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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 371: ‘Radicchio with Queso Cheese Tonight’: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (99)

“Radicchio with Queso Cheese Tonight”
It’s been said bargain wine is spirit for the masses
Aldi offers a $2.19 Winking Owl red,
The masses aren’t invited tonight—only you
Utterly I’ve missed you, yes, that’s what I said
I went back to select several more bottles
I’m anticipating your extended company,
Marinated, succulent T-bones sizzle on the grates
My grilled onion-shrimp-bacon skewer recipe
Will dazzle your palate, enliven the buds of taste
And, oh, my grilled radicchio with queso cheese,
I won’t ask you to leave your Friday work in haste
But, just in case, will arrive to you a set of keys
One will access my place, the other my heart
Specially sensored to ID your unique fingerprint,
The moment you arrive will Pamper-Her-Friday start
Prepare yourself for a summer’s romantic event
An edge-of-pier rental on weekend reserve
Provides a sea-breezy escape from the inland heat,
It’s time to unwind any and all wrangled nerves
Why don’t you have a seat while I unshoe your feet
Did you write any poetry or prose this week?
Healthy is the woman who purges creatively,
It’s okay to allow confined emotions to leak
Desire for pampering reveals itself inevitably
For you I’ve penned the most provocative lines:
Should daybreak ne’er come would be too soon…
Though if dawn insists, woman, I want you near
Crucial is your sweet touch either side of noon…
Come now, it’s time to plate our Friday cuisine
You’ll like the juicy tenderness of this Angus lean
Both intimacy and physical appetites we’ll feed,
Paired with the zinfandel body’s crisp and clean
After which we’ll relax on the exterior lounge
And thereafter I’ll draw for you a soothing bath,
Slow, methodical steps of pampering will abound
Sighs and quivering thighs affirm I’m on the right path
Where it leads us the prerogatives are certainly yours
I’m an intimate vessel for your body to convey,
Its wants and needs, its any number of cravings
No request goes unmet on Pamper-Her-Friday
Pamper the woman . . . for a summer’s romance. -Rg2
© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 370: ‘Pampernic by the Sea’: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (98)


“Pampernic by the Sea”

You want to know the thing about a woman
that never ceases to amaze this writer?
Your extraordinary powers of concentration
To turn a mid-Friday picnic into an all-nighter

Wait, my bad, that’s more akin to “misfocus”
A susceptibility to midsummer distraction,
Between us, you’re much the better multitasker
But I intend to elicit a more emotive reaction

It’s time to remove the weeklong suit of armor
Worn so valiantly each day on that demanding job,
You’ve been daydreaming ever since Monday, no?
Listen, woman, I want you to put away the key fob

Last thing you need is to get behind the wheel
I’m relieving you of the dreaded Friday commute,
Neither Uber nor Lyft I’ll entrust with your passage
I’m your navigator and we’re taking another route

A new take on the picnic: I call it the Pampernic
Should I trademark it? If so, I’ll make you the owner,
So much better than Blue Apron or HelloFresh
My intellectual property lawyer?—let me phone her

Yeah, The Pampernic by Rg2® has a nice ring
Thing is, no other consumers could replicate ours,
The wine, hydroponic veggies, and fresh sea samples
Wouldn’t be complete without summertime flowers

Nature’s reminder of your fragrance I’ve missed
Have you thought of me in the days gone by?
Even if you restrict us to one day per week
I’ll take it ‘cause you’re my Pamper-Her-Friday high

My request is that you untie your hair, let it flow
Let the evening shawl drift from your shoulder,
As I fill our glasses with this Robertson red
Would you remove the dome of the candleholder?

A nightlight enhances the ocean waves in sight
If you’d like I can carve into cutlets your filet,
So tender to taste…and so tender is this night
I’d like to sit just a little closer if I may

We’ll take our time as we dine and unwind
But there’s this small matter I’d rather not delay,
Would you open this and try it on for size
A little something in honor of Pamper-Her-Friday….


Pamper the woman . . . and forever live in her soul. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 369: ‘Going My Own Way…With You’: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (97)


“Going My Own Way…With You”

So you’re hurting, so many women are hurting…
Now that the political winds have blown awry,
That the men have all turned inward and deserting
Have we lost the will and the reasons to try?

These rumblings of each of us going our own way
Seeking alpha at his heart of achieving tranquility,
While her yoga mat doubles as a temple to pray
Suspense begs: If I give to you, will you give to me?

While sunsets go unnoticed, even neglected
Summertime simply wants to be a peacemaker,
How long must an easy rolling tide be rejected
The glowing orb illuminates nightsky, is there a taker?

Are you hurting as much as your appearance belies?
Your spirit, perhaps unbeknownst, betrays a distrust,
The awakened man you haven’t yet met can surmise
You don’t want to be pampered but, oh, a little stardust…

From thin air sprinkled into your jaded field of vision
It settles on the sand before your sandled feet,
A reminder to let not your mind give in to derision
Will you consider nightdrinks on the pier by pillowseat?

Let’s discuss this slowly widening gulf surfacing
Between our mutual need for midsummer touch,
You’ve been on the verge of saying, “To hell with it”
But might that negative sentiment be a bit much

You see, men are not exactly monolithic
In thought, motive, and action lies variation,
While many may billow in the current gale force
Loss of faith in me requires justification

The discovery of which you will find elusive
Not because I’m removed from a similar pain,
We all can become depressed or self-abusive
The possibility of a summer’s romance keeps me sane

Romance is not a feeling but an ability
You haven’t totally abandoned it, it won’t let go,
Mistrust hidden in the cloak of emotional fragility
An unrushed introduction to one another’s apropos

A man not yet ready to “go my own way”
Unless you’re open to accompanying me there,
Let’s embark on a summer of mutual wound healing
We can start this Pamper-Her-Friday if you care….


A summer’s romance lives. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 368: ‘Lo Low Jazz & Pacific Breeze to Blow Softly at Lincoln House’: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (96)

Loretta Greer (aka Lo Low Jazz) & Pacific Breeze Set to Romance Your Summer at Lincoln House

“A Summer’s Romance with Pacific Breeze and Lo Low Jazz”

What are you doing Saturday, July 22, the day after Pamper-Her-Friday? Well, considering we’re enduring one of the hottest summers on record, how would you like to ease into the cool, breezy, pulse-calming sounds of Southern California’s own Pacific Breeze neo-jazz band featuring the silky sweet vocals of Loretta Greer, aka Lo Low Jazz?

Making their debut at Covina, Calif.’s newly remodeled Lincoln House, Pacific Breeze will redefine easy listening as they accentuate the dim-light, angel-on-the-mic ambience of one of Covina’s most distinctive wind-down destinations. Lo Low Jazz interprets the ear-soothing lyrics of artists Sade Adu, Kem, Luther Vandross, Frankie Beverly and Maze, among other timeless R&B, neo-soul, and smooth jazz icons with an alluring aura all her own.

Whether a date night, a friends-and-kin summer gathering, or simply a summer stag occasion for one, Lincoln House is the place to be on July 22, 2017, as the sun sets beyond the Pacific Ocean. You won’t want to miss this summer evening affair.

Can Pacific Breeze and Lo Low Jazz pamper you the day after Pamper-Her-Friday? See you there.



Angel on the Mic: Lo Low Jazz blows softly like a Pacific Breeze in summer. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

Lincoln House Restaurant+Bar+Music: 144 W Badillo St., Covina, Calif. 91723, (626) 732-9827:

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