Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 286: ‘It’s Looking Like Clinton 2.0’: ‘A Romance in Autumn’ Creatives by Rg2 (39) Vol. IV

06 Nov

Chicago eatery


“It’s Looking Like Clinton 2.0”

It’s a given The Donald’s not going away quietly
And Dr. Carson’s actually the most intelligent of the bunch,
But if I were a politically wagering man
My chips appear stacked on Hillary, my hunch

Says the country’s ready for a second Clinton
Behold the introduction of the “First Gentleman,”
My, the consolidation of political power in a single family
Two libraries? A second foundation? What fun . . . .

The last glass ceiling appears ready to crumble
We shall witness women ballot power across the land,
Of course you won’t vote simply your identity
But surely you realize history (part 2) is at hand

The challenge, however, is quite daunting
Her predecessor’s imprint looms grand on the scale,
Among the hardest-working American presidents ever
Barack Obama’s accomplishments we must hail:

The domestic automotive sector back from the brink
To say nothing of the entire economy,
The Ledbetter Fair Pay Act; historic healthcare
Trans-Pacific trade and Cuba opened by decree

Did I mention a breathtaking stock-market run?
The likes of which continues to this day,
“We’ll make him a one-term president,” his foes vowed
They’ve only gotten richer; now what can they say?

No 9/11s on his watch and no White House scandals
Has a Chief ever allowed a kid to touch his hair?
“See, it’s just like yours . . . I was once you, young fella”
Imagine meeting a world leader who truly does care

About people, his family, and certainly his country
Without question of his authenticity,
Bill was loved, but he signed unfair sentencing
Can we trust Hillary . . . and to what degree?

Still, her chances I like, barring a scandal henceforth
On her side appears history’s tide,
Remember: The economy, domestic and foreign policy
Most crucial: On your survival does she reside?

I guess it’s a crap shoot, either way, in the end
There’s a measure of hope that accompanies our choice,
And just in case you have buyer’s remorse
I ask that you remember my comforting voice:

I’m here through thick and thin, darkness and light
You’re not gonna get everything you want from politics,
But if we plan ahead for life’s shortcomings
Together we can suffer much easier the licks

Let’s start tonight, an autumn covenant we’ll enter
A promise to love each other by mutual decree,
I’m placing your ballot on the table with my name
Woman, I’m asking you to vote for me

My campaign platform, much more than a slogan:
Every Pamper-Her-Friday a paid holiday,
Why should the one-percenters have all the fun?
My administration believes in work AND play . . . .

See you tonight, Love.



If you want to be pampered like a Republican, vote for Rg2. -anonymous

© 2015 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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