Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 442: ‘Your Hygiene is Impeccable, ADOS Woman’: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ (130) by Rg2

11 Jul


Dear ADOS Woman,

Have you ever made love during a pandemic?

Evidently intimacy is against the scientific rules,

The last thing a man can do is touch his woman

Well, count this writer among the greater fools


Who willfully violates epidemiology protocol

I’ve admired you at more than adequate distance,

I respect COVID, sure enough, I believe in health

But, damn, ADOS woman, so weak is my resistance


That fragrance emitting from your mocha skin . . .

My god, what in heavenly-black-woman’s-name is that?

Your hygiene is absolutely fucking impeccable

Sorry, but no way can this erotic writer stand pat


And watch your glistening body go unattended

Neglected like America has done its ADOS heirs,

Calling out for human treatment we so deserve

You need an ADOS man who genuinely cares


Like our grandfathers esteemed our “grand-angels”

Our women have been traumatized throughout history,

You can have Black Lives Matter, I want reparations

So I can rebuild my model Black family, you see


We’ve been “media-tricked” by jealous people

Who envy the resilience of our melanin skin,

Why else deny a people unquestionably due?

We comin’ for our check for America’s original sin


Will you accompany me, ADOS woman, say yes

You’re hurting, I’m hurting—truth must be told,

Neither of us is the cause of our mutual condition

We’re the victims of our collective humanity sold


To the highest bidder, our bodies commoditized

Our talents monetized, our existence propagandized,

Babygirl, we’re the cornerstones of America’s wealth

And, thus, we remain the human capital most prized


I’ve no interest in taking advantage of you tonight

You’re an ADOS woman, most precious of them all,

I simply want you to share the evening with me

As Pamper-Her-Friday descends into nightfall . . . .


Love you, Mocha Woman,



Pamper the woman . . . and repaireth her soul. -Rg2

© 2020 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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