Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 339: ‘Close to You for the Holidays’: ‘Romance for the Holidays’ by Rg2 (24) Vol. V

10 Dec



“Close to You for the Holidays”

I don’t want another man touching you
this hallowed holiday season, woman . . . why?
There’s the likelihood their intentions are low
Whereas mine, love, are exceptionally high

Funny this dream I had and you were its feature
A wealthy stranger presented you with a ring,
He said to himself, “These diamonds will reach her….”
Upon reveal, you were captivated by the bling

I couldn’t compete, love, my means were humble
Admittedly, I feared I would likely lose you,
Wealth is a formidable rival to the working man
My dream’s Christmas was looking awfully blue

Then appeared a wise woman from the periphery
“But do you think of Roy?” she flippantly tosses out,
“Isn’t this ring beautiful,” you answer the sage
As the diamonds in the oval shoot sparkles about

“But do you think of Roy?” the elderly woman repeats
Your eyes momentarily abandon the striking gem,
“Why do you think of him?” the echo travels your ear
Suddenly you find yourself reminiscing on a whim:

The little evergreen tree we ornamented together
Sipping homemade cider with the brandy hints,
Charles Brown and Bobby Womack on the radio
Wrapping gifts with paper printed with peppermints

Did you feel safe? Did you feel warm? My sole concern
You were free to leave any moment you were ill at ease,
You nestled in my arms as we watched A Christmas Carol
We both eager to see Scrooge rid of his selfish disease

I woke up from the dream, love, and dagnabbit you . . .
You somehow were still cradled in my arms,
Like me, you simply want to be—closer than close
My chest is your furnace from the winter blizzard harms

You asked me what I wanted for Christmas, remember?
I paused and squeezed you: “I have all that I need,”
“What would you like Santa to bring you?” I returned
“For the first time I feel as if my soul is freed . . .”

Free from commercialism, from mercantilism
Free to sing a carol of your choice in my ear,
Intimacy is a gift of its very own I’ve learned
Look, love, is that a reindeer sleigh in the midnight clear?

Being that I’m here and you’re, yonder, there
I’ve made arrangements for a package’s arrival,
A personal delivery from ol’ St. Nick himself
A little something to spark a romantic revival

In your heart of hearts I truly want to stay awhile
I realize others want to be close to you,
But there’s a fire between us that won’t dissipate
Tonight I’m dimming the lights to a romantic hue

You see, so many deserving women will go without
a mistletoe indulgence in which to partake,
My being a one-woman man—God help them all
For I intend to caress you for intimacy sake

It’s Pamper-Her-Friday, Love.

I wanna be close to you.




Romance lives. -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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