Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 232: The American Experience: A Love Letter

19 Sep
The Obama Women, The Graceful American Experience credit: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

The Obama Women, The Graceful American Experience
credit: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais



Dear Mrs. Obama,

I’m not the perfect citizen.

I haven’t been the ideal American example, I readily admit.

Can I do more? Sure. Can I serve more, volunteer more? Absolutely. And I’m working on it.

However, I am a faithful tax payer. I’m unwaveringly law abiding. I’m a natural, relentless practitioner of the Puritan work ethic–entrepreneurial by instinct, a believer that the best of the human spirit resides in a man’s ideas and his pursuits thereof.

I’m a flawed American, Mrs. Obama, as most of us are. Quite the truth. But I’m also an uplifter. Never will I tear down another. Nothing gains a man or woman in such a flimsy endeavor. Nothing.

The impetus for this letter, however, is certainly not my own life. Far from.

As you’re aware, a substantial portion of the Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2 series, as well as the Romance by Rg2 running theme, has been devoted to both you and President Obama. I simply want to offer thanks.

I feel privileged to have been lucky enough to walk this earth simultaneous to your and your family’s emergence and historic precedence in this current chapter of the American experiment.

To say that you’ve been a breath of fresh air is utter anti-hyperbole. Democracy is gritty. It’s slugfest-like. It’s heartbreaking. It’s sometimes hypocritical. It certainly can be ugly.

But ultimately democracy is oh so beautiful. It is via democracy that your family came to the fore. And I was privileged with the opportunity to write about it.

Lucky, I.

These are days of grace. We all can do a little better. And we will. We’re a blessed people, we Americans.

And your family is an example of that: A blessing.

The American history, citizenship, politics and government books that were required reading during my K-12 and higher education matriculation made no mention of the Obamas and others of your ilk those years ago. Just think, those now written and yet to be written and published will include this new chapter of the American experience–required reading, no less.

Lucky, I.

Lucky, we.

I simply want to express my sincere thanks.

Oh, and happy Pamper-Her-Friday to you and those beautiful First Daughters.

Tender are my thoughts,



God, pamper the women . . . and bless America. -Rg2

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