Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 369: ‘Going My Own Way…With You’: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (97)

14 Jul


“Going My Own Way…With You”

So you’re hurting, so many women are hurting…
Now that the political winds have blown awry,
That the men have all turned inward and deserting
Have we lost the will and the reasons to try?

These rumblings of each of us going our own way
Seeking alpha at his heart of achieving tranquility,
While her yoga mat doubles as a temple to pray
Suspense begs: If I give to you, will you give to me?

While sunsets go unnoticed, even neglected
Summertime simply wants to be a peacemaker,
How long must an easy rolling tide be rejected
The glowing orb illuminates nightsky, is there a taker?

Are you hurting as much as your appearance belies?
Your spirit, perhaps unbeknownst, betrays a distrust,
The awakened man you haven’t yet met can surmise
You don’t want to be pampered but, oh, a little stardust…

From thin air sprinkled into your jaded field of vision
It settles on the sand before your sandled feet,
A reminder to let not your mind give in to derision
Will you consider nightdrinks on the pier by pillowseat?

Let’s discuss this slowly widening gulf surfacing
Between our mutual need for midsummer touch,
You’ve been on the verge of saying, “To hell with it”
But might that negative sentiment be a bit much

You see, men are not exactly monolithic
In thought, motive, and action lies variation,
While many may billow in the current gale force
Loss of faith in me requires justification

The discovery of which you will find elusive
Not because I’m removed from a similar pain,
We all can become depressed or self-abusive
The possibility of a summer’s romance keeps me sane

Romance is not a feeling but an ability
You haven’t totally abandoned it, it won’t let go,
Mistrust hidden in the cloak of emotional fragility
An unrushed introduction to one another’s apropos

A man not yet ready to “go my own way”
Unless you’re open to accompanying me there,
Let’s embark on a summer of mutual wound healing
We can start this Pamper-Her-Friday if you care….


A summer’s romance lives. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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