Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 265: ‘A Summer’s Romance’ Collection by Rg2 (67) Vol. IV: ‘Last Summer Remains’

12 Jun


“Last Summer Remains”

What is this thing summer season love . . .
Phenomenon, heart theory, or purely rubbish?
Think back, will you, this time last year
The last love letter went nearly unpublished

No dweller in the past am I, my friend
We can’t simply pick up where we left off,
But you never quite uttered a goodbye
And what of that kiss you blew aloft . . . ?

Releasing your hand from the intimacy of mine
We reckoned it was our last summer touch,
Watching you walk away in the beach sand distance
Gosh, I didn’t think they’d linger as much . . .

As they have, recollections and reflections
of open-air, by-starlight concerts by the bay,
Unfolding your stadium chair next to mine
Mesmerized by the saxophones at play

No outward displays of endearment we agreed
But notice we never put it in writing,
The verbal contract proved hard to honor
And your girlfriends spoke of the romantic sighting . . .

That was you standing so freely in my space
Laughing at my khakis rolled at ankle cuff,
But it was you who bought them for me, woman
Then wanting me shirtless to admire the buff

Uh huh, summeritis had surely set in
Those hot and humid nights inviting ice play,
Midnight movies on projector in the grass
Grilled salmon and zucchini at sunset–replay . . .

I do the memories of your editing my script
scrawled over the hammock in my button shirt,
Swinging you nostalgically beneath the oak’s arm
Admiring your beauty in the floral wrap skirt

Yeah, you put a little heart-rush on me, girl
Can you honestly say you didn’t enjoy our season?
I realize a man shouldn’t live in the past
Though if you’re willing, we’ve ample reason

To consider the kiss you gently blew aloft
I swear, it seems to have found my cheek,
This Pamper-Her-Friday has me thinking of you
I must admit: It’s your summertime touch I seek . . .

For a summer’s romance.

What do you say?



Pamper the woman . . . for an unforgettable summer. –Rg2

© 2015 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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