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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2™ 110: Love & Hip Hop

Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2™ 110: Love & Hip Hop

Gotham City–10:02 a.m. EST, Pamper-Her-Friday:

Interviewer:  Mr. Carter, you’ve been experiencing a whirlwind of game-changing life events worthy of an ‘American Masters’ induction . . .

JZ:   Lucky, man. And blessed by the best. I’m just doing what I do . . . not taking anything for granted.

Interviewer:  Your modesty is an understatement: Forbes lists you as one of Hip Hop’s wealthiest artists for 2012, just under a half-billion net, second only to Diddy; you own your master recordings; your Brooklyn Nets stake; the 40/40 Club chain; you’ve taken Carnegie Hall by storm like no other Hip Hop artist in history . . .

JZ:   Yo, man, Carnegie was all about the kids. I’m proud we raised millions for education . . . but I gotta admit, we had mad fun rockin’ ‘The Hall.’

They share a laugh.

Interviewer:  . . . you and your lovely wife, who, by the way, was just named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman, have welcomed an angel of a babygirl to your Hip Hop royal family, ‘Papa Z’ has a nice ring to it . . . you’re on a magical roll by anyone’s standards. Is all as dreamy as it appears?

JZ:    No doubt I’m living a dream beyond measure, man. I know where I come from . . . we know where we come from. The title ‘family man’ means more to me than ‘Hip Hop Mogul’ ever will.

The interviewer sees and feels the lyrical maestro’s conviction. Jay Z’s integrity as both artist and man is truly legendary.

Interviewer:   So, what does a man who has seemingly everything do as encore?

Papa Z:    I’m going home right after this interview, take both my lovely ladies in my arms, kiss them on the forehead, and tell them I love them.

Interviewer (smiling reverently):   So, the warrior rapper does indeed have a sentimental side?

Papa Z:   Don’t tell nobody. (They both laugh.) But blessings must be acknowledged, feel? And, what better time to show it than on this beautiful day?

Interviewer (his face curious):   This day?

Papa Z (a gleam in his eye and grin forming):   It’s Pamper-Her-Friday.

–exit interview–


Pamper the woman and forever yours is her love. -Rg2

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© 2012 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2™
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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2™ 109: Pampering Her Image


Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2™ 109: Pampering Her . . . Image

Sweet Reflections, Calif.–’round midnight, Pamper-Her-Friday:

She hated her hair while growing up.
Much too thick for her wishes; too coarse; too woolly.
Just too damn nappy for her self-acceptance.
Fed by a constant bombardment of eurocentric beauty aesthetics on TV, online,
and in the workplace, the insecurity has remained with her through the years, lurking there in the gray matter of her psyche, messing with her self-esteem and -image.
The mirror could never befriend her–she wouldn’t allow it.
And then she met him.
His is an even thicker, coarser, more nappy coiff than what reflects in her mirror.
“Touch it,” he encourages her. “Go ahead, it won’t bite,” he softens her obvious reluctance. “Cotton candy times three,” he jokes, “but without the fingersticky.”
She finds herself at ease as each hand, their fingersearch mining a fur forest,
sinks into the woolly mass.
She likes. A lot actually.
He returns the curiosity, enveloping swaths of her locks with his palms and stroking them with caring fingers.
He likes. He loves actually.
He embraces her, then takes her hand and leads her to his door mirror, standing behind her slightly nervous body image, his arms coiling her midriff.
“Look,” he directs her. Her head remains angled, eyes toward the floor. He gently lifts her chin as her tepid eyes finally meet the looking glass. “You are especially beautiful, woman. God has a way with art. Each of us is his own version of a masterpiece, never to be duplicated.”
He sinks his face into her hair, inhales its natural fragrance, and squeezes her warm body more snugly in his arms. A smile adorns his face that reveals itself to her in the reflection glass.
She studies the mirror’s content–like never before.
What would have been a glance in times past, became a lingering gaze, with a smile of her own coming on.
For the first time, a mirror was no longer foe.
And it welcomed two kindred ‘heads’ and souls on a sweetly intimate

A Higher Romance. -Rg2

Coming soon: “A Summer’s Romance” Collection by Rg2

© 2012 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2™

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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2™ 108: The Romantic Zuckerberg Deal

Los Angeles—12:52 p.m., Pamper-Her-Friday:

“You promised me you’d behave and look at you, we haven’t even ordered lunch and you’re actin’ up already,” she says to him under her breath while holding in her laugh, trying not to be noticeable to the other café patrons, her foot securely wrapped in his hand.
“Hey, you’re the one with the strict PDA rules. I never said I could totally buy in. Besides, some rules are made for breaking, right?”
Her long-upheld policy of no public displays of affection was now being tested like few other times.
“Am I violating policy?” he asks rhetorically, the foot rub feeling much better to her than it should.
“Yes, absolutely.”
“Want me to stop?”
“No,” her lips shoot back uncontrollably.
Their laughter melds as if in harmony.
“You’ve seen the Vegas commercial, right?” he says whimsically. “‘What happens there, stays there?’”
She nods affirmatively.
“Well, what happens under the table, stays under the table,” he alludes, as the game of footsies intensifies.
“So, what’d you decide about facebook? It goes public later this month. You want to get in on the shares?”
“For sure,” she confirms. “But friends of mine aren’t so gung-ho about it. They think the network will only fade like MySpace. And I hear so much grumbling about the timeline conversion . . . .”
“Are the people who’re grumbling about it, grumbling on facebook?”
She releases a knowing smile as she takes in his gaze—that look he gives off in his eye when his hunch about a business or money opportunity is more than a notion.
“They bought Instagram recently for a cool billion and they’re scooping up patents like a gold rush,” the gleam in his eye piercingly attractive. “Steve Jobs is no longer with us and that creative space has got to be filled by a new, young visionary.”

“Zuckerberg, right?” she offers.
“Looks that way. Remember when Google went public a few years ago at just under a hundred per share?”
“I know, I missed that boat.”
“Google’s over $600 per, now.”
“Must you remind me?”
His grin doesn’t anger her. He didn’t miss the boat, but sold too early.
“Why don’t we sell the truck and just use your car for the time being . . . it gets much better gas mileage.
And invest in the shares?”
She likes the idea. She mostly telecommutes from home anyway, and he’d paid the loan off for her recently.
“We’ll split the profits evenly, right?” she says in jest.
“Tell you what,” he sees his reflection in the woman’s eyes, “sixty-forty, you.”
She lights up.
“Sweet. Why so generous?”
He draws a pen and scribbles the agreement on a table napkin. To codify not only his word but his love for her.
“Because,” he returns a warm, caring smile to her awaiting eyes, “it’s Pamper-Her-Friday, love.”
Pamper the woman and forever yours is her romance. –Rg2
Coming soon: “A Summer’s Romance” Collection by Rg2
© 2012 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2™
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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2™ 107: The Romance Manifesto III by Rg2

Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2™ 107: The Romance Manifesto III by Rg2

Eve of Summer, Calif.—Mid-morning, Pamper-Her-Friday:

A guide for the Romantic man:

1) Ask her: “What does intimacy mean to you?” Listen carefully . . . to the inflections of her voice and the language in her eyes as she defines, because you’ll be listening to the woman’s heart. Don’t be surprised if her ideal intimacy lacks sexual over- or undertones; often what a woman seeks in intimacy contrasts with that of a man. But be open: Touch (to the woman) doesn’t necessarily mean sex. Necessarily.

2) Understand that in this online, technology-everywhere world we all inhabit, her smartphone and the various social media (including those yet to come online) are your direct competition for her time, attention, and affections. Don’t get ruffled. Don’t compete. Carve a niche of quality time that she agrees to and make it worth her while. But don’t compete. There are limits to how the online world and her smartphone are able to satisfy her “offline” cravings and needs.
Romance offline and in real time has NO competition. (Trust me.)

3) It’s likely, as a little girl, she wasn’t read to just before bedtime. If she in fact wasn’t, introduce this new art.  A woman likes to be read to, whether poetry, romantic prose, or something written willy-nilly from a man’s heart. Corny? Maybe. But also distinctive. Say or recite it lullaby-like. And then simply breathe on her just before you say, “good night, love.”

4) The last line from No. 2 begs repeating: Romance offline and in real time has NO competition.

5) A woman prefers not to have to pump her own gas into her motorcar. If you’re in-vehicle with her, by all means, handle it for her. But for those times you’re not, provide a pair of velvety rugged, fitted gloves in her trunk, with a note that expresses, “. . . so your hands won’t be exposed to countless unsanitary elements.”     A woman’s naked hands should never touch the nozzle. (She won’t forget it.)

6) On Monday, her least favorite weekday, engender and intensify her anticipation of Pamper-Her-Friday (the day and evening she most looks forward to with you) by taping–unbeknownst to her–a tiny section of notepaper between the sole and heel of her designated Monday shoe. Email or text her a hint of the note’s whereabouts while at work.
In your handscript, the note should read something to the effect,
“I know a place few visitors have ever ventured, fewer even have ever been welcomed, and so few, if any, will ever know as you have: My arms. They long to enrapture you. I’ve asked Friday to hurry its arrival . . . .” (Her smile won’t be contained, and the countdown begins.)

7) Find the DVD or stream the movie “Love Affair” with Warren Beatty and Annette Bening; then find the DVD or stream the movie “Love Jones” with Larenz Tate and Nia Long. View them both in her company in a cozy setting—on HD TV, the better. If she wants to be closer to your body, or if you notice how she sinks further into your chest during either movie, the woman is a true romantic and you’re the owner. If she appreciates both movies in equal measure, indeed you share a Higher Romance.

8) Repeat No. 3, but with a twist: Record your recital, create an app for her smartphone . . . non-commercial, for her private use only. Whether on her iPod or listening during her motorcar commute, love calls. And the woman knows where home is.

9) Take her to see Kem in live performance (his show alone, not part of a summer line-up or guest appearance). Enough said.

10) On a whim, out of the blue, call her and ask, “Do you care about me, woman?”
If she answers yes without hesitation, she’s in love.
If she says no, she’s fibbing.
The woman’s in love.


Pamper the woman and forever yours is her romance. –Rg2


© 2012 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2™
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