Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 317: ‘Will You Wear a White Dress?’: ‘A Summer’s Romance’ Collection by Rg2 (81) Vol. V

02 Jul

Dinner by the sea

“Will You Wear a White Dress?”

In honor of Pamper-Her-Friday I have arranged
an Amtrak jaunt for you, due Santa Ramara west,
Lest this summer we find ourselves estranged
Never a man of ask, I pose but one request:

A white dress, preferably subtly off the shoulder
Yours will be the window seat with outermost view,
Adjacent to you my absence, a silent placeholder
My face in the passing trees of my presence in lieu

This lonely man, yes, a lonely man am I
But more desperate men exist in the relation-space,
Living I’ve been in the periphery of my savior’s eye
I haven’t voiced this longing for your summer embrace

For reasons sentimental having contained my urge
‘I want you’; ‘I need you’: The words of a weak man,
To fathom you may one morning leave, I kept submerged
A lost summer to regret henceforth, I cannot let stand

Writing, reciting, god, how I’ve been politing the days
Not giving enough to you, barely more to the manuscript,
My vulnerables in reserve that I might preserve the ways
of an abundant lovelessness into which I’ve slipped

And there you are, an invited guest ungiven an invite
Inviting me conditionally against your open heart,
Somehow loving this stranger of a man despite
The target I hold for your precisely unhurled dart

You don’t want to hurt me nor do you want to hurt
A summer’s romance can remedy that hidden ill,
Might emotions spill to cascade from spurt
Unseal it, woman, express what it is you feel

Easy said yet hardly done–sometimes wisdom pains
Perhaps you fear you may crave me in haste,
So be it, so help this blood coursing through my veins
My lips upon yours, ah, how I’ve imagined the taste

A kiss granted your forehead, no passing gesture
as the tide surrounds our ankles above footprinted sand,
Disallowing a writer’s loneliness to no longer fester
A season of romantic want is no more at hand

The white dress, my, how it lingers at the shoulder
As I peer inside your passenger car in motion,
Seated next to you my love is placeholder
If there lives a man worthy of your devotion .. .

He dwells within me as the loneliness once did
Yes, I have issues less than demons to slay,
I won’t anticipate you as some summer elixir
But your romance will take this remoteness away

Your ticket to ride, the destination you’ll grace
Will be greeted by the man whose letter you read,
The scenic coast will play our romantic host
A majestic inducement for words never said

Meet me, will you, I beseech thee your presence
Promise me your decision you won’t delay,
My summer’s romance, woman, you are the essence
The train departs on Pamper-Her-Friday.


Pamper the woman . . . and forever live in her soul. -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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