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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 421: ‘More Naughty Than Nice: Ella in Verse’: ‘Romance for the Holidays’ by Rg2 (32) Vol. VII


(Rated Rg2: For Ladies Only)

Dear Ella,

I have no intention of forfeiting this Christmas
But my naughtiness tonight is grounds, I’ll admit,
Year-long niceties have defined this romance writer
Tonight, however, that predictable box I refuse to fit

Think of me as your pre-holiday surprise gift
Come, woman, unwrap me like a long-wished-for toy,
Caution, I’m much more than an easy plug and play
Tonight I insist on making you earn this joy

“Girl, it’s only you…have it your way, decide…”
DiAngelo and other carols spinning on the wheels,
Cords of timber hearth-burning and warmth-sharing
Come sit on my fac…, uh, lap—tell me how it feels

To be the center of my attention by candlelight
Last night’s storm has finally passed inland SoCal,
Leaving crisp air and mount-top snow in its wake
Are you the cozy-setting, hold-me-closer kinda gal?

Of course you are, woman, I see it in your eyes
Late autumns past have left a shiver in your bones,
Those other guys? They were only shoulder-warmers
You need a mocha furnace to sate your full-body jones

Moist, sensual thigh bites, elevating your inner heights
Your eyes on the flames all the while…till they close,
I’m not responsible for helpless, random shouts of ecstasy
You’ve now entered the realm of Rg2 poetry and prose

Writ large along your spine to either pelvis wing
Back to the center to traverse the skin canal,
Warning: If I clutch the cheek, it may make you weak
Should I continue my search? Oh indeed I shall

Have you submitted to Santa your holiday wish list?
What, you’re afraid you may have asked for too much?
No worries, I’ll pre-deliver those gifts that can’t be bought
Just close your eyes and surrender to this holiday touch

I’ll shear the edges of the tree in the morning dew
But tonight we’re engaging only in fireside play,
Yes, continue to unwrap the rest of this mocha gift
I’m yours, woman, a special delivery on Pamper-Her-Friday



Pamper the woman . . . for the holidays. -Rg2

© 2018 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 420: ‘If You See This Post, Chandra’: A Love Letter: ‘A Romance in Autumn’ Creatives by Rg2 (58)

image: © getty


Dear Chandra,

I submitted a creative “success story” to a firm today. One of many submissions it’s likely received from other writers both in need of the commerce or the challenge. The organization seeks to share with the public the myriad cases it’s won for its clients.

The firm appears to be a step ahead of its market peers: An international presence, both on the North American and Asian continents, yet having not forgotten its local roots, the work ethic of a paranoid star track athlete who’s forever looking over his shoulder lest he be caught . . . and the firm is hungry.

No one’s hungrier than I, Chandra. I’ve been turned away and rejected so many times in the business professions, my stubbornness has reached equal proportion—and surpassed it. But a business, no matter the sector of the economy, is either a coward or a winner. You can judge the smarts, strength and long-term viability of a company by its willingness to partner with talent, however foreign. Every company needs talent. The dollar, when not stolen by the less talented but well-connected, naturally gravitates to talent. And creative talent is and will be even more the mother’s milk of future business success.

What this law firm lacks is creative thrust. Yes, it’s got a lion’s heart . . . but a cub’s legs. Legalese is boring as hell by its very essence. Readers don’t eagerly page-turn law lingo. Steve Jobs knew phones were a utility but they were boring as hell. Creative thrust? Now Jobs understood that magic like few others. A device must work superiorly. But more importantly, it must be touch-worthy, attractive, comfortable and envy-inducing to those who don’t yet own his phones.

This firm’s likely not to choose my submission. Another rejection in the pantheon of sad chapters of my creative life story is of no consequence to this relentless creative writer. The fact, however, is I can immediately deepen the firm’s market share and substantially enhance its bottom line with tantalizingly creative content like none of the other scribes.

You know what my gut instinct tells me? The firm knows it, too.

We’ll see which of the two business camps it falls under.

Last night’s rain had me craving your touch, Chandra. I’d rather not go without it tonight.

So close your laptop and come.

Your autumn warmth lives here. In my arms.

On Pamper-Her-Friday.

Tender are my thoughts,


Pamper the woman . . . before autumn goes away. -Rg2

© 2018 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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