Romance by Rg2®: It Never Rains in Southern California . . . : ‘Rain and Romance’

28 Feb
image: by nastuscha2013

image: by nastuscha2013


“Rain and Romance”

Listen, sweet lady, it’s Pamper-Her-Friday
I’m going shirtless tonight,
I’ll greet you at the door fully flexed
Would that be alright?

It’s raining in Southern California
We’re a stay-in tonight,
It never rains in Southern California
We’re gonna play in tonight

I’ll backrub you, you’ll pec-rub me
As lovers see, lovers will do,
If you need a moment to wind down from your week
By all means take a few

Lay your head back, there’s an arch in your back
Turn over, let me work that out,
I’ll de-stress that, love, and de-press that, love
I’m performing osteopathy, no doubt

Rest your arm over there, the other over here
Easy now, don’t start no trouble,
Something may stand up, I’ll put your hands up
A martini? I’ll make yours a double

Time for spinal kisses and no hit-and-misses
the gel is edibly sweet,
Girl, I’m pumped up, you’ve got me plumped up
I’m ready to bring the heat

It’s a shirtless night, I want you skirtless tonight
It’s raining and we’re ending the drought,
An all-nighter’s in store, even better than before
I’ll show you what Pamper-Her-Friday’s all about.



Romance . . . shirtless, skirtless . . . lives. -Rg2

© 2014 Romance by Rg2®


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