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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 333: ‘To Candace With Love’: A Basketball Diary

Candace Parker, WNBA 2016 World Champion, Finals MVP, Los Angeles Sparks

Candace Parker, WNBA 2016 World Champion, Finals MVP, Los Angeles Sparks

Dear Candace,

Victory, they say, doesn’t belong to the victor, but to the unsung who made it possible.

People like mom and dad. Grandma. A daughter who idolizes her devoted mother. Brothers Anthony and Marcus. People like Pat and Tennessee teammates of yore. Childhood and Final Four opponents. Professional adversaries and sorors alike. Nneka and Kristi and Alana et al. Coach Agler. Local and global fans.

The unheralded among Candace Nicole Parker had something—quite a lot—to do with the illustrious sparkle that shines from the rare diamond that is the WNBA’s 2016 Finals Most Valuable Player.

But ultimately, in the heat of battle, in the cauldron of war, they can’t play the game for you. You must prove your mettle and deliver when it’s needed most.


Wow, did you do it.

When Magic reminded you and your teammates before the deciding game that he and his Laker soldiers in fact had to go into a hostile Boston Garden and win a game-7, apparently the story had impact.

“Thank you for believing in us,” you cried into his arms.

“This is for Pat,” you exclaimed tearfully into the mic.

Humility. Will. You’re a bonafide winner at every level.

I love you, Candace.

Congratulations and the sweetest Pamper-Her-Friday wishes for you and your world champion teammates.

Fanatically yours,


Pamper the woman . . . for she’s an MVP. –Rg2

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