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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 154: A Mid-Winter Rendezvous

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Maldives Island–Midday Sun, Pamper-Her-Friday:

Love, though we haven’t spoken since Monday, the soul whisperer in you has sent smoke signals and poke signals my direction. I took notice of the heartwaves. They tugged on me just enough to remind me what I mean to you–what I mean to your psyche, your balance, your harmony.

You’ve been restless, huh?

But can yours match mine? I don’t know. I could be mistaken but, well, let’s just say you’ve monopolized my thoughts the weeklong. There’s this healthy paranoia we both are slave to: Neither of us wants to publicly admit that pure, unjaded, unadulterated caring is not just possible within us. But probable for us.

This thing we share is a must . . . who’re we kidding? We, together, are a must. And trust? What, you’re afraid to trust it?
Understandable. The heart is a vital organ.

And it’s indicating vital signs. Mine more than yours? Or yours more than mine?

I admit, I’m likely tipping the scales on my end. But that’s quite alright. Emotional equity, though ideal in a relationship, doesn’t always win out.

Surely, one or the other is loving just a bit more deeply.

It’s probably me.

Which is why I’m proposing a warm-weather getaway this weekend. You’re not one fond of snowplows or frozen windshields or driveway shoveling.

So I’ve arranged a lounge chaise on the shoreline under pristine skies . . . to get you away from the arctic elements for a lovely spell.

Oh, and pampering will be all there is to do.

What do you say?




Romance lives.


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