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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 367: ‘The LinkedIn Love Letter, Part 2…Consider Yourself First, Businesswoman’: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (95)


“The LinkedIn Love Letter, Part 2”

Dear Businesswoman,

You owe it to yourself…a personal Pamper-Her-Friday
More than a corporate “Summer Fridays” movement,
Being able to cut out a little early for the weekend?
Cute, but you deserve a more substantive inducement

For if you leave midday, what then is your agenda?
Meet co-workers for drinks? A jump on domestic chores?
Are you surreptitiously plotting your next career move?
The glass ceiling’s not the problem; rather, the glass doors

Admit it, you hate being tethered to corporate headquarters
The pay isn’t bad but doesn’t nearly reflect your worth,
You can’t speak the truth and colleagues are envious
Even being in upper management is devoid of mirth

Freedom…of time, of place, of personal involvement
Is the most precious and valuable component of living,
We all have to earn it, though many haven’t learned it
Getting up daily to the same routine seems a misgiving

Such is the nature of capitalism, dear businesswoman
The system never ceases in its merciless demands,
Though it is the greatest unleasher of human potential
Relentless in the heights of human capital it commands

You’ve entrepreneurial dreams to set your own schedule
But those hours are even more extended than before,
The phone call at 2 a.m. alerting about orders unfilled
By gosh, someone has even hacked your online store

Good grief, you sigh, will the challenges ever cease?
My, how a summer’s romance would do absolute wonders,
A getaway from it all will recharge your mental batteries
A break from the grind a businesswoman no longer ponders

Come, allow me, will you, to escort you to utopia
A quiet, clean-air, riverfront view of shaded grass,
Feeding you nature’s bounty while rubbing your feet
And as the sun sets begins the serenade of smooth jazz

Isn’t it just what your inner romantic craves?
Why must capitalism win day in and day out?
If you let me have my way, I promise to behave
I’ll simply massage your sore shoulders—or thereabout

Come with me, your employer is built to outlast you
You deserve a summer rendezvous on capitalism’s dime,
Summer Friday is only the precursor to Pamper-Her-Friday
Businesswoman, this moment is ours, now is our time…

… for a summer’s romance.

Come away with me . . . .



Pamper the woman . . . she needs a break from the grind. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 366: ‘The LinkedIn Love Letter…She Can’t Put Down’: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (94)


“The LinkedIn Love Letter…”

So LinkedIn is the most boring of the social platforms?
Why in the world, businesswoman, must that be?
You’ve been looking for a job, consumers, or funders
But it’s Pamper-Her-Friday—may I pamper thee?

The old canard: Business and pleasure shouldn’t mix
The billionaires beg to differ, they’re having all the fun,
Must we wait ’til the after-work party begins at 6?
Listen, a free-enterprise woman’s work is never done

Trapped in the cubicle or cuffed to the corner office
Your midday predicament has become rather routine,
If you’ll allow me to be your romantic accomplice
I can rescue you from that dreadful work scene

Click a new window…away from the boring spreadsheet
Close the charts and graphs on recent marketing trends,
Artificial intelligence, big data, rise of the robots
You’ll survive them all but your happiness depends

On your ability to engage a Friday escapade
If not your body then surely your creative mind,
Visualize an azure lagoon into which we’ll wade
I will decouple you from that corporate bind

Did you hear of Amazon’s bid for Whole Foods?
Well, I sold some shares after the big run-up,
The capital gain? Woman, I’m splashing it all on you
It’s so much fun to share a runneth-over cup

Where would you rather be in this moment, now?
Cancún? The Moroccan Isles? The South of France?
I’m coming via a new Tesla, courtesy of the Dow
A whirlwind summer’s weekend I’m eager to finance

Time for removal of your buttoned-up work attire
Delivery of sand and surf fabric leisures by drone,
Gucci, J.Jill, Tory Burch, no matter your desire
I simply want you captive to my summer zone

No, not corporately captive as is now your case
But captivated by the catamaran awaiting bayside,
I’ll mix exotic cocktails, then unfurl the twin sails
On the cushy topside, on my chest, you’ll reside

We’ll sail straight into the sunset, relieved of cares
LinkedIn no longer; but linked on my arm you’ll be,
Reading about romance on your social/digital wares
Only pales to sharing Pamper-Her-Friday with me

I’m in the lobby as you read this, businesswoman.



Pamper the woman . . . like a summer romantic. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 365: ‘Chasing Krista: His Text Unanswered’: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (93)


“Chasing Krista: His Text Unanswered”

Dear Krista,

When I texted, “Are you in love with him?”
Perhaps your answer lost itself in translation,
Did you assume a “yes” would cloud my emotions dim?
Quite possibly, I might have demanded reparation

I mean, what the hell was he doing in your pool?
Which of you was doing the entertaining—he?
So you interpret a bouquet of flowers the essence of cool
That provocative Instagram post…was that for me?

Of course it was, and, no, I’m not full of myself
Your action was highly subjective—a visual statement,
That I was no more than another product on your shelf
And that I needed to consider emotional abatement:

Power down, young man, curb your enthusiasm
A woman is prone to do strange things out of hurt,
Krista, we were opposing ends of a romantic chasm
Figuratively knock a man down but, gosh, don’t kick dirt

That was last summer, a season lost to mutual misstep
You never replied to the text, “Are you in love with him?”
I truly believe it was an uncomplicated answer you kept
I didn’t cross your mind? Woman, the chances were slim

I’ve never lacked confidence but I’ve tasted humble pie
I never took for granted that you would agree to dinner,
Perhaps you wanted this writer to be an extraordinary guy
Make no mistake: My father sired a bona fide winner

I was walking toward you; maybe you preferred I run
It might have been you wanted to inner-feel my passion,
What if our reserved dinner table faced a setting sun?
As I pull your chair, as you approach, in romantic fashion

The most sorrowful of all words: What might have been?
Though even more pitiful: The summer that wasn’t,
Woman, as I write this, I swear, I’m sippin’ on gin
To imagine what your fragrance is like, girl, I mustn’t

That was a summer ago; I trust you read my letters
The irony of it all? You were the hidden theme of most,
That was then; my creatives this season are even mo’ better
Consider this a new series: The initial Rg2 post…

Of a summer’s romance collection inspired by you
I’m sending one more text: With whom are you in love?
A woman’s heart doesn’t function well when it’s not true
Might I be the one you haven’t rid your thoughts of?

If there’s another fella with whom you’re sharing idle time
A lucky chap, he, but those’re but moments frittered away,
Such is the nature of emotional infidelity—on his dime
Are you afraid of how you’d feel on Pamper-Her-Friday…

…with me…

Krista, my summer’s free.

Can we be…

A summer’s romance?



Pamper the woman . . . to make up for the summer that wasn’t. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 364: ‘Can I Pamper You This Summer?’: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (92)


“Can I Pamper You This Summer?”

Admit it, woman, a summer love would be so nice
Alas, the outdoorsman in you is eager to play,
Sipping berry daquiris alone on warm nights won’t suffice
Will you sit with me on the dock of the bay?

Wasting time with you will be time well spent
The steamships will be watching us as they float by,
As I take your hand at sunset—with your consent
You can trust this romantic . . . no need to verify

I ordered a clutch of summer dresses and pretty wraps
Of violets and fuchsias and poly-berry tints,
If you would do me the honor and model them perhaps
The effect on me the sight of you would be immense

A woman in a summer dress . . . is that not God’s gift?
The hem of which billows to the rhythm of the wind,
With you on my arm, girl, the other fellas are miffed
Ours is a season genuine; theirs but a summer’s pretend

You see, not everyone is fortunate to share a summer
When concerts in the park are made all the better,
By the shared patch of grass beneath the shade tree
Our being together is a natural romantic tone-setter

Have you ever been pampered inland to shoreline?
The San Bernardino mountains offer a cabin getaway,
Sauna soaks beneath the open sky—with French wine
Binge-watching our favorite shows to the break of day

On to a beach run—oh, what fun!—we’ll go
We’ll transform from mountain trekkers to land-walkers,
I’ll have you mount my back, your body I’ll tow
Once laughter fills the air we’ll drift into sand-talkers

Holding hands as the tide rolls towards us ankle-deep
Seagulls alight into the hue of the descending sun,
Woman, these are summer moments we’ll certainly keep
Your attempt to conjure up better memories? There are none

Love me tender, I’ll love you gentle, we’ll be true
At the end of our rainbow, there, is a pot of gold,
Neither a mirage nor some imagined figment view
We’ll be the greatest summer love story ever told

What is summer without a companion to share
Alas, the outdoorsman in you is so eager to play,
I’m ready to engage you in all the fun you can bear
Why don’t we start tonight—it’s Pamper-Her-Friday….


Pamper the woman . . . for a summer’s romance. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®



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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 363: ‘About Last Night, Too’: A Poetic Review by Rg2


“About Last Night, Too”

How’d you sleep last night, angel? Any pillowy dreams?
It was near three a.m. that our eyes finally sunset,
How would you rate my application of the silky creams?
It’s likely that neither of us has quite recovered yet

An open-air dinner for two under the night’s stars
I swear, I could see blue ocean currents in your eyes,
The Milky Way we could nearly reach out and touch
June ushered its version of a pre-summer surprise:

Leaves gently rustling in the whispery evening breeze
Stem glasses refusing to stay empty for long,
Temecula Riesling eager to tickle our spirit fancies
Were you aware that you actually broke out in song?

“It’s All About Our Love…So Shall It Be Forever….”
You were giving Sade a run for her vocals money,
Your etching an imaginary stage in the sand was clever
Your night fragrance, woman, oh, was it sweet as honey

I wasn’t aware you have an interest in the theatre
And Fences is slated to make a run in Long Beach,
To learn that sculpture is among your artistic endeavors
Well, I’m a willing student if you’re willing to teach

You could sit behind me as if an intimate instructor
Cradle my hands with your own as the wet clay spins,
Steadier and steadier I could eventually become
It’s true a man, who takes his time with a woman, wins

There was just something about last night . . . in the air
I believe I learned that there are levels of affection,
Nary a clothing item needed to be removed
These Saturday thoughts of you have inspired reflection

Of the sort that soothes the mind and fosters a re-thirst
For another drink of your company by moonlight,
If you haven’t shared a telescope view of the Big Dipper
Nestled in the lap of a summer-man…I’ll be the first

About last night . . . I swear, I didn’t want it to end
You left me with your reputation unquestionably intact,
Serendipity isn’t known to appear twice in a row
But what fun we could have in our effort to re-enact . . .

. . . last night’s Pamper-Her-Friday.

I’ll pick you up at 7:30. ❤️


Pamper the woman . . . she’s anticipating summer. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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