Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 371: ‘Radicchio with Queso Cheese Tonight’: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (99)

28 Jul

“Radicchio with Queso Cheese Tonight”
It’s been said bargain wine is spirit for the masses
Aldi offers a $2.19 Winking Owl red,
The masses aren’t invited tonight—only you
Utterly I’ve missed you, yes, that’s what I said
I went back to select several more bottles
I’m anticipating your extended company,
Marinated, succulent T-bones sizzle on the grates
My grilled onion-shrimp-bacon skewer recipe
Will dazzle your palate, enliven the buds of taste
And, oh, my grilled radicchio with queso cheese,
I won’t ask you to leave your Friday work in haste
But, just in case, will arrive to you a set of keys
One will access my place, the other my heart
Specially sensored to ID your unique fingerprint,
The moment you arrive will Pamper-Her-Friday start
Prepare yourself for a summer’s romantic event
An edge-of-pier rental on weekend reserve
Provides a sea-breezy escape from the inland heat,
It’s time to unwind any and all wrangled nerves
Why don’t you have a seat while I unshoe your feet
Did you write any poetry or prose this week?
Healthy is the woman who purges creatively,
It’s okay to allow confined emotions to leak
Desire for pampering reveals itself inevitably
For you I’ve penned the most provocative lines:
Should daybreak ne’er come would be too soon…
Though if dawn insists, woman, I want you near
Crucial is your sweet touch either side of noon…
Come now, it’s time to plate our Friday cuisine
You’ll like the juicy tenderness of this Angus lean
Both intimacy and physical appetites we’ll feed,
Paired with the zinfandel body’s crisp and clean
After which we’ll relax on the exterior lounge
And thereafter I’ll draw for you a soothing bath,
Slow, methodical steps of pampering will abound
Sighs and quivering thighs affirm I’m on the right path
Where it leads us the prerogatives are certainly yours
I’m an intimate vessel for your body to convey,
Its wants and needs, its any number of cravings
No request goes unmet on Pamper-Her-Friday
Pamper the woman . . . for a summer’s romance. -Rg2
© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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