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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 254: Ode to Spring: A Love Poem: ‘Romance Strategy: Spring Break’

Dinner at Likulik 4431

“Romance Strategy: Spring Break”

Say, pretty woman, what’re the chances you can
take a couple days off for romance sake?
I’ve devised a lovely strategy of togetherness
For the start of my spring break

We can escape to Temecula for a wine sipping
Or a scenic drive up the Pacific Coast,
An impromptu Amtrak ride to Santa Barbara?
For an open-air dinner–I’ll propose a toast:

To Pamper-Her-Friday and a celebration
of our enduring-yet-still-new friendship,
It was just yesterday you caught my eye, it seems
So good it’s been, are we conjoined at the hip?

Some say it’s storybook, our mutual fetishism
while others quietly doubt our authenticity,
Laugh with me at their envious speculations
There is no outside chatter in my company

Is that why you keep coming back?
That’s fine, I’m not returning you to sender,
There’s a bounty of fresh water in my well
Even in drought, I’m your romantic rule-bender:

Having hoarded more than my share of hydrogen
. . . and oxygen for you to inhale me, an array
of moments with me as your sole love provider
Timeless experiences that take your breath away

Like the jewels-inside clam I hid in the sand
only footsteps from our sunset dinner site,
But of course I’ve mastered the art of the surprise
The pearls? They augur an unforgettable night

Would you open the card, there, beneath the bottle
while I pop the cork and fill our crystal flutes,
You had no idea it had been placed on our table . . .
Maybe, just maybe, the waiter was in cahoots?

No matter, I laugh, as you open the envelope
The method of delivery pales to the creative verse,
“Beneath the stars romance has found you . . .”
Just a few lines, I kept it terse

To whet your giddy, an escape from the city
Under the moon we’ll share a shoreline dance,
Enjoy every second of what promises to be
a like-no-other Pamper-Her-Friday romance.



Pamper the woman . . . and forever live in her soul. -Rg2

© 2015 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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