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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 191: ‘A Romance in Autumn’ Creatives by Rg2 (20): ‘Point A to B’

Jamala Madikwe Royal Safari Lodge

Autumn Rinse, Calif.–8:58 p.m., Pamper-Her-Friday:


“Point A to B”

Don’t fret, Love, I remembered: No bubble bath
Just an all-natural water softener,
Your physiology’s tender, I’m not an offender
Tonight my pamper-you goals are loftier

Oh, the social pokes and subtle mind strokes
from women across the globe are enticing,
Romania’s reading and Paris is pleading
But it’s your presence in my midst that’s sufficing

Struck was I by this one-thought thunder . . . of you
Have I evolved into a one-woman wonder . . . a clue
surfaced in the wee hours of last night’s novel writing
My protagonist, Joan, meets this dark knight, inviting

Her inner longings and casting aside trivial belongings
from a romance void of an Autumn theme,
Pursued, she, by two prospective hunk-loves
Hers a dilemma of which her peers can only dream

Yet though I wrote her character into existence
I envy her not–Love, I envy you,
Why? Because tonight is anything but fiction
Come, let me demonstrate what I’m gonna do

That report that’s due Monday in your
department head’s inbox? Well, consider it done,
Yes, footnotes, citations, bibliography–all edited
Those PowerPoint loose ends? There are none

My Autumn romance is proactive:
Point A to B should be a smooth path,
“A” is for After-work-the-pampering-ensues
“B” is the welcome-to-the-weekend Bath

Now, I want you to step inside uninhibited
and sate the anticipation of the suds,
Hydropillows line the tubfloor to the arch of your neck
I’m tempted to get out of these duds

But, no, my preparations are only in midstream
The caterer will be arriving soon,
I let the kitchen be, having saved my energy
To all your Friday wants I am attuned

Let me read to you my chapter ending
But first, how about a champagne pour,
What’s that . . . a thighrub is your request?
Absolutely; let me close the door

So the steam doesn’t escape us
We’ll capture the fullness of the candleglow,
Are you listening? Mmm, your body’s glistening
Perhaps it’s better that I go

And let you bathe in peace . . . wait, woman,
Wait, don’t pull me in the tub!
At least let me undr—
Oh well,

Rub-a-dub-dub . . . .



Pamper the woman . . . and hang on. -Rg2

© 2013 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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