Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 345: ‘The Obama Valentine Counsel’ A Love Letter: The Romantic Valentine Collection by Rg2 (30)

21 Jan



“The Obama Valentine Counsel”

Dear Valentine,

President Obama returned my call this morning
He was in the throes of a President Trump letter:
Wishing the incoming Commander all the best
Class personified, that Obama, a national tone-setter

“What’s on your mind, Roy?” asked the two-term chief
“Well, sir, I could use your respected Valentine advice
“This lovely I’ve recently met is considering others
“Should I play it strategically or simply roll the dice?”

Somewhat flabbergasted, historic #44 replied:
“She’s contemplating others, you’re kidding me, right?
“Does she know you’re founder of Pamper-Her-Friday?
“Perhaps she’s unaware her fire only you can ignite…”

“Well, not exactly,” I had to break it to the president
“I haven’t revealed to her that particular creative exploit
“Didn’t want to prejudice her method of choice-making
“I could either go brash or more subtle and adroit….”

“…and what if she says yes to the other persistent asker
“What then will you do?” the president posed,
I paused for a tad, “Well, then, we weren’t meant to be
“In the game of love, sometimes that’s just how it goes”

“Sounds as if it doesn’t hold urgent import to you;
“I sense a rather nonchalance in your response, my friend,
“If her heart is truly yours for the asking and the taking …
“… rescue her before appears another shark fin”

That last line he left me, it radiated poignance
Mr. President is keen to many a shark-infested water,
A man must know when to row from when to set sail
Miss Robinson was walking fast, but surely he caught her

Few things are as priceless as a president’s counsel
Advice is as good as a receiver’s willingness to heed,
But what you deserve is less a rescuer than a pamperer
Other prospects got the jump but shaky is their lead

Let me introduce myself to you to lessen the heavy
My name is Greer, Roy Greer, to be formally exact,
I’ve come to vie for the privilege of your Valentine hand
To propose the distinction of a higher romantic pact

With this bracelet, my lady, I sincerely vow
To gently take your hand while before you I bow,
As you read this letter my heart you’ll unmask
Come away with me–forever–is my Valentine ask.


Inside her lives Romance. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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