Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 300: ‘The post-Valentine Woo,’ A Love Ask: The Romantic Valentine Collection by Rg2 (27) Vol. IV

19 Feb

Trans Lux Hotel


“Her Reconsider: The post-Valentine Woo”

Cupid apologized to me and explained:
‘She wasn’t ready for the Rg2 Effect . . .’
The private line I submitted went unanswered
Was it apprehension or simply neglect?

Consider it a dilemma you now inhabit
Woman, you’re the eye of my quiet storm,
Self-imposed in the middle of February
The last few days just haven’t been the norm

The table for two stood eagerly reserved
My anticipation met by an empty chair,
I might have easily become unnerved
But I envisioned the flower nestled in your hair

The elegant red dress with black-speckle print
Those deep opal eyes have love stories to tell,
Trust there exists no more devoted listener
This Valentine Whisperer remains under your spell

The bottle of vintage noir has since lost its chill
The white towel-armed pourer asked your whereabouts,
Had you walked in, the room would’ve surrendered
On that assertion, woman, I have no doubts

The theme of our evening, had it come to pass?
Guinness World Record surpassed—times two,
1) The longest, most creative online romance series
2) The only subject to kiss the author . . . it’s you

And I . . . past midnight dancing beneath the stars
Solo piano for the hour, violin chimes next,
What once was apprehension turns subtle greeting
The red box revealed matches the photo text

I find it interesting, you, I’m quietly pinteresting you
Ahh, discovering 50 shades of your idiosyncrasy,
Style, couture, travel and the culinary arts
I can enhance the metrics of your private economy

To spend so meagerly and save so lavishly
Let me intensify the flavor of your artisan cheese,
The monetary moat around the fortress you’ve built
I’ll add water, build a bridge, and keep safe the keys

Oh, the thoughts of a man, if you’d given me your hand
On that 14th winter’s night seems so long ago,
The Learjet awaited on the tarmac, our air chariot
A continent hop to Valentine Isle, so apropos

To what might have been, angel, I’m thinking again
About the perfect red dress and those fantasy eyes,
Mystery remains our dance, piano plays in the dark
Would you consider a post-Valentine reprise?

Stand and respond to your truth, the heart doesn’t lie
Away with apprehension, this feeling you can’t neglect,
I’ll reserve a Pamper-Her-Friday in our mutual honor
Woman, prepare yourself for the Rg2 Effect

Check one and return to sender:

□ Yes, Roy, if you promise to be gentle
□ Yes, Roy, and you’ve been on my mind
□ Damn, Roy, I’m trying to stay focused! Must you make it so hard?
□ All of the above



Romance is even better . . . post-Valentine. -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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