Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 261: Intimacy in the Digital Age: ‘Pampering . . . in Real Time’

16 May
Intimacy is not disrobing her body, but clothing her naked fears. -Rg2

Intimacy is not disrobing her body, but clothing her naked fears. -Rg2


“Pampering . . . in Real Time”

What happened to intimacy in the digital age . . .
In this data culture and infotech society?
Social creatures though many of us are
Appears lost in the madness is propriety

Like, say, a woo note written over a network
Or a melt-her poem published unnamed,
Yes, they may float through the open ether
But only you know from whose pen it came

No need to blow the ghostwriter’s cover
When he’s more than careful to protect yours,
Should you take the full measure of his written heart
From it does what he truly feels for you pours

I conjure you at each daybreak, woman
My last night’s sleep was pleasantly abrupted,
Your face appeared and your fragrance neared
My think-of-you quotient, you’ve certainly upped it

How often have you returned the thoughts . . .
Those nights in my absence, did you pine away?
Were you to describe the body indicators in words
What deeper truths might they convey?

The Pamper-Her-Fridays arrive and leave
You’ve spent more than your share alone,
Pondering, you may’ve, ‘what if?’ the experience
Having left you in suspense, I must atone

Shall I come and steal you away this night?
My intentions would be far from indecent,
An assurance your reputation remains intact
While mindful, I, the heartbreak was recent

That one who knew not what he was doing
The emotional neglect, you taken for granted,
Your fidelity devalued, your mistakes ballyhooed
The love you gave one-sided and slanted

That hour is past, true intimacy is nigh
Come, will I quiet the last of the tears,
No interest have I in disrobing your body
But rather a promise to clothe your naked fears

Intimacy in this the digital age
Requires discreetness with sweetness like never before,
If you’re ready to be pampered offline, in real time
Consider my invitation all the more . . .




Pamper the woman . . . and her intimacy is yours. –Rg2

© 2015 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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