for good?
Shame on you and twice shame on me
But if there remains nothing, then perhaps we should

I read the letter thrice—morning, noon, and dusk
I had to come to terms with the man written about,
Am I the one who still does it for you?
If so, I need you to give me a shout-out

I’m still the depository of your fears and dreams
That trustworthy lover who hasn’t gone astray,
If we’re guilty of having taken us for granted
Why don’t we harken back to that first holiday

The skimpy looking tree clad in little decor
We could hardly afford orns our just starting out,
But stringing popcorn was fun with the mouth toss
Isn’t that what Christmastime should be about?

We were our gift, appears to be Santa’s message
What do you say we go back to the future?
Our romance still lives in every bit of me
We can start from scratch or apply a gentle suture

To the wounds we gave ourselves out of apathy
We owe one another a rekindled romance,
Let’s begin a new chapter in our shared journey
We’ve only just begun this second chance

Snowfall is in effect; I’m building a cedar fire
The blanket is ready and eggnog laced with rum,
A romantic winter event called Pamper-Her-Friday
If we cherish one another, Santa just may come….

(Are you smiling? Of course you are. Lol.)



The gift of romance for the holidays. -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 339: ‘Close to You for the Holidays’: ‘Romance for the Holidays’ by Rg2 (24) Vol. V



“Close to You for the Holidays”

I don’t want another man touching you
this hallowed holiday season, woman . . . why?
There’s the likelihood their intentions are low
Whereas mine, love, are exceptionally high

Funny this dream I had and you were its feature
A wealthy stranger presented you with a ring,
He said to himself, “These diamonds will reach her….”
Upon reveal, you were captivated by the bling

I couldn’t compete, love, my means were humble
Admittedly, I feared I would likely lose you,
Wealth is a formidable rival to the working man
My dream’s Christmas was looking awfully blue

Then appeared a wise woman from the periphery
“But do you think of Roy?” she flippantly tosses out,
“Isn’t this ring beautiful,” you answer the sage
As the diamonds in the oval shoot sparkles about

“But do you think of Roy?” the elderly woman repeats
Your eyes momentarily abandon the striking gem,
“Why do you think of him?” the echo travels your ear
Suddenly you find yourself reminiscing on a whim:

The little evergreen tree we ornamented together
Sipping homemade cider with the brandy hints,
Charles Brown and Bobby Womack on the radio
Wrapping gifts with paper printed with peppermints

Did you feel safe? Did you feel warm? My sole concern
You were free to leave any moment you were ill at ease,
You nestled in my arms as we watched A Christmas Carol
We both eager to see Scrooge rid of his selfish disease

I woke up from the dream, love, and dagnabbit you . . .
You somehow were still cradled in my arms,
Like me, you simply want to be—closer than close
My chest is your furnace from the winter blizzard harms

You asked me what I wanted for Christmas, remember?
I paused and squeezed you: “I have all that I need,”
“What would you like Santa to bring you?” I returned
“For the first time I feel as if my soul is freed . . .”

Free from commercialism, from mercantilism
Free to sing a carol of your choice in my ear,
Intimacy is a gift of its very own I’ve learned
Look, love, is that a reindeer sleigh in the midnight clear?

Being that I’m here and you’re, yonder, there
I’ve made arrangements for a package’s arrival,
A personal delivery from ol’ St. Nick himself
A little something to spark a romantic revival

In your heart of hearts I truly want to stay awhile
I realize others want to be close to you,
But there’s a fire between us that won’t dissipate
Tonight I’m dimming the lights to a romantic hue

You see, so many deserving women will go without
a mistletoe indulgence in which to partake,
My being a one-woman man—God help them all
For I intend to caress you for intimacy sake

It’s Pamper-Her-Friday, Love.

I wanna be close to you.




Romance lives. -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 338: ‘The Romantic Countdown’: ‘Romance for the Holidays’ by Rg2 (23) Vol. V


“The Romantic Countdown”

‘Twas the first day of Christmas
In keeping thoughts of you at bay,
Appeareth thee in a midnight’s dream
I long to write you if I may

The fleeting image remaineth still
I try in vain to vanquish—not,
The timeless pleasure of your memory
If once was lost, I’ve surely caught

On this first day of Christmas
The Santa helpers are filled with glee,
Of all the presents to be delivered
Remembrance of you is gift to me

What is your wish this giving season?
There’s hardly a cost I would not pay,
For the valuation matters little
An artisan could make but can he say . . .

What stirs his heart cannot be priced
Trinkets and garments and gems and things,
You’re worth them all man-made’s material
But there’s a joy that intimacy brings

Unmatched by all earthly efforts
A woman should be held by sacred arms,
I’ll make us mochas in anticipation
Some holiday wizardry with all the charms . . .

Of a simple but earnest man whose love
Is unadorned but generously true,
What does Christmas deeply mean
If not a chestnut fire with you

Here we are, this first day of Christmas
The chocolatiers are filled with glee,
Of all the presents yet to be wrapped
I simply want you by my fragrant tree . . . .

(to be cont.)

She wants intimacy for the holidays. -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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