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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 446: ‘Raquel on My Mind’

Dear Raquel,

I made a little over 4.2k in the stock market this week, since last Pamper-Her-Friday. Reading markets like a madman. I intend to make, on average, even more over the course of the coming weeks of this new year. That’s a mere pittance relative to the business titans of America, I know. I’m not a business titan, however.

I’m a creative writer. A romantic creative writer to be specific.

But a woman respects a man of means.

You’ve met others with higher fortunes, surely. I’m willing to wager you haven’t met a creative scribe of my ilk. I’m certain of it.

But shame on me, Raquel.

I’ve inadvertently neglected my weekly Pamper-Her-Friday dedications—my goal was 500 PHF creatives by the end of 2020. I went astray somewhat . . . building a treasure chest. Sidetracked, I. For good reason.

Back on course, this writer.  You are an inspiration.

My inner poet you’ve resurrected—that photo. Thus:


 Might that have been posted exclusively for me?
 You’d never say, but those entrancing eyes, they tell,
 A hidden-away confession apprehensive to divulge
 My, are you a soothing revelation in words, Raquel
 “Real recognize real”: yeah, strange thing this internet
 Woman, you’ve entered my net---can you feel what I mean?
 A man of printed word too consumed to be distracted
 Not expecting cross-currents, cross-sentiments to convene
 Might it be better that I, that we leave it alone
 Let the Jeanie remain bottled, a sealed Pandora’s box,
 For the whisper of your voice an image it may provoke 
 The onset of a wanting fever or even a welcome pox
 On the brain and in the mind of this romantic scribe
 All in my creative process, woman, all over the page,
 This keypad now has a spirit all its own
 The publishing of that image only served to engage
 A disciplined writer . . . susceptible? Nah, it’s so rare
 That his gaze and his pen are lured by detour,
 Yet if there’s a sensual story developing, Raquel
 I saw it in your eyes, damn, are they so pure
 It’s as if you took the time to fulfill my request
 So lovely your silent language, much did it convey,
 The absence of spoken word is not absence of thought
 Have I entered your net on Pamper-Her-Friday? 




Pamper the woman . . . from afar. -Rg2

© 2021 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 445: ‘The Pamper-Her-Friday before Christmas’: ‘Romance for the Holidays’ by Rg2 (36)

You do realize Christmas arrives on Pamper-Her-Friday
Seven whole days with my singular mind on you,
Santa called, asking of your this-evening whereabouts
I told him, ‘I got this, fella, you’ve other things to do’

He was simply concerned for your safety, he said
Considering your hectic work-to-home commute,
‘She’ll be in warm, secure hands,’ I told St. Nick
In the company of Rg2, the pampering’s absolute

In its tenderness, ambience, and quality of touch
I intend to sing to you a romantic jingle,
And another by the fire as I pour the wine
Spoon feed you lobster chowder as we commingle

Slowly, softly, whisper to me your Christmas wish
I can appreciate, woman, the modesty in your ask,
To be held and caressed all through this good night?
Without question is this writer so up to the task

Here we are, two shining stars come together nigh
This starry night we’ll leave the winter’s cold outside,
How ‘bout I make like a sweater and you a blanket throw
Inside the other’s inner sanctum will we reside

Yeah, as we settle in, I invite you to nestle in . . .
These arms of mine have awaited you all week,
That mistletoe there? It was strategically placed
In case a session of kissology you’d seek

And a pre-Christmas gift for you to unwrap
Just a little something to usher the holiday mood,
No, I insist, it was meaningfully selected
A cut above the rest? Babygirl, I’m that dude

Who’s taken your love interests to sacred heart
Come close, rest on my shoulder as I carol you away,
And if there’s anything else I can get you, request
Whatever is your wish on this Pamper-Her-Friday . . .

. . . simply ask.



Pamper the woman . . . tonight. -Rg2

© 2020 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 444: ‘A Gift for You by Rg2 Gift Giveaway (4)’: ‘A Romance in Autumn Creatives’ by Rg2 (62)

Autumn decor/specialty wrapping: Linda Brooks Designs; photo © Loretta “LoLo Jazz” Greer

Dear Beautiful Gift Recipient,

That would be you.

Yes, you, reading this autumn love letter this very moment.

What, you thought I’d forgotten you . . . and the fact that you’ve never been pampered by Rg2 on his absolute favorite day of the week?

What, you thought a global pandemic would stop me from bringing the meaning of Pamper-Her-Friday directly to your heart—and your doorstep?

Confession: I’m not the perfect gift-giver. I don’t know your exact dimensions, your myriad fragrance tastes, your visual color palette leanings. Your material-girl inner wishes. Your ideal pamper-her secrets.

However, I assumed I couldn’t go wrong with an exquisitely wrapped, both-hands-needed-to-tote, just-for-you holiday package stuffed with an assortment of . . . well, I prefer it remain an autumn surprise.


At least a hint? Okay.

Victoria asked me if I could trust you with some of her long-held Secrets. And Bath & Body said they’re eager to make your acquaintance. And . . . well, you’ll discover the rest in the privacy of your home. After all, a surprise implies intrigue, no?

Speaking of which, could I close this letter with a bit of “poetic intrigue” that you can hold within your heart until your gift arrives? Read on:

 Come inside, hurry, your coat I’ll take
 The quilted throw lay quietly at sofa’s edge, 
 The hearth is only entering mid-fire now
 To you I make an autumn gift-giver’s pledge:
 Do no harm will this writer, word nor deed
 I ask only that you allow me this to say:
 You deserve much more than a box’s contents
 Woman, I honor you on this autumn Pamper-Her-Friday . . . . 





Pamper the woman . . . for she loves Autumn. -Rg2

© 2020 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 443: “Can We Share Autumn?”: ‘A Romance in Autumn Creatives’ by Rg2 (61)

Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 443: “Can We Share Autumn?”: ‘A Romance in Autumn Creatives’ by Rg2 (61)

Dear Nubiana,

For those who know Rg2’s creative works, they’re well aware he’s not one for brevity. But I submit to you tonight, Nubian woman, a brief heartverse to introduce the Fall season. It’s finally Autumn here in Southern California—the blanket escapes its closet hibernation—my most favored of the four seasons.

So, come a little closer.

Let’s talk a little softer.

And let me read this poetry into your ear, babygirl:

We needn’t Zoom one another tonight, no
I need your presence more intimately near,
To feel your warmth that technology cannot do
Princess—that’s what you are—Autumn is here

Welcome back to my life…remember that sacred Fall?
I wrapped gently the scarf around your exposed neck,
Followed me home, for you sensed something safe
Fell asleep on my chest before that lingering peck

“Good night,” neither of us said at the fire’s end
You didn’t wanna leave but Autumn was new,
I hadn’t forgotten one minute of that long-ago share
You wouldn’t admit it, but, woman, neither have you

Romance surfaced on that Pamper-Her-Friday
You blew kisses to the wind; babygirl, I caught ‘em,
That season rooted itself in our double hearts
My only ask of you tonight: Can we share Autumn?




Pamper the woman . . . she loves Autumn. -Rg2

© 2020 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

(Coming up: Pamper-Her-Friday Autumn Gift Giveaway 🎁)

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 442: ‘Your Hygiene is Impeccable, ADOS Woman’: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ (130) by Rg2


Dear ADOS Woman,

Have you ever made love during a pandemic?

Evidently intimacy is against the scientific rules,

The last thing a man can do is touch his woman

Well, count this writer among the greater fools


Who willfully violates epidemiology protocol

I’ve admired you at more than adequate distance,

I respect COVID, sure enough, I believe in health

But, damn, ADOS woman, so weak is my resistance


That fragrance emitting from your mocha skin . . .

My god, what in heavenly-black-woman’s-name is that?

Your hygiene is absolutely fucking impeccable

Sorry, but no way can this erotic writer stand pat


And watch your glistening body go unattended

Neglected like America has done its ADOS heirs,

Calling out for human treatment we so deserve

You need an ADOS man who genuinely cares


Like our grandfathers esteemed our “grand-angels”

Our women have been traumatized throughout history,

You can have Black Lives Matter, I want reparations

So I can rebuild my model Black family, you see


We’ve been “media-tricked” by jealous people

Who envy the resilience of our melanin skin,

Why else deny a people unquestionably due?

We comin’ for our check for America’s original sin


Will you accompany me, ADOS woman, say yes

You’re hurting, I’m hurting—truth must be told,

Neither of us is the cause of our mutual condition

We’re the victims of our collective humanity sold


To the highest bidder, our bodies commoditized

Our talents monetized, our existence propagandized,

Babygirl, we’re the cornerstones of America’s wealth

And, thus, we remain the human capital most prized


I’ve no interest in taking advantage of you tonight

You’re an ADOS woman, most precious of them all,

I simply want you to share the evening with me

As Pamper-Her-Friday descends into nightfall . . . .


Love you, Mocha Woman,



Pamper the woman . . . and repaireth her soul. -Rg2

© 2020 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 441: ‘May I Touch You, Haliyah?’ A Friday Poem by Rg2


Dear Haliyah,

Neither of us had any business resonating
With the other, mind you, unprovoked,
But I find myself here on Pamper-Her-Friday
Alone in my writer’s den literally soaked

In a summer sangria-laced brow sweat
Moist palms down to my fingertips,
Laptop key-tapping with the strangest vigor
Woman, I swear, I can taste your ruby lips

So subtly sweet, allow me the imaginings
As I place my washed hand astride your face,
The precious elements contained in your skin
Inspire me to touch thee at an elegant pace

Haliyah, oh beautiful and humble one, you
Rendered me, have you, an admirer from afar,
The writer you say that equally lives in you
Requite this poem, woman, my heart’s door’s ajar

A dangerously provocative proposition, I know
But the fault lies with you for being so soothing,
To the eye of a creative man locked in by COVID
The temptation, however, of your fragrance is oozing

Out of the ether, my monitor, your photo appears
That to-mid-sternum-unbuttoned summer shirt,
You wear it exquisitely, no other princess can
Forgive me the essence of this poem’s seeming flirt

I can’t help it . . . if I wanted to, I couldn’t help it
Even if I could . . . you’ve put lyrics in my ear,
Come away with me to western-most Morocco
Across the lobby of Hotel Esmeralda you’ll appear

Veiled by a Chantilly lace mask and billowy dress
I’ll match your summer white to leave no doubt,
That simpatico is this mysterious attraction
Only we know what this private story’s about

Haliyah, woman, you rapture me, don’t capture me
In the middle of a pandemic—I’m locked away,
Though, I swear, I’ll come to you were you to beckon
Take the next flight would I this Pamper-Her-Friday . . . .

All up in my mind, you,


Pamper the woman . . . even from afar. -Rg2

© 2020 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Romance by Rg2®: To BET Founder Mr. Robert L. Johnson & ADOS, A Special Request

photo: Cover of Dr. William A. Darity Jr. & A. Kirsten Mullen’s New Seminal Work


June 9, 2020

The RLJ Companies
3 Bethesda Metro Center
Suite 1000
Bethesda, MD 20814

ATTN: Mr. Robert L. Johnson

Re:       Request to Amend “Reparations, A Basis Explored” Proposal

Mr. Johnson:

I envy you the ability to grasp the zeitgeist of an opportune business moment in time, as you did with the founding of BET and its timely sale. And more recently your “Reparations, A Basis Explored” proposal, which captures the zeitgeist of reckoning with the critical economic standing of Native Black Americans at this pivotal moment in American history.

As you know, sir, the United States needs a whipping boy (or girl) to sate its never-ceasing, racialized, domestic-terror appetites. We, her Native Black Americans (black American descendants of U.S. slavery), are the designated whipping group—native black men particularly. I use the term “Native Black Americans,” a group from which you and I proudly hail, to distinguish us from those 12 million black immigrants who voluntarily emigrate to America’s shores. Their American experience dramatically differs from that of your and my ancestors, Mr. Johnson, and, we, our forebears’ heirs. The black immigrant enjoys a higher net worth, educational attainment, and overall socio-economic standing than the Native Black American.


Because black immigrants have in no way been deliberately shut out of the American economic dream as have our native black brethren/sistren. The black immigrant arrives stateside with a clean slate, without the vestiges of accrued disadvantage1 borne by centuries of bondage, legalized second-class citizenship (Jim Crow), wealth destruction/confiscation (Tulsa et al), economic/educational discrimination, mass incarceration, and overall denial of opportunity—to say nothing of the ungodly wealth gap that haunts native black families to the point of median native black family wealth slated to reach zero (0) by 2053. Racism and COVID-19 are in fact dramatically speeding up that timeline.

Mr. Johnson, your and my people are on the cusp of economic collapse, which essentially means death to a people. We, the 30 million Native Black Americans, are the most disenfranchised, terrorized, brutalized group in American history. We—and we alone!—are desperately in need of a comprehensive reparations program to ensure our survival the rest of this century and well into the next.

We, ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery/black American descendants of U.S. slavery), ask, no, we implore, sir, that your $14 trillion reparations proposal be amended to include ONLY the 30 million Native Black Americans who are the rightful, righteous heirs of our enslaved ancestors who, without compensation, built these United States. And whose labor has provided the very framework of the country’s current net worth of $123.8+ trillion as of Q1 2014*. America’s billionaire class, this first half of 2020 alone, has added $595 billion of stock-market wealth. You and I both know that ADOS have been overwhelmingly locked out of that bounty. Hence, we, not black immigrants, creep ever closer to zero wealth.

I urge you to read the recently published book, From Here to Equality, by the brilliant economist/researcher Dr. William A. Darity Jr., the Samuel DuBois Cook Professor of Public Policy, African and African American Studies, and Economics and the director of the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity at Duke University. The focus of Dr. Darity’s work is inequality based on race, class, and ethnicity. The book is co-authored by his equally brilliant colleague and partner, A. Kirsten Mullen, a writer, folklorist, museum consultant, and lecturer whose work focuses on race, art, history, and politics. Their seminal From Here to Equality delivers a breathtaking, comprehensive, inarguable case for reparations for America’s most neglected citizens, black American descendants of U.S. Slavery, based on decades of research.

Please don’t hesitate to consult the book and/or the co-authors directly should you have questions about their reparative plan of action for black descendants of U.S. slavery. Dr. Darity’s and Mullen’s vital research and publishings on reparations and black economic disparity over the last half-century undergirds the current ADOS movement for economic repair and political empowerment based on data (not results-less emotional argument).

ADOS is co-founded by intellectual, groundbreaking, new black media luminaries Yvette Carnell ( and Antonio Moore (, both of whom deliver timely, data-filled, thought-provoking YouTube broadcasts weekly, which have captured the political imaginations and educate the minds of thousands of people both domestically and globally.

Though I can’t speak for ADOS, Mr. Johnson, for I have no standing of note in the movement, I’d like to express my appreciation for your having come forward with your proposal . . . at a time when our people are in desperate need of an economic lifeline and repair.

Again, please consider this request for amendment to your “Reparations, A Basis Explored” proposal, sir. Specifically, the removal of the term “Africans and their descendants,” modified instead to “ADOS or black American descendants of U.S. slavery,” will leave no ambiguity as to the rightful recipients.

Black immigrants who have legitimate grievances with their derivative home countries, whether African, Caribbean, and/or Latin American nations, have the option of petitioning for redress those countries which have colonized the immigrants’ native homeland or perpetrated their mistreatment. ADOS, once we are rightfully made whole by our U.S. government, would then be better able to assist/support black immigrants in their respective reparations pursuits.

I, Roy Greer II (aka Rg2), am the founder/innovator of Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® ( and Romance by Rg2®, a creative writing/e-commerce platform dedicated to women globally. From creative romance to political/reparations speech writing to business proposal writing to creative poetry/prose, Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® delivers literary creativity like no other platform in the market.

What I dream of, Mr. Johnson, is the day when my people are lifted from the shackles of poverty, despair and dispossession to the wholeness and fullness of American citizenship, for which our ancestors bled and died. All the other segments of America, all the other groups that are welcomed to and by the U.S. are automatically elevated above my people’s bottom-caste station.

Pure reparations will unleash the human potential of Native Black Americans the likes of which America has never witnessed, I’m convinced of that. It’s long past time. We’re long past due.

Your help, Mr. Johnson, will indeed help us get there.

If we in the ADOS movement can be of assistance to you, don’t hesitate. I appreciate and thank you for your time.

God’s blessings to all of us.


Roy Greer II



1Term coined by Yvette Carnell

*Google’s most recent data

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 440: ‘Pampering Khristine in the Midst of COVID: Love in a Viral Storm’

Dear Krishtine,

You’re perhaps the only woman on this pandemic-stricken planet who understands me. And you haven’t even met me. How I think of you. I’ve created you in my writer’s mind’s eye, in my creative sanctum. This is for you, mocha woman:

I would bathe you, were God so willing . . .
Forgive me, I must observe social distance,
May I watch you bathe from six feet asunder?
Nubian woman, I admit, so weak is my resistance

Might there be a silver lining in Novel COVID?
This writer, truthfully, is no oath violator,
Social distance is protocol—but intimacy distance
Damn, isn’t that Corona a cruel instigator?

As my luck—call it misfortune—would have it
I just had to be a bachelor in this time of crisis,
Lonely is the greatest of the romance scribes
Krishtine, forgive me, but I’m compelled to write this:

Quarantine, Christ, man, that virus is so mean
Might it have read my most wishful intentions?
Locked in am I, sadly; sequestered are you
Images of your face populate my mentions…

They don’t know; they simply would not understand
Your majesty is worthy of ancestral treatment:
How our grandfathers adored our tender grandmothers
I’d fete you and honor that most sacred agreement:

Blackman, thou shall touch her as if an angel
Protect her from the pernicious elements all,
Gladly would be your human ventilator, I
Breathe from my lungs, woman, as we fall

Into a love even a pandemic cannot seize
Pray does this writer for your precious health,
What I would give to call and hear your voice
If it be the last in my ear, then take the wealth

That I’ve accumulated nearing 500 love letters
All corners of this loveless world are they,
Little did you know you’ve served inspiration
Krishtine, allow me this heartful message to convey:

Troubled times are these, hold on, babygirl
We will get to the other side of this darkness,
Bathe you I shall within intimacy distance
I think of you, mocha woman, I dare confess

May God keep you until then . . . .

With utmost tenderness,

Pamper the woman . . . to the earth’s very end. -Rg2
© 2020 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 439: ‘To: Kai . . . From: A Valentine Admirer,’ An Ask in Verse: The Romantic Valentine Collection by Rg2 (42)


Dear Kai,

What if our crossing was a one-off event?
Never, we, to exchange another moment in time,
Prepared am I to accept that inevitable
What a shame to’ve missed an intriguing Valentine

Such a secret has arisen, Kai, I’ve told no one
A love locksmith am I, my very thoughts of you,
They dive and then resurface out of my control
Where you are this very hour, gosh, I haven’t a clue

Only imagine can I what remains of the encounter
Did my cologne linger like the fragrance of a rose?
As the scent of your presence haunts this writer still,
Your eyes, they shot rubies—for my poetry and prose

All I needed was a subject, a literary prompt of sorts
Had I known it would approach me on such a random day,
More questions might I’ve asked to garner a clear picture
Truth be told, withheld did I a few choice words to say

Have you ever been in love? How on earth did you know?
Was it a misreading of the leaves, a misleading of the heart?
When we spoke of your Canton and my long-ago Jackson
Of my life and that of yours did we somehow become a part?

A fleeting moment in time, a romantic clock doth chime
It began to tick no sooner than when you walked away,
Your locks did sway with each step of your departure
You never uttered a goodbye, perhaps you chose to delay

The inevitable—dare I say we may never meet again
It won’t be the first of this writer’s broken heart,
Take it in stride like much of my thus volatile life
And there shall you remain an indelible work of art

For wherever you are, should this letter greet your eye
Your thinking of our encounter, consider it a sign,
That hug of remembrance holds special meaning
Kai, allow me the privilege of your Valentine

Tender are my thoughts,


Pamper the woman . . . with a distinguished ask. -Rg2

© 2020 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Romance by Rg2®: ‘To Kamala with Love: The Conclusion’: A Love Letter: ‘The Political Letters by Rg2’ (3)


The Honorable Senator Harris:
When President Obama referred to you as “very good-looking” a few years ago, he had no argument from this voter. I even told a colleague of mine immediately thereafter, “She’s gonna run.” I felt there was prescience in Obama’s compliment, that it signaled something imminent.
Unfortunately, your run coincided with what will go down as perhaps the most stunning, impactful political awakening among a group of Americans as has ever been documented in political annals: The rise of the United States’ most forgotten, taken-for-granted, and least regarded group of citizens—ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery)/Foundational Black Americans/Native Black Americans.
As my first love letter to you indicated, I was hopeful you’d take us seriously enough to consult with conscientious advisors and craft an economic plan of action specific to the plight of ADOS, the most vulnerable demographic whose lineage traces to the very founding of the country, in fact, the very labor (stolen, unpaid and critical to the launch of the U.S.’s unparalleled economic might) upon which the American economy is built.
Obama’s political playbook (in fact, the Democratic Party operatives’ playbook) was designed to take advantage of ADOS’ heretofore political naivete and miseducation; symbolism, emotional references to ADOS historical struggle and Civil Rights-era touchstones at opportune times, and a clumsy lumping of ADOS under the ubiquitous label of “people of color” all took precedence over a substantive economic agenda exclusive to ADOS. It worked to near perfection for Obama—two-terms’ perfection, one might say.
Though we were privately leery of Mr. Obama, truth told, Lady Michelle, however, captured our hearts (herself ADOS in fact). The silent fears many of us harbored—that Barack was not of ADOS lineage and couldn’t personally relate to native blacks’ uniquely American experience—were crystallized. Obama’s “rising economic tide will lift all Americans’ financial boats” would prove elusive for my people—strategic economic neglect of ADOS all over again.
And political déjà vu for the country’s foundational black citizens.
Gone are those days. Gone is that naivete. Now, and forever more, rendered ineffective and dead is that benign-neglect strategy, Senator Harris.
Your political run and national introduction couldn’t have been more timely . . . for ADOS. Your and the rest of the Democratic candidates’ political aspirations are hollow, at best, and dead on arrival, at worst, if they are void of a black economic agenda.
What do we seek? A substantive, sustainable, codified-in-law economic plan that redresses centuries of brutal, state-sanctioned mistreatment of our ADOS forebears (which continues in various nefarious forms today) and their descendants, beginning with bondage and evolving through Jim Crow to mass incarceration to today’s horrendous wealth gap.
That economic plan must include: 1) Restitution in the form of cash payments to descendants of U.S. slavery; 2) official protected-class status/U.S. Census recognition for ADOS; 3) All laws rescinded that remain on the books that were/are explicitly intended to criminalize, re-enslave, and/or economically restrict/impede/segregate ADOS via housing/real estate, education, employment, business development/contracting, banking, and investing; 4) Tax-exempt status for ADOS and their progeny/descendants time-correlated to the number of years encompassing the beginning of U.S. bondage to present-day mass incarceration; 5) Returned/reclaimed land, including farm land, that was stolen from and/or coerced from ADOS, federally protected by the U.S. government; 6) a designated industry (economic engine) sanctioned and protected by the U.S. government (e.g., casinos for Native Americans); and 7) ADOS-designated schools built or converted and that are contractually sponsored by American companies/industries that have benefitted directly/indirectly from U.S. slavery labor—these companies will directly recruit ADOS graduates for employment in tech industries that have heretofore shut out ADOS.
There are additional forms of redress that—based on documented/verifiable discrimination, mistreatment, neglect, and accrued disadvantage suffered by ADOS for centuries—must be undertaken to compensate, heal and finally close the traumatic chapter that is the uniquely unenviable American experience of ADOS. Distinguished slavery reparations historians and economists such as Duke University’s Dr. William Darity Jr., among others, are well-positioned to further identify, quantify, and proffer these forms of restitution.
Though your presidential run is suspended, Senator Harris, your senatorial position still affords you the opportunity to assist ADOS in our monumental fight for economic/social justice. Your “yea” vote for House-derived reparations legislation for ADOS would be more than appreciated and lauded by my people, further securing your legacy as a legislator “for the people.”
The collective ADOS eyes (which number in the millions of voters) are now and forever more trained on the actions, votes, and words of our congresspersons and future political leaders. Our very existence as a people is at stake—not to mention the political fortunes of legislators who would deny our uniquely American citizenship and invaluable contributions to the success of this nation.
We look forward to keeping our collective voice in your ear and on your political radar, Senator. And best of luck to you in your future political endeavors.
Highest regards,
The Quality of Lineage. -Rg2
© 2019 Romance by Rg2®
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