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Romance by Rg2®: ‘Romance for the Holidays’ by Rg2 (10): ‘Silence by Fire’

image: by krissi

image: by krissi


Kindling Peak, Calif.–Dusk


The love of a good woman can transform a city boy
into the most efficient lumberjack,
Here, let me take your bags, sit down awhile
I know you’re eager to unpack

I’ve missed you with a single passion
The way that Linda pines for Roy,
Nights penning romance in solitude
Bereft of your warmth, I’ve played it coy

Much too long this modern-night Cyrano
Writing lyrics into the dark,
Your photo etched onto my monitor
Now that you’re here, the contrast is stark

There are no words, you need say nothing
Let me wrap you in the throw,
Snowfall has begun its second pour
I’ll turn the lanterns gently low

And add kindling to the fire
just enough for a mesmerizing rage,
Rest your palm in mine, how does it feel?
Your emotional temperature I can gauge

Home is where the hearth gives, the heart lives
I’m committed to keeping you intimately warm,
What is the true meaning of the holiday . . .
if not shelter from the storm?

Noah built the ark in anticipation
And I? I chopped away like a lumberjack,
Close your eyes and just be still with me
We’ll wait ’til morning to unpack

Love, it’s welcome time, so seldom is time
as sacred as this yuletide season,
I’m among the most fortunate men
For in my arms lay the reason . . . .



The ultimate gift. Romance. -Rg2

© 2013 Romance by Rg2®



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