Romance by Rg2®: The Romantic Valentine Collection by Rg2 (13): ‘Morning Valentine’

14 Feb
image: Valentine by whispers

image: Valentine by whispers

“Morning Valentine”

Morning, Love, have I told you
you’re the honey in my tea?
the antioxidants, the polyphenols
Have a few sips with me

I wanna warm you up, those lovely bones
There now, how does it taste?
I want a slow hug alongside breakfast
No kisses in haste

Your english muffin is hot-buttered
the marmalade is fruit fresh,
Egg white omelette so fluffy
with blended veggies to mesh

I took my time with preparation
It’s what you mean to me, my dear,
Romantic mornings yield lovely evenings
and Pamper-Her-Friday is so near

But not just any this one signals
The 14th has special sentiment,
Consider this moment a delicious preview
For I vow to be more intimate

In word, in poem,
in touch, and in spirit,
My heartbeat holds a romantic ask
Come a little closer, can you hear it?

One last bite, one more sip
Just one more kiss, your hand in mine,
Morning, Love, may you enjoy your day
Think of me, your Valentine . . . .



Romance lives. -Rg2


© 2014 Romance by Rg2®


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