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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 440: ‘Pampering Khristine in the Midst of COVID: Love in a Viral Storm’

Dear Krishtine,

You’re perhaps the only woman on this pandemic-stricken planet who understands me. And you haven’t even met me. How I think of you. I’ve created you in my writer’s mind’s eye, in my creative sanctum. This is for you, mocha woman:

I would bathe you, were God so willing . . .
Forgive me, I must observe social distance,
May I watch you bathe from six feet asunder?
Nubian woman, I admit, so weak is my resistance

Might there be a silver lining in Novel COVID?
This writer, truthfully, is no oath violator,
Social distance is protocol—but intimacy distance
Damn, isn’t that Corona a cruel instigator?

As my luck—call it misfortune—would have it
I just had to be a bachelor in this time of crisis,
Lonely is the greatest of the romance scribes
Krishtine, forgive me, but I’m compelled to write this:

Quarantine, Christ, man, that virus is so mean
Might it have read my most wishful intentions?
Locked in am I, sadly; sequestered are you
Images of your face populate my mentions…

They don’t know; they simply would not understand
Your majesty is worthy of ancestral treatment:
How our grandfathers adored our tender grandmothers
I’d fete you and honor that most sacred agreement:

Blackman, thou shall touch her as if an angel
Protect her from the pernicious elements all,
Gladly would be your human ventilator, I
Breathe from my lungs, woman, as we fall

Into a love even a pandemic cannot seize
Pray does this writer for your precious health,
What I would give to call and hear your voice
If it be the last in my ear, then take the wealth

That I’ve accumulated nearing 500 love letters
All corners of this loveless world are they,
Little did you know you’ve served inspiration
Krishtine, allow me this heartful message to convey:

Troubled times are these, hold on, babygirl
We will get to the other side of this darkness,
Bathe you I shall within intimacy distance
I think of you, mocha woman, I dare confess

May God keep you until then . . . .

With utmost tenderness,

Pamper the woman . . . to the earth’s very end. -Rg2
© 2020 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 439: ‘To: Kai . . . From: A Valentine Admirer,’ An Ask in Verse: The Romantic Valentine Collection by Rg2 (42)


Dear Kai,

What if our crossing was a one-off event?
Never, we, to exchange another moment in time,
Prepared am I to accept that inevitable
What a shame to’ve missed an intriguing Valentine

Such a secret has arisen, Kai, I’ve told no one
A love locksmith am I, my very thoughts of you,
They dive and then resurface out of my control
Where you are this very hour, gosh, I haven’t a clue

Only imagine can I what remains of the encounter
Did my cologne linger like the fragrance of a rose?
As the scent of your presence haunts this writer still,
Your eyes, they shot rubies—for my poetry and prose

All I needed was a subject, a literary prompt of sorts
Had I known it would approach me on such a random day,
More questions might I’ve asked to garner a clear picture
Truth be told, withheld did I a few choice words to say

Have you ever been in love? How on earth did you know?
Was it a misreading of the leaves, a misleading of the heart?
When we spoke of your Canton and my long-ago Jackson
Of my life and that of yours did we somehow become a part?

A fleeting moment in time, a romantic clock doth chime
It began to tick no sooner than when you walked away,
Your locks did sway with each step of your departure
You never uttered a goodbye, perhaps you chose to delay

The inevitable—dare I say we may never meet again
It won’t be the first of this writer’s broken heart,
Take it in stride like much of my thus volatile life
And there shall you remain an indelible work of art

For wherever you are, should this letter greet your eye
Your thinking of our encounter, consider it a sign,
That hug of remembrance holds special meaning
Kai, allow me the privilege of your Valentine

Tender are my thoughts,


Pamper the woman . . . with a distinguished ask. -Rg2

© 2020 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Romance by Rg2®: ‘To Kamala with Love: The Conclusion’: A Love Letter: ‘The Political Letters by Rg2’ (3)


The Honorable Senator Harris:
When President Obama referred to you as “very good-looking” a few years ago, he had no argument from this voter. I even told a colleague of mine immediately thereafter, “She’s gonna run.” I felt there was prescience in Obama’s compliment, that it signaled something imminent.
Unfortunately, your run coincided with what will go down as perhaps the most stunning, impactful political awakening among a group of Americans as has ever been documented in political annals: The rise of the United States’ most forgotten, taken-for-granted, and least regarded group of citizens—ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery)/Foundational Black Americans/Native Black Americans.
As my first love letter to you indicated, I was hopeful you’d take us seriously enough to consult with conscientious advisors and craft an economic plan of action specific to the plight of ADOS, the most vulnerable demographic whose lineage traces to the very founding of the country, in fact, the very labor (stolen, unpaid and critical to the launch of the U.S.’s unparalleled economic might) upon which the American economy is built.
Obama’s political playbook (in fact, the Democratic Party operatives’ playbook) was designed to take advantage of ADOS’ heretofore political naivete and miseducation; symbolism, emotional references to ADOS historical struggle and Civil Rights-era touchstones at opportune times, and a clumsy lumping of ADOS under the ubiquitous label of “people of color” all took precedence over a substantive economic agenda exclusive to ADOS. It worked to near perfection for Obama—two-terms’ perfection, one might say.
Though we were privately leery of Mr. Obama, truth told, Lady Michelle, however, captured our hearts (herself ADOS in fact). The silent fears many of us harbored—that Barack was not of ADOS lineage and couldn’t personally relate to native blacks’ uniquely American experience—were crystallized. Obama’s “rising economic tide will lift all Americans’ financial boats” would prove elusive for my people—strategic economic neglect of ADOS all over again.
And political déjà vu for the country’s foundational black citizens.
Gone are those days. Gone is that naivete. Now, and forever more, rendered ineffective and dead is that benign-neglect strategy, Senator Harris.
Your political run and national introduction couldn’t have been more timely . . . for ADOS. Your and the rest of the Democratic candidates’ political aspirations are hollow, at best, and dead on arrival, at worst, if they are void of a black economic agenda.
What do we seek? A substantive, sustainable, codified-in-law economic plan that redresses centuries of brutal, state-sanctioned mistreatment of our ADOS forebears (which continues in various nefarious forms today) and their descendants, beginning with bondage and evolving through Jim Crow to mass incarceration to today’s horrendous wealth gap.
That economic plan must include: 1) Restitution in the form of cash payments to descendants of U.S. slavery; 2) official protected-class status/U.S. Census recognition for ADOS; 3) All laws rescinded that remain on the books that were/are explicitly intended to criminalize, re-enslave, and/or economically restrict/impede/segregate ADOS via housing/real estate, education, employment, business development/contracting, banking, and investing; 4) Tax-exempt status for ADOS and their progeny/descendants time-correlated to the number of years encompassing the beginning of U.S. bondage to present-day mass incarceration; 5) Returned/reclaimed land, including farm land, that was stolen from and/or coerced from ADOS, federally protected by the U.S. government; 6) a designated industry (economic engine) sanctioned and protected by the U.S. government (e.g., casinos for Native Americans); and 7) ADOS-designated schools built or converted and that are contractually sponsored by American companies/industries that have benefitted directly/indirectly from U.S. slavery labor—these companies will directly recruit ADOS graduates for employment in tech industries that have heretofore shut out ADOS.
There are additional forms of redress that—based on documented/verifiable discrimination, mistreatment, neglect, and accrued disadvantage suffered by ADOS for centuries—must be undertaken to compensate, heal and finally close the traumatic chapter that is the uniquely unenviable American experience of ADOS. Distinguished slavery reparations historians and economists such as Duke University’s Dr. William Darity Jr., among others, are well-positioned to further identify, quantify, and proffer these forms of restitution.
Though your presidential run is suspended, Senator Harris, your senatorial position still affords you the opportunity to assist ADOS in our monumental fight for economic/social justice. Your “yea” vote for House-derived reparations legislation for ADOS would be more than appreciated and lauded by my people, further securing your legacy as a legislator “for the people.”
The collective ADOS eyes (which number in the millions of voters) are now and forever more trained on the actions, votes, and words of our congresspersons and future political leaders. Our very existence as a people is at stake—not to mention the political fortunes of legislators who would deny our uniquely American citizenship and invaluable contributions to the success of this nation.
We look forward to keeping our collective voice in your ear and on your political radar, Senator. And best of luck to you in your future political endeavors.
Highest regards,
The Quality of Lineage. -Rg2
© 2019 Romance by Rg2®
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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 438: ‘Biting Her Finger in the Dark’: ‘A Romance in Autumn Creatives by Rg2 (60)


(Rated Rg2: Finger-biting women readers only)


Woman, I’m determined to be on your mind tonight
Did you forget I’m the inventor of Pamper-Her-Friday?
In case you’re in need of a romantic reminder
Bite your finger in the dark and let my rhythm play . . .

With your mocha lips, can this writer have a taste?
Oh, the succulence, girl, I’m leaving my truculence behind,
Something soft and tender shall tame my inner beast
Bite your finger in the dark and take a nibble of mine

A figment of your imagines am I on this Friday night
What are you doing outside the confines of my home?
Oh, supposedly you’ve a girls-night all planned out
Damn, if only your hormones-seeking-Roy didn’t roam

Back to front, inside and out, head to each tingled toe
Monday is when I first knocked on your mental door,
Tuesday I cracked it open, Wednesday I walked in
Thursday I lit the fireplace to warm your inner core

Then comes Pamper-Her-Friday, woman, I’m on you . . .
I’m in you . . . of you . . . , dammit, girl, I’m all over you,
Are we predetermined or more like predestined?
Admit it, girl, you’re thinking of me right now, is it true . . .

. . . that no other man’s touch measures anywhere near
That of the writer of this poem, why are we apart?
Careful as you pour that glass of sangria with your girls
As you bite your finger in the dark, restless is your heart

Go ahead and have giggles, sip and paint with your crew
By all means, don’t allow thoughts of Rg2 take you away,
Black-girl bonding magic works best with group appeal
Ahhh, but the afterparty is reserved for mistress-of-the-dark play

Candles, fragrance, melted chocolate, berries fresh and chilled
Tri-level thick blankets spread over the den floor,
Extended hours for sip & paint, girl, paint across my chest
Rest the cheeks atop the pecs, prepare for what’s in store . . .

The inventor of Pamper-Her-Friday at your fingertips
Tonight, but put a li’l rush before my patience wears thin,
Stop biting your finger in the dark . . . and come taste
Woman, Pamper-Her-Friday is about to begin . . . .




Pamper the woman . . . especially on Friday after dark. -Rg2

© 2019 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 437: ‘ADOS Press Release for Denise’: ‘A Romance in Autumn Creatives by Rg2 (59)


Greer Authors ‘Reparations in Autumn’ Love Letters Ahead of U.S. Reparations Legislation

Los Angeles, Calif., 11-01-19, 11:59 p.m.—“It’s been less a disappearance than a self-imposed writing-in-total-solitude exile,” says Roy Greer, the shy, reclusive romance and reparations writer, on his weeks-long absence from social media. “Quietly, furiously writing, devising, and architecting monetary reparations content for the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) community. He’s back. And reparations for ADOS is now a national, increasingly global, conversation . . . better yet, a movement that has taken deep root.

“So many nonbelievers,” Greer continues. “Sadly, many black Americans whose lineage can be traced to ancestry from the killing fields of the American South either don’t believe, refuse to believe, or refuse to accept that a debt is owed our community, and it’s now or never. Median black family wealth is slated to decline to zero value by 2053, and that’s data-backed. It’s essentially death to our people.”

From his first essay on how the U.S. should compensate ADOS (published in 2016 on the Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2 platform, entitled “Why Reparations is a Great American Idea” #318) to his “The Political Letters” series written to 2020 presidential candidates and political leaders, Greer (aka Rg2) has been on a mission: Addressing the centuries-long mistreatment of African Americans by the U.S. government—which continues to today.

“ADOS kids look up to black American entertainers, including rappers, singers, athletes and actors . . . too often these performers have failed us with their silence on reparations. Why should my niece and nephew (and our sons and daughters) support, follow and/or buy concert tickets and products of entertainers . . . enriching them while the ADOS community lurches into extinction, asks Greer rhetorically. “No more.”

Slowly but surely black Americans (ADOS) are seeing all the signs of the walls closing in on them economically and politically. Adds Greer: “Our families are devastated. Our marriages are beyond vulnerable. Our job/income prospects are increasingly scarce. Income inequality, the wealth gap between ADOS and anglo Americans, is horridly mega-gulf wide. We’re at ‘code blue’ as a people.”

The Democrat Party has lost ADOS voters. The Republican Party, after Lincoln, abandoned ADOS decades ago. Millions of ADOS votes are at stake, up for grabs, but what looks likely is a massive ADOS sit-out, down-ballot perhaps. ADOS are demanding quid pro quo going forward.

“A vote is money,” Greer continues. “Ask the Obamas . . . they’re well on their way to billionaire status. And guess which group of voters awarded Barack with the most votes by a voting bloc in the history of American elections? Yes, the ADOS community. Where’s the return on our investment?”

It’s only a matter of time until the U.S. Congress passes reparations legislation that begins to right the centuries-long wrongs perpetrated on enslaved black Americans and their descendants, ADOS, affirms Greer. “The lie, the malicious mistreatment and the deliberate neglect can go on for only so long. The reckoning is imminent. The collective, internal fire rages in the souls of the ADOS community. Our time is nigh.”

Those black Americans (ADOS) who never believed in redress/reparations and who continue to this day to not support our repair efforts or obstruct our movement will be compelled to sign binding, U.S. government-sanctioned documentation in which they renounce their rights to any and all monetary reparations once legislation is passed. “They won’t see the head nor tail of a reparations coin whatsoever,” adds Greer with dramatic effect.

Greer looks forward to publishing romance-inspired reparations content, including crucial inside knowledge of negotiations and progress, in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned.



“No More.” -Rg2

© 2019 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 436: ‘The Stein Mart Breakfast Affair’: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (129)


(Rated Rg2: Well, kinda)


Morning, Amber,

How does an impromptu breakfast by the bay sound this morning? The forecast today augurs triple digits in the Inland Valley. We’ll escape to much milder temps down by Tiera Cove. I’ve some money news I’d like to share; your morning fragrance will only enhance our come-together.

Remember back in February I mentioned my investment in Pier 1 Imports (ticker: PIR), at the time the shares were selling at a mere 70 cents per? Today a share of Pier 1 stock is demanding just shy of $8—a more than 1000% increase. I hope you kept at least some of the shares I gifted you. If so, you’re sitting on a small gold mine.

If by chance you sold early, no worries.

Another small, brick & mortar concern fallen on hard times, that has been on my investment radar, is Stein Mart Inc. (ticker: SMRT), a Jacksonville, Fla.-based specialty off-price retailer. From designer and name-brand fashion apparels to home décor merchandise to accessories and shoes at discount prices, Stein Mart sells a bevy of distinctive wares. And just this week, they announced the launch of a new Kids department—a range of apparel for babies, girls (size 2-16) and boys (size 2-20), as well as shoes and toys.

SMRT’s shares are going for only 81 cents today. I bought a grip earlier this week for 73 cents per. The shares are starting to move. Once the word gets out in force how cheap they are, the price will climb substantially. I’m adding shares next week as well.

I’m investing with you in mind. How so?

You’ve two options: I can purchase a tranche of shares for your account and you can sit on them until you’re ready to sell or I can simply split the capital gain cash, at the time I sell the shares, with you, so you can avoid the capital gain tax. You’ll profit either way . . . on one condition, however—have dinner with me tonight so I can share some additional investment news that will enhance further your weekend spirits.

And maybe I can entice you into a lingering candlelight kiss . . . and a playfully erotic Saturday tango to music of your choosing.

Facesitting optional . . . .



Pamper the woman . . . and forever live in her soul. -Rg2

© 2019 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 435: ‘Romantic Summer Sendaway’: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (128)



The weekend has found its way into our mutual lives
And Pamper-Her-Friday wants us together tonight,
That last two-dayer we so immensely enjoyed
Tell me, are you up for another impromptu flight?

Say, a few hours from receipt of this e-missive
Give you, will I, ample time that you may prepare,
Pack a carrybag of the very basic necessities
Light on garments . . . and, please, let flow your hair

Your favored lotions and emollients—I’ll bring these hands
The magic of shea butter lies in how it is applied,
Woman, you’ve an appointment with this mocha man ointment
Tonight I will succeed where other men have only tried

To elicit those long-contained moans from my pheromones
Bottled up far too long have been your erotic instincts,
Unleash your spiritual shouts as I skin-instigate you thereabouts
Provoked by the intrigue of peach schnapps-infused drinks

A hideaway nestled in the lush, tropical forestry
Lung-cleansing oxygen produced by evergreen millenial trees,
We’ll leave the tensions of rapidly gentrifying city life
In-the-buff night swims, oh yes, in the gentle evening breeze

There’s therapy in letting go, woman, this writer should know
Countless hours I’ve studied sexology and touch-ology text,
Though re-enactments are futile when there lacks chemistry
No such problem we’ll have as I show you what’s next:

From-neck-to-ankle bites is how I take it to new heights
Part passive, part aggressive, woman, request your dare,
And if so sweet and fruity is the aroma of the booty
Behold, I may very well refuse to come up for air

You laugh? Go ahead and laugh, for I’m the diligent type
Facilitating her satisfaction comprises my DNA,
Not every woman, mind you, is so fortunate
A precious few have inspired me to gift it away

But there lives this something in the interior of you
And, damn, that luscious exterior is a bonus to boot,
I promise to leave no marks as visual implication
Your reputation as my own? That point is not moot

A romantic three-day weekend beckons us both
Let’s give this summer’s end its proper send-away,
May the time go slow as I bathe you in candleglow,
We’ve only just begun this Pamper-Her-Friday. . .

. . . tonight.



Pamper the woman . . . for an unforgettable summer’s romance. -Rg2

© 2019 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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