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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 321: ‘The Romantic Dividend Date’ A Love Invitation: ‘A Summer’s Romance’ Collection by Rg2 (85)

Romantic feast


“The Romantic Dividend Date”

Hello, Beautiful,

It would have been a lovely first date—that summer Friday. So let’s make it up on short notice. Let’s post-date the date that wasn’t, shall we?

Mind if I put the pretense of impressing you aside? I believe our simply being in one another’s company will leave a memorable impression upon us.

There’s a dimly lit but lively craft burger joint—a hidden gem that doesn’t bother advertising—only a few minutes’ drive from the Ontario Improv off Fourth St. D.L. Hughley goes on at 9:00, so why don’t we coalesce around 6:55 in the interest of good time.

I hear the organic bison, garlic-infused double-decker on brioche with the hand-cut, Tuscany-seasoned zucchini and eggplant fries is the Pamper-Her-Friday special—free of charge if the lady simply whispers the password to the host upon arrival.

Apparently the Pamper-Her-Friday marketing alliance has boosted table and bar receipts for the eatery more than 30 percent, according to the restaurateur. And I gave the owner a market tip recently that boosted his personal bottom line for which he thanks me each time I see him.

I’d like to share the tip with you: Energy Transfer Partners L.P., a Dallas-based propane and natural gas producer with a diversified portfolio of energy assets, pays a handsome quarterly dividend of $1.05 per share, per quarter no less. The next distribution is payable August 15, record date Aug. 8; must be purchased before Aug. 4 to ensure your check. The ticker? (NYSE: ETP).

Yes, that’s one of the most generous quarterly dividends in the industry.

We can discuss the details over dinner if you’d care to. Such as how many shares you should consider buying—in addition to the bevy of shares I’ve already scooped up in your name.

Absolutely no strings attached. Why?

Well, let’s just say missed first dates shouldn’t be regrettable. Rather, they should be memorable.

Besides, it’s Pamper-Her-Friday.

No better time to have a little fun. I look forward to seeing you.

Oh, and the password? “Romance by Rg2.”



Romance lives. -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 320: ‘Her Flowers of the Heart’: ‘A Summer’s Romance’ Collection by Rg2 (84)

Exterior bath


“Her Flowers of the Heart”

Climatologists confirm the first six months of 2016
the hottest on record, but Rome is not burning,
So long as we escape to a canopied hideaway
to indulge the summer’s romance we’re yearning

We can sip in coolness, even wade in coolness
Can I bathe you in coolness with petals afloat?
Shield you from an envious sun will I
A tray of Bourbon Slushies to you I’ll tote

With fried olives dipped in spiced honey mustard
make for an intriguing aphrodisiacal pairing,
Citrus seasoning-rubbed salmon steaks on the grill
Woman, I wanna give my feelings for you an airing

Public or private—it matters little the venue
Once they’re released, there’s no taking them back,
I understand a bouquet was delivered to your desk
And it wasn’t via my American Express—Black

A beautiful woman deserves to be beautifully feted
Some women are blessed a little more than others,
The competition for her heart heats up in summer
But which one shall she choose, given her druthers?

Am I the wild card, so seemingly unshuffleable
The one lying at table’s edge, apart from your deck?
Flowers in your office are like a bird in your hand
Might you be tempted to say, “Oh, what the heck…”

Take him up on his offer, what is there to lose?
A woman’s heart can be a rather fragile thing,
My grandpops asked, “How does it feel in her company?”
‘Cause if it feels like a garment yielding static cling

You’ll look forward to the next—and the one after that
The mysteries of love can trump the laws of attraction,
It just may be the real thing or a Melania speech
Nothing close to that true Michelle-O satisfaction

Isn’t that, above all, our seek: authenticity of heart
There’s a chance it’s discovered in a summer’s romance,
Petals in the hand can certainly carry a meaning
The message can’t be decoded if ungiven a chance

I want you, yes, I want you and all there is of you
Every cell, every inch, every breath of you,
And if it means abiding by an uncommon patience
I’ll write, wait and create as these feelings accrue

It’s hot, woman, the hottest on man-made record
Rome is not burning but for you does my heart,
There is this summer’s romance carried therein
Am I really that wild card from the deck apart?

There’s flowers in the hand—and flowers in the heart
Go ahead, do what you must to discern the twain,
A summer’s romance we were on its very verge
If not me, I wish you an authenticity to gain . . .

. . . of a blessed summer’s romance.


Pamper the woman . . . authentically. -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 319: ‘Let’s Go, Woman’: ‘A Summer’s Romance’ Collection by Rg2 (83)

Lake dinner


(Rated Rg2: Women Readers Only)

“Let’s Go, Woman”

I’ve given thought to your summer needs, woman
Could you be in need of some mid-July love?
Some Pamper-Her-Friday Eve phone call love?
I know, I know, some concert-in-the-park love . . .

I’ve given thought to your summer needs, princess
Would you be interested in a whim Morongo run?
Here, a hundred-dollar free play, slot starter run
A Maxwell’s Black Summer’s Night-in-the-lounge run

Yeah, I’ve given thought to your summer needs, angel
You need a little fun, like, meet-me-at-the-bookstore fun
The first one there buys the first round of lattes kinda fun
I’ll-be-intentionally-tardy-’cause-the-late-one-buys-dinner fun

Ah, yes, I’ve given thought to your summer needs, Sweetness
You need a spontaneous midnight Rancho Mirage getaway
A cruise down Frank Sinatra Drive with the top down getaway
A Cheesecake Factory cheesecake-at-the-Riverwalk getaway

Uh huh, I’ve given thought to your summer romance needs
How about lunch on a paddle boat in the serenity of the lake?
We can jet ski–you aft seat with arms around me–on the lake
At sunset, we can sip Rodney Strong and foot-wade in the lake

Pretty woman, I’ve given thought to your summer cravings
Might you unspokenly crave frozen yogurt on your thigh
Heaven knows I mustn’t leave it there as it melts on your thigh
Mmm, yogurt’s even sweeter when consumed from your thigh

Listen, girl, I’ve given thought to your summertime fetishes
Fresh fruit slush poured into ice trays for–voila–play cubes
Now, there has to be a way to convert these to naughty cubes
Could these be surf-the-canal-of-your-warm-back cubes?

Sure enough, I’ve given thought to your summer laughter, Love
Oh, that itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini
You know the last thing to wear in my proximity is a bikini
Must you traipse around me in that cousin-to-the-thong ‘kini

So you’ve thought about snapchatting me with a summer filter?
Well alright, the cute headdress accentuating the eyes is a go
Ah, the popsicle-red tongue superimposed is a definite go
Come over here, woman, I’ve no time for this Pokémon Go

Of course I’ve given thought to your summer sweet tooth
Remember the old-fashioned ice cream sandwich sweet?
Vanilla cream on a stick dipped in chocolate and peanuts sweet?
A fresh strawberries with french vanilla over poundcake sweet?

Lo and behold, I’ve got a handle on your summer’s romance
A you in my arms as we lay in the hammock, stargazing night
A blanket beneath us in the coolness of the grass kinda night
Sipping on strawberry lemonade as I recite poetry to you night

Would that be alright?

Let’s go.

It’s Pamper-Her-Friday.



Pamper the woman . . . with a summer’s romance. -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 318: ‘Why Reparations is a Great American Idea,’ A Love Letter: ‘A Summer’s Romance’ Collection by Rg2 (82) Vol. V

U.S. Congress: Conducting a Fervent Sit-in to Force a Vote on Gun Violence

U.S. Congress: Conducting a Fervent Sit-in to Force a Vote on Gun Violence


My Angel,

I’d love for you to join me this evening for a romantic dinner rendezvous. I want to run an idea past you—far-fetched as is its nature, I welcome your perspective, criticism and/or rebuttal.

I’m in the process of writing Congressman John Lewis et al with a detailed proposal for reparations for living, breathing descendants of American slaves. I mean, have you seen what he and his colleagues did recently, their compelling hours-long sit-in to force a vote on gun violence? Quite a spectacle, their collective passion and resolve. I was moved.

What if they came together so fervently for a vote on reparations?

Bernie Sanders said he’s not for the idea because “. . . it wouldn’t pass congress.” Fair enough. He’s been in it about half his lifetime—the guy has insight.

But was there ever a collective sit-in like we’ve just witnessed—where congresspersons were so intent on saving humanity from itself—but in the cause of the humanity of American slave descendants?

When things get detrimentally bad, people act, no? When America ever feels existentially threatened, hasn’t she always acted? The impossible becomes the possible, no?

One of my anglo writing cohorts slipped up recently and said, “I don’t see why black Americans vote for Hillary . . . it just means more prisons to be built for them.” I appreciated her candor.

I couldn’t argue the track record. And just imagine law enforcement autonomy under a Pres. Trump. A pick-your-poison proposition if there ever was one, no?

Now, reparations is no panacea for all that ills a least-thought-of people, I understand. Then again, could it be?

Randall Robinson, author of “The Debt,” pegs the net present value of centuries of free black labor in the single-digit trillions (with a ‘t’). The value has only increased since the publishing of his text.

A pipe dream, say you? No way can repayment be made? The country’s broke as it is? Oh really?

Remember the savings and loan debacle under Pres. Bush (41)? The dot-com implosion at the turn of the century? The Great Recession (started by Lehman Bros.’ demise)? Trillions disappeared, wiped off the books, right?

And the banks were replenished by the treasury. The Federal Reserve flooded the system with new money (quantitative easing, it’s called). When times become desperate, America acts, no?

But only on her priorities does she act, say you? And reparations is the least of her priorities? Good counter, Love. But let’s dig a little deeper.

When Pres. Clinton signed NAFTA, he knew jobs would be lost in droves here in America. Jobs follow cheaper labor. And job losses (especially low-to-mid tech jobs) would affect the working, less educated masses most (at least initially).

Public schools in non-affluent areas aren’t profitable and neither was the public prison system. Hence, make them private and investable (stocks) to shareholders. And contract prison labor to companies salivating at the cheapest of labor.

If prisons are now profitable, they must be built; if they are built, they must be fed. And the explosion continues. And the attendant jobs: wardens, guards, construction, maintenance, etc. Once a business model is built around an industry, there’s no going back.

But what if a business model were built around reparations, in the interest of a stronger, better America?

If social security is on the brink, it needs tax-paying workers to keep it solvent. If most of the high-paying, high-tech jobs of today are going unfilled because employers can’t find qualified labor, imagine instead of public-school-students-straight-to-prison, corporation-aligned feeder schools are built (or converted) that offer the exact skills the country needs to flourish in this new century.

People ask, “How would the money be put to greatest use without being squandered?” Oh, you have that same question, Love? Here, let’s have a sip of this zinfandel first and I’ll delineate.

1) Mortgage-free, modern, smart homes to be built on allotted homesteaded land (clean land not near landfills, degraded environment, nor oil fracking); property taxes assessed accordingly.

2) Either free college tuition/room/board to any institution (including post-graduate studies) in the country or corporations-aligned feeder schools built from which corporations directly recruit graduates, via binding contract. Certified curriculums to include the arts, education, health sciences, environmental sciences, tech/computer coding sciences, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, engineering, or whatever fields are in demand by the economy).

3) Reparations-funded banks to finance business and personal loans for the historically red-lined and unbanked. No extortionist interest rates. Each institution to offer free money management/investment programs. No-interest loans provided contingent on borrowers first engaging the programs.

4) Free, generational healthcare from any government-funded health facility and/or reparations-funded incentives for health professionals to build private practices in the historically underserved community with a binding commitment to moral, ethical healthcare and their license renewals contingent on staying abreast of and continual implementation of new/evolving medical best practices and equipment.

5) Once the first tranche of compensation is disseminated to recipients to adequately cover the first 4 mandates, a substantial portion to be allotted to a stock-market fund (similar to a pension fund like CalPers) indexed to the most stable companies in the world, precious metals, utilities, farms, etc. And U.S. government treasuries/bonds. And an equally sized, liquid savings fund not invested in the markets. An annual dividend as a percentage of the funds’ capital gains to be allotted to reparation recipients and their dependents, cradle to grave.

6) Unfettered access to legal professionals (or reparations-funded incentives for prospective law students) who are expert in policing/police misconduct law. Including expert business/real estate/finance/internet lawyers with a vested interest in representing and empowering reparations recipients.

7) The funding of libraries/computer labs which double as recreational/sports and community centers (poetry, theatre, thought-exchange hubs) in historically underserved, reparations-designated communities.

8) Free, comprehensive child care for working mothers and fathers to include top-notch pre-school/kindergarten services.

9) For families caring for children with cognitive and/or physical disabilities, unfettered access to community-based and professional disability/medical facilities and programs which specialize in empowerment, compassion, research and development for maximum quality of life.

10) A designated Pamper-Her-Friday on which both women and the ancestors who worked, bled and died for our cause are honored via an annual or semi-annual themed ceremony/gala/vigil/celebration which will reaffirm our humanity and its eternal sacredness.

There, Love, did I miss anything? I probably have but I think it’s a nice rough draft. Feel free to edit to your liking.

Oh, and for those current descendants of slaves who refuse to even fathom recompense, who believe the idea is silly and far afield, who feel the government would never agree to it, who frankly resent the thought of reparations because they are somehow ashamed of their history or simply wish to forget it away, they’ll be encouraged to sign a binding document renouncing their rights to any and all recompense.

No point in offending their forget-the-past sensibilities.

Now, how about we take a walk down by the shoreline, angel? Just think, our great-great grandparents never got a chance to do something so simply elegant.

I wanna hold your hand.

It’s Pamper-Her-Friday, Love.

Yours always,



“Never shall I forget.” -Elie Weisel

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®



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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 317: ‘Will You Wear a White Dress?’: ‘A Summer’s Romance’ Collection by Rg2 (81) Vol. V

Dinner by the sea

“Will You Wear a White Dress?”

In honor of Pamper-Her-Friday I have arranged
an Amtrak jaunt for you, due Santa Ramara west,
Lest this summer we find ourselves estranged
Never a man of ask, I pose but one request:

A white dress, preferably subtly off the shoulder
Yours will be the window seat with outermost view,
Adjacent to you my absence, a silent placeholder
My face in the passing trees of my presence in lieu

This lonely man, yes, a lonely man am I
But more desperate men exist in the relation-space,
Living I’ve been in the periphery of my savior’s eye
I haven’t voiced this longing for your summer embrace

For reasons sentimental having contained my urge
‘I want you’; ‘I need you’: The words of a weak man,
To fathom you may one morning leave, I kept submerged
A lost summer to regret henceforth, I cannot let stand

Writing, reciting, god, how I’ve been politing the days
Not giving enough to you, barely more to the manuscript,
My vulnerables in reserve that I might preserve the ways
of an abundant lovelessness into which I’ve slipped

And there you are, an invited guest ungiven an invite
Inviting me conditionally against your open heart,
Somehow loving this stranger of a man despite
The target I hold for your precisely unhurled dart

You don’t want to hurt me nor do you want to hurt
A summer’s romance can remedy that hidden ill,
Might emotions spill to cascade from spurt
Unseal it, woman, express what it is you feel

Easy said yet hardly done–sometimes wisdom pains
Perhaps you fear you may crave me in haste,
So be it, so help this blood coursing through my veins
My lips upon yours, ah, how I’ve imagined the taste

A kiss granted your forehead, no passing gesture
as the tide surrounds our ankles above footprinted sand,
Disallowing a writer’s loneliness to no longer fester
A season of romantic want is no more at hand

The white dress, my, how it lingers at the shoulder
As I peer inside your passenger car in motion,
Seated next to you my love is placeholder
If there lives a man worthy of your devotion .. .

He dwells within me as the loneliness once did
Yes, I have issues less than demons to slay,
I won’t anticipate you as some summer elixir
But your romance will take this remoteness away

Your ticket to ride, the destination you’ll grace
Will be greeted by the man whose letter you read,
The scenic coast will play our romantic host
A majestic inducement for words never said

Meet me, will you, I beseech thee your presence
Promise me your decision you won’t delay,
My summer’s romance, woman, you are the essence
The train departs on Pamper-Her-Friday.


Pamper the woman . . . and forever live in her soul. -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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