Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 363: ‘About Last Night, Too’: A Poetic Review by Rg2

04 Jun


“About Last Night, Too”

How’d you sleep last night, angel? Any pillowy dreams?
It was near three a.m. that our eyes finally sunset,
How would you rate my application of the silky creams?
It’s likely that neither of us has quite recovered yet

An open-air dinner for two under the night’s stars
I swear, I could see blue ocean currents in your eyes,
The Milky Way we could nearly reach out and touch
June ushered its version of a pre-summer surprise:

Leaves gently rustling in the whispery evening breeze
Stem glasses refusing to stay empty for long,
Temecula Riesling eager to tickle our spirit fancies
Were you aware that you actually broke out in song?

“It’s All About Our Love…So Shall It Be Forever….”
You were giving Sade a run for her vocals money,
Your etching an imaginary stage in the sand was clever
Your night fragrance, woman, oh, was it sweet as honey

I wasn’t aware you have an interest in the theatre
And Fences is slated to make a run in Long Beach,
To learn that sculpture is among your artistic endeavors
Well, I’m a willing student if you’re willing to teach

You could sit behind me as if an intimate instructor
Cradle my hands with your own as the wet clay spins,
Steadier and steadier I could eventually become
It’s true a man, who takes his time with a woman, wins

There was just something about last night . . . in the air
I believe I learned that there are levels of affection,
Nary a clothing item needed to be removed
These Saturday thoughts of you have inspired reflection

Of the sort that soothes the mind and fosters a re-thirst
For another drink of your company by moonlight,
If you haven’t shared a telescope view of the Big Dipper
Nestled in the lap of a summer-man…I’ll be the first

About last night . . . I swear, I didn’t want it to end
You left me with your reputation unquestionably intact,
Serendipity isn’t known to appear twice in a row
But what fun we could have in our effort to re-enact . . .

. . . last night’s Pamper-Her-Friday.

I’ll pick you up at 7:30. ❤️


Pamper the woman . . . she’s anticipating summer. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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