Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 263: Workaholism is Overrated: ‘Come Go with Me’

30 May

Beach dinner


“Come Go with Me”

I’ve given thought to the forces arrayed
against you this week, seen and unseen,
Your faith and energy in savings accounts
bearing no interest, end unworthy of mean

What, 75 cents on the dollar comparatively . . .
Your take against your counterpart’s,
Harmony voids in work and domestic life
The ‘fulfilled’ target aimed—but errant darts

Thrown from your slightly weary hands
To say nothing of your exhausted mind,
Chasing that elusive have-it-all dream
And love has been less than kind

Do you truly know what it is you want, woman . . .
Is yesterday’s craving, tomorrow’s ‘care less’?
As spring begins its transition to summer
Might you need a season of tenderness?

No, not because you are not strong
You’ve shouldered worlds disproportionately,
But the Midas hand of a caring man
can augment the quality of life so fortunately

First, we’ll lighten your ceaseless workload
Workaholism is so overrated,
Promotion results not from perpetual motion
But smart investing in ideas understated

Like copyrights and creative service marks
emblematic of the universal heart,
Pamper-Her-Friday may come to mind
With value above commercialized art

We’ll take the concept off mere paper
And transcend it beyond electronic space,
Let’s live it out in human interaction
We’ll take each moment at your pace

Dinner arrangements have been set
Waterfront views so quietly lush,
There we’ll discuss our weekend itinerary
We’re on for fun . . . is that a blush?

The creator/innovator of Pamper-Her-Friday
Gosh, is the guy a genius or what,
And in case you’d rather not leave our table
. . . I’ll build us an oceanfront hut


Just come.



Pamper the woman . . . with a special table for two. –Rg2

© 2015 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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