Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 295: ‘Her Winter of Discontent’: The Romantic Valentine Collection by Rg2 (22) Vol. IV

16 Jan

Cant sleep


“Her Winter of Discontent”

It stands to reason this wintry weather makes
the chill in the room all the more unbearable,
I know of a Valentine with a blanket so warm . . .
Panties become nuisance, simply unwearable

Why must you lie there with a frenzied mind
Thinking, as usual, of what next needs to be done,
Life has made everyone else the priority except you
Has someone thrown shade over your romantic sun?

Might this be your winter of discontent
The holidays were nice but now something’s amiss,
Your eyes meet the ceiling in the middle of night
In search of that heretofore elusive bliss

Read about, talked about, often bandied about
On network media and un-reality shows,
So far removed from the life you’ve been living
Babygirl, you deserve a Valentine who knows

When to arrive . . . just the same, when to leave
No, not abandonment in your hour of need,
Just enough space to inspire: “I miss me some him”
Pride before love? A woman must not concede

Last February you went to the concert alone
Gave your hard-earned money to that performer on stage,
Only to return to the habitat you left
And the mockingbird sings solo in her cage

I can carry a note or two myself, if you care
Pick up the phone, go ahead, put me on speaker,
“ . . . my funny Valentine, sweet comic Valentine . . .”
At my concert, woman, your knees will grow weaker

Have you ever made love on the 14th of February?
No worries, that truly isn’t the moment’s end-all,
In fact, we’re mistaken to even think in such terms
It’s the pre-verse and the postscript, not the interval

That marks the occasion everlasting the heart
I’m sending a card with a dab of my cologne,
I want you to check off the dinner option of choice
And the poem was written as intended pheromone

Let’s consider this “preview” Pamper-Her-Friday
I’m planting a preconceived thought in your mind,
This doesn’t have to be a winter of discontent
In the warm company of a special Valentine . . . .



A little Romance is all . . . . -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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