Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 372: ‘Summer in a Bottle: Rosé … Love Letter to Oprah and Mindy’: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (100)

05 Aug

“Rosé … Love Letter to Oprah and Mindy”

Dear Oprah and Mindy,

My intuition it may well have been
Or perhaps something of a quirky sixth sense:
When Hillary lost, women would up their game
The competitive fire grows ever more intense

Name the arena: Politics, Business or Sport
The loser is less and less the female sex,
Who’s more motivated than you, Oprah?
I’m digging the cerebral muscles you flex

To handpick the strategic Mindy Grossman
Whose Home Shopping Network legend is beast,
If I got in thick the shares of Weight Watchers
The two of you would reward an investors’ feast

Oprah, you were genius to get in at 6
Upon my due diligence, I trailed you at 19,
You weren’t just tabling funds but your name
Your brand more priceless than all paper green

The critics are numerous, the doubters many
But powerful is the woman who refuses to lose,
I see you in the commercials, the rise of OWN
Your countless hours reading while others snooze

Markets have taken notice both here and abroad
Could skills transfer from a ratings-busting talk show?
Might a mocha woman really set a new paradigm?
That boss who denied your pay raise should know

This capitalism labyrinth you deftly navigate
Filled with sharks lurking in the treacherous seas,
You’ve proved what it takes to outwit the hunter
The Titaness who brings predators to their knees

Who cares if the ol’ boys club remains intact
New fortunes are waiting to be built each day,
Even if Gayle was among the few to believe
I commend you for blazing and lighting a way

You’ve been pivotal to Weight Watchers’ reboot
I’m calling it a business school-worthy comeback,
And I anticipate with vigor your next chess move
Won’t hesitate to pull some chips from the stack

Oh, I read that Tyler’s leaving OWN for Viacom
Likely he’ll have to sign a non-compete clause,
No worries, if it’s fresh creative content you’ll seek
I’ve just the concept to elicit viewer “oohs and ahhs”:

Pamper-Her-Friday . . . multimedia, multiplatform.

The future belongs to the creator.

And speaking of comebacks, I’m sending a sparkling Rosé (summer in a bottle) for you both to enjoy, an appreciation of your excellent work thus far and a good-luck wish for the road ahead.

Love you, Oprah and Mindy.



Pamper the Businesswoman . . . and forever live in her soul. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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