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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 171: Romance, Love & Basketball

Mr. & Mrs. James

Mr. & Mrs. James


South Beach, FL.–After midnight EST, Post-Game, Pamper-Her-Friday


My Love,

I saw a man last night, a gifted, humble, generous, down-to-earth special human being last night. In awe I was. But then, not really.

Because he’s always been what he was, what he is, and what he’s yet to be. It’s easy to dismiss athletes as superhuman freaks of nature or physically blessed beyond measure or simply as ones abnormally gifted with a ball of some sort.

Most would say our priorities are in the wrong place in this day and age: worshipping and idolizing an anomalous runner, leaper, dunker, shooter or can-you-believe-what-he-just-did game changer.

And they’re right, I guess.

Teachers are more noble, no? Doctors are more revered, right? Computer code writers deserve more admiration, say? Business titans are the ones to emulate, eh? Even the presidency of the United States should be the highest aspiration, yes? Sure enough, they deserve our reverence.

But what if the athlete is honest, hard-working, a shrewd businessman, takes more joy in elevating his teammates than elevating himself, especially in the ‘heat’ of battle?

What if he truly loves his woman and, even more, his boys, his family as a unit? What if Earvin Magic Johnson–the ultimate giver and humanist–says this particular athlete wins and will continue to win because his heart, like his game, is selfless?

Is it okay to then become a little more than a fan? Especially when you realize you’re more than a fan of his game, but a fan of his ‘spirit.’

Is it permissible to root for him when two-thirds of the country–hell, maybe even the world–roots against him–and don’t even know why they do?

No, he’s not a doctor or teacher or Nobel Prize winner. He’s not a curer of a life-threatening disease (unless joy watching him play can be so classified) or social-media innovator or inventor. No, he’s not any of those noble callings.

But he’s an influencer; I swear, you can learn a great deal about life if you study his game, and, better yet, his humanity.

I saw a man last night. A special individual. Someone who quietly yet monumentally quelled his critics and naysayers and substanceless dislikers.

I saw a pretty special human being last night take a further step in his blessed evolution. He immediately went over to congratulate and hug his on-court adversaries after the victory. Class can’t be taught, my grandfather once told me. “It’s either in you or it’s not,” the old sage said.

I saw class last night, babygirl. It was breathtaking. But then it wasn’t. Because that’s who he was, is, and always will be.

He won.

In some strange way, I felt as if I had too.

Let’s go for dinner tonight, sweetheart, and talk about the beauty of the human spirit. I wanna share what I saw last night, what I felt last night. And then we’ll pass it on to everyone we meet thereafter.

Let’s celebrate like LeBron and Savannah. In our own little way.

What do you say, Love? It’s Pamper-Her-Friday.



We win when we’re right within . . . and pamper our woman. -Rg2

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