Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 321: ‘The Romantic Dividend Date’ A Love Invitation: ‘A Summer’s Romance’ Collection by Rg2 (85)

29 Jul

Romantic feast


“The Romantic Dividend Date”

Hello, Beautiful,

It would have been a lovely first date—that summer Friday. So let’s make it up on short notice. Let’s post-date the date that wasn’t, shall we?

Mind if I put the pretense of impressing you aside? I believe our simply being in one another’s company will leave a memorable impression upon us.

There’s a dimly lit but lively craft burger joint—a hidden gem that doesn’t bother advertising—only a few minutes’ drive from the Ontario Improv off Fourth St. D.L. Hughley goes on at 9:00, so why don’t we coalesce around 6:55 in the interest of good time.

I hear the organic bison, garlic-infused double-decker on brioche with the hand-cut, Tuscany-seasoned zucchini and eggplant fries is the Pamper-Her-Friday special—free of charge if the lady simply whispers the password to the host upon arrival.

Apparently the Pamper-Her-Friday marketing alliance has boosted table and bar receipts for the eatery more than 30 percent, according to the restaurateur. And I gave the owner a market tip recently that boosted his personal bottom line for which he thanks me each time I see him.

I’d like to share the tip with you: Energy Transfer Partners L.P., a Dallas-based propane and natural gas producer with a diversified portfolio of energy assets, pays a handsome quarterly dividend of $1.05 per share, per quarter no less. The next distribution is payable August 15, record date Aug. 8; must be purchased before Aug. 4 to ensure your check. The ticker? (NYSE: ETP).

Yes, that’s one of the most generous quarterly dividends in the industry.

We can discuss the details over dinner if you’d care to. Such as how many shares you should consider buying—in addition to the bevy of shares I’ve already scooped up in your name.

Absolutely no strings attached. Why?

Well, let’s just say missed first dates shouldn’t be regrettable. Rather, they should be memorable.

Besides, it’s Pamper-Her-Friday.

No better time to have a little fun. I look forward to seeing you.

Oh, and the password? “Romance by Rg2.”



Romance lives. -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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