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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 207: The Pamperee Profiles by Rg2™ (10): ‘Scotty the Brandpreneur’

"Mr. Brandpreneur" Marvis Tyrone Scott, Founder, ATLWOOD™

“Mr. Brandpreneur” Marvis Tyrone Scott, Founder, ATLWOOD™


“Scotty the Brandpreneur”

Psst . . . ladies, come closer, let me deposit a little something in your ear. Men, too, like to be pampered. But here’s the caveat: Some men are pampered and become “soft,” losing that insatiable hunger and drive that fueled their early success. While others are pampered and, as if by osmosis, become all the more motivated, refusing to laurel-rest. Sleep is their enemy.

Meet Mr. Marvis Tyrone “Scotty” Scott. He’s a member of the latter group. Don’t sleep on him.

Atlanta, Georgia’s adopted son is founder and CEO of The Marvis Tyrone Scott Agency, an innovative entertainment business consulting firm that’s in the thick of the nexus of today’s most profitable industries: Music-TV-Film-Sports-Fitness . . . and he’s got his eye on electronics and casinos/resorts.

Giving new meaning to the term “brandpreneur,” Scotty is the owner/innovator of the ATLWOOD marketing brand, a trademark and burgeoning movement that recognizes Atlanta’s undisputed arrival as the entertainment mecca of the southeast–Hollywood South.

“I feel that ATLWOOD is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle,” Scott explains. “People from all over the world come to Atlanta inspired to chase their dreams. Superstars are created here. Anyone who works hard and has that passion to excel can go from being homeless living in their car to being worth over $400 million . . . just ask Tyler Perry!

“The idea for ATLWOOD was sparked as I watched Atlanta evolve from ‘The Motown of the South’ during my days with LaFace Records, the Jack the Rapper Convention, ASCAP and BMI to ‘HotLanta,’ riding the wave of the immense popularity of superstars such as Ted Turner (TBS/TNT Networks founder) Dale Murphy (Atlanta Braves), Dominique Wilkins (Atlanta Hawks) and Deion Sanders (Atlanta Falcons).

“So it was only natural that Atlanta be given its due, especially for the fact that since 2012 the Atlanta film industry has grossed over $6 billion via reality shows, movies, game shows, dramatic series, sitcoms and other entertainment vehicles.”

The ATLWOOD logo graces apparel items from snapback hats and t-shirts for adults and kids to an array of styles including bling gear, fitness gear and business casual. As brand ambassador, Scott strategically leverages his business/entertainment relationships cultivated over the last 20 years by advising his clients on how to market, focus, and elevate their brand to that next level.

Scott, an Alabama A&M University alum, hails from Monroeville, the “Literary Capital of Alabama,” a city noted for gifting the world with such lauded citizens as Marva Collins, the pioneering African-American educator; Cynthia Tucker, syndicated columnist and winner of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary; Harper Lee, author of “To Kill a Mockingbird” and fellow preeminent post-WWII writer Truman Capote; and Redd Velvet, singer, songwriter, social activist and the first blueswoman to create and host a radio talk show.

Those small-town roots, where people took care of one another, still live in Scotty and, in fact, inform his business and charitable endeavors. A committed volunteer in the Atlanta community, he selflessly gives his time to such organizations as the American Heart Association, the National Juvenile Diabetes Association, and the Bernie Marcus Annual Autism Walk/Bernie Marcus Foundation, among others.

Asked what his vision is for his future and that of his beloved adopted city, Mr. Scott didn’t hesitate: “ATLWOOD Films, ATLWOOD Radio, ATLWOOD nightclubs, ATLWOOD electronics, ATLWOOD Fitness & Nutrition, ATLWOOD Casino & Resort . . . I see myself becoming the world’s next mogul!”

And if ever he takes his company public, count this writer as among his most eager investors.

It’s my pleasure to honor you, Scotty, as this Pamper-Her-Friday’s ‘Mr. Pamperee’ for your tireless work ethic and the powerful example you provide for us to never give up on our dreams.

Connect with Scotty at:
To order ATLWOOD brand merchandise, to partner with the ATLWOOD brand or to become an ATLWOOD ambassador, contact Scotty at:



“I Desire 2 Inspire.” -Marvis Tyrone “Scotty” Scott


MTS logo


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Romance by Rg2®: It Never Rains in Southern California . . . : ‘Rain and Romance’

image: by nastuscha2013

image: by nastuscha2013


“Rain and Romance”

Listen, sweet lady, it’s Pamper-Her-Friday
I’m going shirtless tonight,
I’ll greet you at the door fully flexed
Would that be alright?

It’s raining in Southern California
We’re a stay-in tonight,
It never rains in Southern California
We’re gonna play in tonight

I’ll backrub you, you’ll pec-rub me
As lovers see, lovers will do,
If you need a moment to wind down from your week
By all means take a few

Lay your head back, there’s an arch in your back
Turn over, let me work that out,
I’ll de-stress that, love, and de-press that, love
I’m performing osteopathy, no doubt

Rest your arm over there, the other over here
Easy now, don’t start no trouble,
Something may stand up, I’ll put your hands up
A martini? I’ll make yours a double

Time for spinal kisses and no hit-and-misses
the gel is edibly sweet,
Girl, I’m pumped up, you’ve got me plumped up
I’m ready to bring the heat

It’s a shirtless night, I want you skirtless tonight
It’s raining and we’re ending the drought,
An all-nighter’s in store, even better than before
I’ll show you what Pamper-Her-Friday’s all about.



Romance . . . shirtless, skirtless . . . lives. -Rg2

© 2014 Romance by Rg2®


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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 206: The Pamperee Profiles by Rg2™ (9): ‘Jaden’s Voice, Terri’s Heart’

Terri & Jaden: A Voice Emerges photos courtesy:

Terri & Jaden: A Voice Emerges
photos courtesy:


“Jaden’s Voice, Terri’s Heart”

Some may have sought refuge upon the news. Others may have fallen apart somewhere in their sadness at the diagnosis. Most would self-blame in silence with an echoing cry of “Why me? Why us?” when the realization of having an autistic child sets in.

Terri Matthews may well have experienced any number of those emotional reactions when her baby boy Jaden was diagnosed with autism six months after his second birthday, his language-development and potty-training delays having already confirmed her inner questions.

But she gathered herself, summoned that native strength with which only mothers are endowed, and set upon a course of ultimate purpose: Finding Jaden’s voice–figuratively and literally.

Though now recognized as the fastest-growing developmental disability globally, autism is, by all accounts, a medical phenomenon (some say mystery) still in its infancy; so much is yet unknown about the disorder–namely what causes it and why it affects some and not others. What is to blame? The environment? Chemical/industrial pollution? Heredity? Genetics? Vaccine-derived inducement? These are all possibilities but none have been scientifically proven.

As more medical and scientific research seeks to answer these questions, Terri delved into all the information available to her and between her natural instincts, her senior executive corporate/business background, and her generous spirit, she founded Jaden’s Voice, a nonprofit foundation at the forefront of providing critically needed services to underserved families in the autism community.

“The biggest challenge for Jaden’s Voice and autism globally is a lack of support provided to underserved communities. By underserved, this does not necessarily mean families on welfare or unemployed,” Ms. Matthews clarifies. “It’s a greater spectrum. It’s military families, single-parent families, or families with multiple children who simply cannot afford the high costs of alternative treatments for an autistic child.

“The reason for this is because people are not as aware of autism as much as other childhood disabilities. The information is lacking because the condition is so new and therefore not prioritized.”

Jaden’s Voice Foundation consists of two distinct initiatives: Jaden Cares Program and Jaden’s Family Care Program. The Jaden Cares Program addresses the physical and support service needs of children and their families living with autism. Jaden’s Voice plans to establish a single location that offers services for sensory, occupational, and behavioral therapy while exploring the child’s gifts and talents in extra-curricular activities like art, music and sports.

The Jaden’s Family Care component of the Foundation will focus on providing advocacy, outreach services, such as parent-developed and -led support groups and educational opportunities to better equip those individuals who have the responsibility of raising a child with autism. By sponsoring a variety of community events, Jaden’s Family Care will increase awareness of autism and the programs we offer to children and their families.

On their unique journey, Terri shares, “My son Jaden has been a role model to me. I thought I knew what unconditional love was but he truly taught me how to love. He taught me patience and not to be judgmental of others.”

And you’ve reminded us, Terri, of the true meaning of Pamper-Her-Friday as we honor your grace, humility, and generosity in sharing your life’s work with countless others who can look to Jaden’s Voice as an invaluable resource. You’re a difference-maker, a Pamperee of the highest order.

Connect with Terri and Jaden and find vital autism info at:

The website: Follow them on
Twitter: Instagram: @Terri4Jaden.
Please consider donating to help Terri continue helping others at:



“I don’t think of autism as a curse or the end of my life. It is a new beginning for me—the beginning of a new journey and I’ve learned to adjust my life to be able to understand the thinking of an autistic child.” -Terri Matthews, Mom, CEO, Founder of Jaden’s Voice Foundation

Terri Matthews, Mom, CEO, Founder of Jaden's Voice Foundation photo courtesy:

Terri Matthews, Mom, CEO, Founder of Jaden’s Voice Foundation
photo courtesy:


© 2014 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®





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Romance by Rg2®: The Pamper-Her-Friday After Valentine’s: His Reminder: ‘Seven Days After’



“Seven Days After”

Come hither this romance won’t wither
now that Valentine’s is a week past,
Ready for more? Then let’s not dither
The sensual tub awaits, my erotics are vast

Long, strong, anti-thong, hardly wrong
I’m not feeling gentlemanly tonight,
But rough and tumble, are you ready to rumble?
10 successive ero-pangs I might

Set a standard anew, my timing’s on cue
I’m sweeping your hair away for clearance,
This neck-access fetish turns out to be true
I want absolutely no interference

Fragrant candles aflame and you’re calling my name
Echo vibrations through the darkroom walls,
Body parts so tense, let me give them a rinse
Exhale freely as the soft water falls

Back to front, then front to back
I’m performing romantic hydrology,
With the thighs submerged, a knee-kiss is my urge
I’m offering no apology

For making you weak, hush, no need to speak
only if you want me to stop,
Never, ever, you plead, so intense is the need
Hold on, I’m ready to pop!

Open a champagne bottle so I can then coddle
your naked fears only I can enrobe,
After a lather of your feet, mmm, they taste so sweet
Nibbling gently on your earlobe

It’s time, my dear, for the hour is near
Part two is now set to begin,
As I pat you dry, with kisses along the thigh
Let me escort you to the lovers den

Where mischief ramps up, testosterone amps up
We’ll engage some hours-long play,
I’m taking all requests at your every behest
I’m all yours, it’s Pamper-Her-Friday.



Romance lives . . . well after Valentine’s. -Rg2

© 2014 Romance by Rg2®


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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 205: The Pamperee Profiles by Rg2™ (8): ‘Juceliz, Her Majesty’

Juceliz Akilah Batista: The Conscious Educator photo credit: Geri Turner-Bright

Juceliz Akilah Batista: The Conscious Educator
photo credit: Geri Turner-Bright


“Juceliz, Her Majesty”

Perhaps I took creative license in asking–and shouldn’t have. After all, there are journalistic standards to uphold. But it’s Pamper-Her-Friday, a day of distinction like none other in the world. And she’s like none other in the universe. Her name is Juceliz Akilah Batista. Take note.

Do you have a Valentine?

Imagine how floored was I when she answered in the negative. By choice, I thought to myself, that’s gotta be by her choosing. Or is it that she just hadn’t yet been discovered. Georgia’s been harboring a jewel. A hidden gem in the form of a world-class educator. Take note.

“My belief is that education is our golden ticket to opportunity,” says the Syracuse University alum and now public school Language Arts educator in metro Atlanta. “When you take advantage of your opportunity or when someone else pushes you to do so, you then reap endless opportunities.” Ms. Batista speaks from experience.

The New York City native, whose Economics and Policy Studies background has ideally prepared her for the 21st-Century knowledge-based, from-the-neck-up economy, means business when she teaches–with an infusion of compassion, love, and cultural consciousness.

Juceliz co-developed, with fellow alum Darius Smith, “Shadow Day” at Syracuse: A campus event in which local-area students with college aspirations are invited to “shadow” a college student for a day, providing first-hand, real-world insight to college life from the college student’s perspective. “We created the program to inspire tomorrow’s youth, which also explains my chosen career path as an educator,” she adds.

While at Syracuse, Juceliz made each moment count, holding positions on the University Judicial Board, the Student Executive Board of HEOP, and the Full Circle Mentoring Program. She also was the Collegiate Branch President of Malik Melodies Sisterhood, Inc., through which she found innovative ways to spread cultural awareness and engaged in both civic and social responsibilities.

On what inspired her to enter the classroom, Ms. Batista shares, “The endless opportunities I gained as a student, especially in high school. My teachers pushed me and if not for them, I would never have made it to where I am.”

When asked to share something random about her, something few if anyone knows about the serious educator who means business, Batista enlightened: “I dream of having a Nas (the conscious rap impresario) theme classroom . . . I want his lyrics plastered all over my walls, along with other hip-hop artists with profound lyrics. Some of the best lessons I’ve learned were from hip-hop.”

Note duly taken.

It’s my pleasure to honor you, Juceliz, as this Pamper-Her-Friday’s and Valentine’s Day ‘Pamperee.’ Educators are arguably our most precious resource. And that’s exactly what you are.

Connect with Juceliz at: Via Linkedin: And follow her on twitter: @jjucey



“I want to be that inspiration for students who share a similar background to me.” -Juceliz Akilah Batista

© 2014 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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Romance by Rg2®: The Romantic Valentine Collection by Rg2 (13): ‘Morning Valentine’

image: Valentine by whispers

image: Valentine by whispers

“Morning Valentine”

Morning, Love, have I told you
you’re the honey in my tea?
the antioxidants, the polyphenols
Have a few sips with me

I wanna warm you up, those lovely bones
There now, how does it taste?
I want a slow hug alongside breakfast
No kisses in haste

Your english muffin is hot-buttered
the marmalade is fruit fresh,
Egg white omelette so fluffy
with blended veggies to mesh

I took my time with preparation
It’s what you mean to me, my dear,
Romantic mornings yield lovely evenings
and Pamper-Her-Friday is so near

But not just any this one signals
The 14th has special sentiment,
Consider this moment a delicious preview
For I vow to be more intimate

In word, in poem,
in touch, and in spirit,
My heartbeat holds a romantic ask
Come a little closer, can you hear it?

One last bite, one more sip
Just one more kiss, your hand in mine,
Morning, Love, may you enjoy your day
Think of me, your Valentine . . . .



Romance lives. -Rg2


© 2014 Romance by Rg2®


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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 204: The ‘Pamperee Profiles’ by Rg2 (7) ‘Lauren the Enchantress’

Lauren Jelencovich, Soprano Enchantress

Lauren Jelencovich, Soprano Enchantress



“Lauren the Enchantress”



That face.

Capable of launching a thousand ships. Destination? No matter. So long as she greets their arrival–a platinum mic in her hand. And the wandering seafarer is moored–for good.

That voice.

A come-along-with-me lyrical affair akin to a magic carpet ride to a land of enchantment. Just listen. And be still the beating heart.

One may gather that I write about some fictional enchantress better left to princess books of kingdom lore. One, however, would be wrong. For I write about Lauren Jelencovich, a living, breathing songstress in our midst. May the carpet ride never end.

The featured soloist on New Age/Contemporary Instrumental impresario and multi-Grammy nominee Yanni’s world tours, Lauren has been immersed in music and song since the tender age of two, when humming would soon give way to singing at the age of four while her grandmother played the piano. A dream for a life in song had taken root and, by all accounts, dreams indeed come true.

“As I got older, my love for singing deepened and my father heard about Ed McMahon’s Star Search and said he wanted to drive me to the audition,” reminisces Lauren. “I went and ended up going through all the rounds and won the grand prize! It was then that I realized I wanted to become a singer.”

Other highlights include Lauren’s being featured in People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People” and Teen magazine, and she is a recipient of Andrea Bocelli’s National Italian American Foundation World Scholarship. The naturally gifted soprano is equally at home in Broadway, pop, and classical music–and in enhancing life through heartfelt works.

Shares Lauren: “While I’m on break from tour, I enjoy being active in different communities. One of my favorite pastimes is visiting nursing homes, singing and spending time with everyone. I often perform at churches and have worked with an organization called Sing for Hope, which is mobilizing over 1,000 artists in volunteer programs throughout underserved communities in the greater New York City area.

“Also, while attending The Manhattan School of Music, I was part of an inner city outreach program where I performed for children and shared my story through song on how I became a professional singer. It was truly a great experience sharing my gift of song in that way and I’m so lucky now to continue sharing it with so many people while on tour.”

It’s that humble, generous spirit, Lauren, that makes you so worthy of this Pamper-Her-Friday’s Pamperee honor. May the carpet ride never end.

Connect with Lauren at: Her website: Her new critically acclaimed album is available on iTunes: And check out her socials: Twitter:; Instagram:; and Youtube:



“I hope I can continue to inspire people to follow their dreams!” -Lauren Jelencovich

© 2014 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

Lauren & Yanni in concert

Lauren with Yanni in concert


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Romance by Rg2®: The Romantic Valentine Collection by Rg2 (12): Confidential: A Valentine Letter

Valentine getaway


Dear ________,

A woman doesn’t need a Valentine. A woman doesn’t want a Valentine.

Just because a marketable holiday says so.

Please don’t misconstrue the intent of this letter; I won’t misprint, for I’m better . . . than all the askers who’ve contacted you thus far. This is what I want you to do: I want you to weigh the others’ weak ask and avail your heart and mind of the task . . .

. . . of making your consideration of me the last of them all. Yes, I urge you to take your time and thoroughly assess their silly approach–because I’m about to broach a romance idea unlike any other.

My understanding is the winter wonderland you find yourself hemmed by, there on the Atlantic coast, has rather lost its allure. Postcard-worthy though it may be, the blizzardly sins and blustery winds of mother nature make a getaway in February so very necessary.

The beauty of world climate is, when one part of the globe is arctic-like, there’s an opposing weather event occurring in the other–like discerning between a Valentine impostor and a truly gifted lover. You wish the former would simply go away and the latter, by all means, must stay.

More than a Valentine. Precisely what you need.

A marketable holiday simply is not enough. After all, what about Saturday the 15th? And Sunday the 16th?

And would it really be so bad if our Valentine retreat spilled into the following week? I mean, who gives a damn about Monday anyway?

By the way, this Valentine’s Day falls on Pamper-Her-Friday. Yes, I had a hand in it; I spoke with the calendar gods some time ago. Call me proactive. But a woman likes that in her Valentine, yes? (Are you smiling on that one?)

So, again, assess the others’ ask and save mine for last. The very last thought. The final contemplation.

And then, woman, pack a light bag. I’m making my way there shortly.

No, a woman doesn’t need a Valentine. A woman doesn’t want a Valentine. Just for a holiday.

A woman wants a truly gifted lover who knows what the hell he’s doing. Like no other.

I’m on my way.

Your Valentine,



Romance lives.


© 2014 Romance by Rg2®


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