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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 199: Introducing the ‘Pamperee Profiles’ by Rg2 (2): ‘Unforgettable Phyllis’

image: The striking Professor Phyllis C. Taite, a difference-maker

                           The striking Professor Phyllis C. Taite, a difference-maker                                     photo credit: Mr. Darren Gibbs



“Unforgettable Phyllis”


It’s a man’s world–Tax Policy
But it would be nothing without the likes of Professor Phyllis C. Taite,

If I want to take a winner to the Humanitarian’s Ball
Trust me, I’ve got in mind the ideal date:

She doesn’t take the room when she enters;
The room eagerly gives itself to her,

If you want to know the secret to her success
Take a listen, so you won’t have to infer:

“What drives my passion for tax policy? I can’t really break it down to a single source, but what began as a casual curiosity about tax in general evolved into a drive to shed a light on the inequities associated with our tax policies,” explains Phyllis, tenured tax law professor at Florida A & M University College of Law (FAMU) in Orlando, Florida.

“I focus my scholarly writings on how tax policies contribute to wealth and income equality because most people do not realize how tax breaks for the wealthy directly or indirectly impact them. In addition, I love to teach tax courses because I believe my passion is contagious. I use tax courses that law students, especially minority students, typically shy away from and make them accessible, hard charging, and fun.”

In addition to teaching courses including Estate and Gift Taxation, Estates and Trusts, Estate Planning, Federal Income Taxation, Partnership Taxation, and Property I and Property II, Phyllis also does tax consultancy work for the law firm Zimmerman, Kiser & Sutcliffe P.A., in Orlando.

Phyllis, it’s my privilege to honor you as this Pamper-Her-Friday’s designated ‘Pamperee’ for your life-enhancing spirit and admirable work toward educating tomorrow’s generations of tax professionals.

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Pamper the woman. Especially the Tax Professor. -Rg2

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