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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 409: ‘I Wanna Make Love to You in Alaska, Mocha Woman’ A Love Letter: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (112)


Dear Janna,
Can I interest you in accompanying me on a cruise up the Pacific Coast to the U.S.’s last frontier, Alaska?
Why Alaska?
Well, neither of us has visited as yet and I figure we can pay homage to Bill Steward, the former U.S. Secretary of State who was genius in purchasing the Alaska territory from Russia for only $7.2 million in 1867 (roughly $105 million in 2016). Today the Alaskan economy is worth about $53 billion.
I want you to get a share of that, love.
No, not necessarily by moving there . . . and, as a citizen, receiving an annual dividend (about $1,600 per year, per resident) check from the state’s vast oil reserves. That might sound enticing but I’ve a far better idea. You’re a swaying-palm-trees, sunsets-on-the-beach type of girl after all.
Alaska’s home to First National Bank Alaska (ticker: FBAK), voted in 2017 the “Best of Alaska Business” by Alaska Business Monthly readers, including the Best Place to Work for the second year in a row. In January 2018, named FBAK the most admired company in the state.
Well, FBAK’s stock is set to undergo a 10-for-1 stock split, the additional shares to be issued to owners of record on Friday, August 10—yes, Pamper-Her-Friday, love. What a sweet coincidence, eh? The stock is currently trading at $2,348 per, so when divided by 10, the owner will have 10 shares (for every 1 share currently owned) at a price of roughly $234.80 per.
By splitting the stock, FBAK will increase trading in the shares by making the price per share more affordable. In addition, the stock pays a $25 per/share dividend every three months on the current $2,348. When it splits, the divvy will be around $2.50 per share.
I want you to have at least 100 shares total after the split, so I’ve purchased 10 shares in your behalf at today’s price. That works out to your receiving a check for $250 every three months just by sitting on the shares. And of course, the share price will only increase in the months ahead; when it gets back up to today’s $2,350, your 100 shares will have ballooned to $235,000 in value—in addition to your receiving $1,000 per year in dividends.
Why Alaska? Well, the cruise up the coast is wondrous. The property I recently bought there on the pristine waters of a hidden gulf is tranquil.
And I wanna make love to you in the heart of nature of a picturesque realm . . . leaving the urban jungle for a much-needed spell.
Let’s cruise together, mocha woman. And breathe on one another.
It’s Pamper-Her-Friday, angel.
Like no other,
Pamper the woman . . . like a summer’s getaway. -Rg2
© 2018 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 408: ‘Women Are Not Great Investors’ A Love Letter: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (111)

“Women Are Not Great Investors”


Dear Sharisi,

Is it true that women don’t make great investors? Apparently that’s the whispered groupthink embedded in business man-circles I’ve been privy to over the years.

Do I believe it? Hell no.

It’s hot today, Sharisi.

Inland Southern California is pushing north of 110 degrees—a record for early July. Forgive me my being a bearer of pernicious news but the planet is slowly smoldering. As if you weren’t aware, right?

Fire season is no longer “seasonal.” It’s year-round. Fresh water is the new oil. In fact, sadly, there’s more oil—both discovered and yet discovered—than fresh water sources around the planet. It’ll only worsen.

Have a tall, cool drink of water with me at dusk, will you? I’ll make it worth your while. It’s Pamper-Her-Friday after all.

Have you seen the Alkaline88® water bottles sprouting up in places like Costco and Shopko? Well, in addition to those retailers/wholesalers, Alkaline88® has recently secured product placement in national/international retailers Walmart and Kroger. That’s a big move.

I don’t usually invest in small, young companies. The risk is too great. But there’s something about water—it’s a precious resource. Even more precious into the future.

The Alkaline Water Company Inc. (ticker: WTER) is trading at $2 a share currently. I’d say that’s a bargain relative to its future market potential. Alkaline88® is ranked #18 in the Top 20 Still Water Brands in the U.S.

When you taste it this afternoon, and if you like it enough to give me the green light on a buy, I’ll go in on 5,000 shares initially (2,500 split between you and me) and, watching forthcoming developments, pick up more on continued promising news.

Soda sales continue to drop. I can almost guarantee you the big soft drink players like Coca-Cola and Pepsi are eyeing Alkaline’s ascension in real time—salivating all the while. One of them will likely add Alkaline88® to its product line-up in a buyout, upon which Alkaline’s stock price will pop on the news. We will easily double our investment.

Water is like you, Sharisi, a precious resource. An increasingly scarce resource.

I highly value precious resources. Especially on Pamper-Her-Friday.

We leave for Nova Scotia at midnight, angel.

Can’t wait to see you, woman.

Tender are my thoughts,


Pamper the woman . . . like a summer’s romantic investment. -Rg2

© 2018 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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