Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 128: ‘A Summer’s Romance’ Collection by Rg2 (37)

02 Sep

  “Summer’s Moonset”

It’s finally Pamper-Her-Friday, Love
I’ll let you talk, vent, confess, even drivel

Let the workweek go while I lather-bathe you
As I promise to keep this night civil

No raucousness, grievances, or complaints here
Certainly no urge for infighting
You’ve had enough of that outside our home
Tonight you deserve summer’s inviting

Nature murmurs, wind-whispers, feathery waves
reflecting the moon’s iridescent glow
Luxuriate in my Asia-inspired getaway
And lose yourself in my flow

Are your shoulders tight? Your mind unsettled?
Have you suffered any disappointments?
If you’ve wounds both open and unseen
I swear I’ve got just the ointment

You see, I understand what you’re up against
This unspoken war with competition
Paying the mortgage, raising kids, and chasing dreams
Trying not to succumb to attrition

For every Michelle there’re three Ann Romneys
And for every Beyonce, four Taylor Swifts
Don’t leg go of your aspirations, please
But keep in perspective your own special gifts

Summertime’s on the verge of saying farewell
Neither of us is ready for closure
I’m about to pamper you as if it may never return
And you’re at liberty to lose your composure

Panties astray, though lingerie can stay
but their appearance will certainly be brief
Leave the superwoman stance outside the door
You’re the tribeswoman and I’m the chief

Come here, I want you at waterbed’s edge
your feet skywardly posed
I’m redefining the essence of Pamper-Her-Friday
as summer comes to its close.

 Pamper the woman. She needs it. -Rg2

© 2012 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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