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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 405: ‘AT&T Romances Time Warner…and I, You’ A Love Letter: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (108)


“AT&T Romances Time Warner…and I, You”

My Angel,

Time Warner said yes to AT&T.

They’ve consummated an $85B(illion) love affair after a heavy courtship. Time Warner shareholders will receive 1.4 shares of AT&T common stock along with $53.75 in cash for each share of Time Warner they own. That means AT&T issued 1.185B shares of common stock and paid $42.5B in cash. It’s the second-biggest show-business merger of all time.

AT&T shares hover around $32+ per and TWX shares have just surpassed the $100 mark as I write this. Look for both to increase going forward—not to mention the sweet quarterly dividend both companies pay. Once Time Warner is absorbed, AT&T will likely raise the dividend in due time and TWX will no longer trade on the open market.

Aside from my ownership of both companies, this merger will likely raise the share prices of other media companies as creative content becomes even more valuable. As a result, the Pamper-Her-Friday Group will up its ownership stake in other media firms such as Fox, Altice, Disney, Comcast and smaller content creators operating below the radar.

I’ve been approached once again about selling the rights to the trademarks Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® and Romance by Rg2®. I won’t sell, angel, (well, a man should never say never, right?) but I am open to strategic partnerships/licensing deals with high-quality industry players. After all, Trump doesn’t own the properties, he simply licenses the “Trump” name/brand for a hefty revenue sum and George Foreman never owned the manufacturer of those grills—simply licensed his name for a cool $100M.

If this business information is rather boring to you, how about we raise the “Excitement Quotient” in honor of Pamper-Her-Friday? I’ve sold a handful of AT&T (1000 shares; the bulk I’m letting float into infinity while reinvesting the dividends) to finance a series of summer getaways, flyaways and romanceaways for you and I.

Wherever you’d like to explore, let your hair down, bare your feet, taste the wind . . . and hold my hand all the while, consider me your exclusive romantic travel companion.

I thought the Caymans would be a nice start. Azure waters, beckoning sun-ups and -sets, and luxe-hut open-window, warm, breezy nights comprise the ideal environment to take your breath away.

Oh, and Rg2 poems and love letters written and read to you each evening to document our experience.

When do we leave? Friday, of course.

Pamper-Her-Friday, my angel.

Can you come?

Ever yours,


Pamper the woman . . . summer’s arrived. -Rg2

© 2018 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 404: ‘Last Spring Fling, Can We?’ (Before Summer) A Love Letter

“Last Spring Fling, Can We?”

Is it true you’ve been curious of my whereabouts
The recent weeks I seemingly left you at #403?
Have your Fridays past not quite been the same
Tell me, woman, have you truly thought of me?

Worry not, I didn’t abandon you nor my craft
Not once did you exit the archway of my mind,
I’ve worn you something like a pectoral tattoo
Covered and hidden like a precious Nubian find

I’ve taken care of some tight middles and loose ends
Business matters have selfishly demanded my focus,
Prepping the launch of a new Pamper-Her-Friday project
Would love to fill you in over frappe mochas

Under a storied elm tree in a vast spring meadow
A thick blanket unfurled to its ends over the grass,
A timeless straw basket the secret contents of which
are the most succulent seasonal edibles I could amass

For a final spring fling before the summer solstice
Sends you into the arms of another handsome chap,
My temporary absence perhaps left an opening
Ah, but could another man truly fill the romance gap?

That would exist in all the moments we’re not near
The pampering of you so unique to this writer,
Did you once entertain the notion I wouldn’t return?
Somewhere between a cliff-hanger and a nail-biter

It was only a matter of time to stage the comeback
You had to know I’d regain my pampering mojo,
I missed making the dimples appear in your smile
The sensual way your fingers dance in my curly ‘fro

I’ve missed you as much, woman, can you tell?
But sentiment without action is simply wordplay,
The wicker basket also contains a palm-size box
So forever you’ll remember this Pamper-Her-Friday



Pamper the woman . . . in anticipation of summer. -Rg2

© 2018 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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