Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 246: The Romantic Valentine Collection by Rg2 (16): A Love Note by Rg2

23 Jan
Creative Verse by Rg2

Creative Verse by Rg2


Dear Krishtine,

It’s a new year.

Like the most recent four or five of my life, my intention hasn’t been to fall for a woman. I’ve remained disciplined—I’ve desperately tried. Self-sequestered in my quiet environs with little more than a laptop, a lone candle, an occasional liqueur-on-ice, well, a little more than occasional, and my favored vocalists and instrumentalists haunting/inspiring/consoling me on digital, I’ve sought refuge in the man within. Self-refuge.

Few know me. Fewer understand me. And yet, the world, increasingly, recognizes my presence . . . in some creative form or fashion. I’ve submitted several proposals to Fortune-ranked and -unranked companies recently, some by invite, for creative products/services marketing alliances with Pamper-Her-Friday and Romance by Rg2 as the commercial theme.

Visualize one that I’m particularly fond of having written: A mother and her little girl–both confronted by an extremely humble existence—daily walk past a modern-day five-and-dime store on their way to the youngster’s school. The display window features a life-like, hand-crafted action figure of the little girl’s likeness, dressed in a graduation robe, mortarboard and tassel. For reasons known only to her, perhaps wonderment more than anything, the little girl is fixated on the figurine. Her mother simply can’t afford it.

Well, it’s Friday (are you smiling, clued into where I’m going with this?) and the owner, having noticed the cute window-watcher before, is feeling generous—with a catch: Written on the no-charge receipt is his request to receive a photo of her on her college graduation day, dressed in the figurine’s likeness, of course.

There’s no guarantee the request is fulfilled in years hence, sure enough. But the little girl, a smile even her mother hasn’t seen her daughter wear, her eyes all aglow, is immeasurably touched, clutching the figure in her arm, her gaze returned to the owner a final time before they so thankfully exit the store.

That’s Pamper-Her-Friday for ya. Now imagine the countless other commercial applications with the PHF theme. See the vision?

Oh, and what if that little girl, so touched by the owner’s gesture, goes on to graduate, earns her professional bona fides, returns to the store and offers the near-to-retirement owner a profitable lease buyout or establishes an interminable scholarship at her university in the owner’s name?

See the vision?

I’ve been disciplined, Krishtine. Sometimes painfully, sometimes desperately, mostly resiliently disciplined.

What I saw in your eyes when your photo appeared wasn’t unlike what my inner vision saw in that little girl’s eyes when I created her conceptually.

Yes, inspirational, you. So very lovely, you.

When the ad airs, I’ve directed my lawyer to issue a portion of residuals to your name, due to arrive explicitly on the fifth day of the week.

Why that particular day?

Because . . .

. . . it will be Pamper-Her-Friday.

Just Because,



Pamper the woman . . . when she least expects. -Rg2

© 2015 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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