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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 301: ‘A Sacred Woman, a Sacred History’

image: The Alluring Angela

image: The Alluring Angela


“A Sacred Woman, a Sacred History”

What if you met a man who offered a robe . . .
who’s equally at home with your tender limbs unshed,
What if he suggests you dawn his full-length shirt
and insists that your spiritual vitals are fed

What if he responds to your, “Ain’t I a woman?”
with: “That and more . . . all the woman I need,”
What if he nominated you for a platinum Oscar:
Most striking on- or off-camera—you’re the lead

Paying dues you’ve been, yet not getting your due
Are you somewhere between Mary J. and Liv Pope?
Traversing the wilderness of outward validation
Competing against odds with an audacious hope

The finish line is near but the hurdles are ever-tall
What if he extends his hands to offer you lift,
It’s an individual’s race you’ve convinced yourself
But what if you’re susceptible to emotional drift?

Stable feelings this day, vulnerable passions the next
What if he provided a soft landing spot,
His chest as cool as the other side of the pillow
Holding you like the daughters of the late Stuart Scott

Daddy’s not gone; he is risen—reincarnation
What if he simply wants to offer you protection,
To be loyal to you like his forebears in history
When even bondage failed to dampen his affection

Mind if I help you with that . . . Iet me cover your thigh
Allow me to button the shirt so treasure is hidden,
Is it OK if I stand behind you like a shadow in love
I promise not to cross physical barriers forbidden

In celebration of our history, the month’s nearly over
I wanna keep the heritage of my father and his,
Have you found your roots, I’m still finding mine
But I take the example of my uncle and aunt Liz

From lost tribes they descend upon sacred discovery
their Maker enabled, so ennobled was he,
Carried her in his arms across the river to freedom
Woman, I can feel the same river running through me

For this last Pamper-Her-Friday in a very special month
Let it play, let it play, that vintage R&B,
We’ll discover one another as links to a sacred past
We’re the fruit, dreams and hopes of a living history.



Pamper the woman . . . . -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 300: ‘The post-Valentine Woo,’ A Love Ask: The Romantic Valentine Collection by Rg2 (27) Vol. IV

Trans Lux Hotel


“Her Reconsider: The post-Valentine Woo”

Cupid apologized to me and explained:
‘She wasn’t ready for the Rg2 Effect . . .’
The private line I submitted went unanswered
Was it apprehension or simply neglect?

Consider it a dilemma you now inhabit
Woman, you’re the eye of my quiet storm,
Self-imposed in the middle of February
The last few days just haven’t been the norm

The table for two stood eagerly reserved
My anticipation met by an empty chair,
I might have easily become unnerved
But I envisioned the flower nestled in your hair

The elegant red dress with black-speckle print
Those deep opal eyes have love stories to tell,
Trust there exists no more devoted listener
This Valentine Whisperer remains under your spell

The bottle of vintage noir has since lost its chill
The white towel-armed pourer asked your whereabouts,
Had you walked in, the room would’ve surrendered
On that assertion, woman, I have no doubts

The theme of our evening, had it come to pass?
Guinness World Record surpassed—times two,
1) The longest, most creative online romance series
2) The only subject to kiss the author . . . it’s you

And I . . . past midnight dancing beneath the stars
Solo piano for the hour, violin chimes next,
What once was apprehension turns subtle greeting
The red box revealed matches the photo text

I find it interesting, you, I’m quietly pinteresting you
Ahh, discovering 50 shades of your idiosyncrasy,
Style, couture, travel and the culinary arts
I can enhance the metrics of your private economy

To spend so meagerly and save so lavishly
Let me intensify the flavor of your artisan cheese,
The monetary moat around the fortress you’ve built
I’ll add water, build a bridge, and keep safe the keys

Oh, the thoughts of a man, if you’d given me your hand
On that 14th winter’s night seems so long ago,
The Learjet awaited on the tarmac, our air chariot
A continent hop to Valentine Isle, so apropos

To what might have been, angel, I’m thinking again
About the perfect red dress and those fantasy eyes,
Mystery remains our dance, piano plays in the dark
Would you consider a post-Valentine reprise?

Stand and respond to your truth, the heart doesn’t lie
Away with apprehension, this feeling you can’t neglect,
I’ll reserve a Pamper-Her-Friday in our mutual honor
Woman, prepare yourself for the Rg2 Effect

Check one and return to sender:

□ Yes, Roy, if you promise to be gentle
□ Yes, Roy, and you’ve been on my mind
□ Damn, Roy, I’m trying to stay focused! Must you make it so hard?
□ All of the above



Romance is even better . . . post-Valentine. -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 299: ‘No Reply: Her Red Dress Distress,’ A Love Letter: The Romantic Valentine Collection by Rg2 (26) Vol. IV

Red Dress distress

Dear Cupid,

I think you may be losing your touch, fella.

She didn’t reply.

Are you losing your aim or is an errant bow to blame? Misfired perhaps? Or maybe you gave a half-hearted effort on this one.

Do you realize how many prospective Valentines will go without this year? And just imagine the countless Valentines who’ve said yes when, in her heart of hearts, she’s sitting across the table from someone who truly wasn’t her first choice.

I could never be a woman’s second option, a first runner-up. Not because I’m heaven’s gift—far from; hardly anyone knows my name. It’s just that this heart of mine won’t let me.

How would I know? Her eyes. I can look into her eyes and gather her truth. A woman’s eyes have ethics. Even when her lips fib.

Now, let’s be clear, I’ve been rejected before. Dejected twice more. I’ve been fired, even when I’ve made several companies handsome profits. I’ve been turned away by numerous editors–reasons still ungiven. I’ve been passed over for bigger muscles, more glamorous wheels–to say nothing of a fatter wallet.

A man is silly, more like foolish, to think there isn’t a more enticing man who walks his same earth.

And I realize we live in a culture that’s never satisfied.

So, no, Mr. Cupid, don’t even entertain the notion that I somehow feel you owed me something.

It’s just that you’re about to let stand a costly deprivation. You’re gonna allow her to deprive herself of the encounter, in her red dress no less.

And you know I’m susceptible to a lovely woman in a red dress worn in my honor. Fortunes have been given to women by men who adore her red-dress silhouette.

Now isn’t that a rather sad development? Especially considering she in fact—both my instinct and telepathy tell me so—harbors a thought of me. What is the nature of her curiosity?

Sure, she may have said yes to a more enticing man.

But, I assure you, there is no more inviting man than yours truly.

You’re slippin’, fella. Or is this intentional on your part?

Perhaps this wasn’t the Valentine to be. Both she and I alone in our what-might-have-been revelry.

Still, I know you have my best interest at heart.

If you’ll allow me one last favor: Don’t let this haunt her.

I’m a man of good spirits after all. And she deserves no less.

Besides, she never said “no,” now did she? [wink]

I wonder what she’s thinking about right now . . . .

Appreciative nonetheless,



Romance lives in a woman’s heart. -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 298: ‘To Christa, with Love,’ A Love Letter: The Romantic Valentine Collection by Rg2 (25) Vol. IV

Phoenix dining


“To Christa, With Love”

Dare I say, Christa, you’ve ignored me long enough
More worthy am I than a casual acknowledgement,
The occasional reply with the unwritten sigh
Have left unrequited the mind signals I’ve sent

I sense your awareness, your fingers on the keys
What, is there another in the middle of our space?
This subtle failure to communicate, woman, please
What are the chances of a romantic interface . . .

Behind closed or open doors, this Valentine is yours
I’m a lone boat passenger seeking February dock,
I see you standing aloft the wharf with your hair down
Apparitions of my rivals, to you do they flock

The most modest of them all I stand within view
That first love letter you happened upon long ago,
It took you a moment to revisit the author’s face
Wondering in silence, Did Lisa really know?

She didn’t; Others couldn’t; I toiled obscurely
The odd man out—holding life’s everything within,
To share with a select few, though namely with you
No insta-, rather, an old-fashioned gram I send

In the shadows I typed, nary a phrase was hyped
That flower in your hair—it sparked many a verse,
Has your mind ever migrated while behind the wheel?
Tell me, which in the series was your emotion most immersed

Re-appeared have you; disappeared have I
Perhaps you’ve pegged me Ellison’s invisible man,
A Valentine unseen but a Valentine most felt
My presence looms steady over this years-long span

I wanna feel the touch of you, of a woman such as you
In no way is this a proposition inappropriate,
A vicarious touch is simply lacking so much
Given the opportunity, woman, I’ll make the cut

Share a grace dance with me, a little romance with thee
Something within me shan’t let chivalry die,
Memories are all we have to our second to last breath
The self-addressed envelope will arrive for your reply

Anywhere in the world; on my publisher’s card
The honor of your presence would be truly divine,
My only request: A flower once more in your hair
I’d consider it a privilege to be your chosen Valentine

Check one and return to sender:

□ I’m sorry, Roy
□ Hmm, I’m thinking about it, Roy
□ How beautiful, but I . . . I just don’t know, Roy
□ I’m yours, Roy, what time do we leave?



Romance lives. -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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