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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 348: ‘Share My Night’ A Pre-Valentine Ask: The Romantic Valentine Collection by Rg2 (33)



“Share My Night”

If this ask is somehow interpreted as conduct
unbecoming a gentleman, it’s not my intent,
I won’t suggest you surrender your Sunday virtue
To a Pamper-Her-Friday that requires you to repent

For giving in to a pre-Valentine love deluxe
Letting a man have his way is uncharacteristic,
You’ve prided yourself in having Janet’s control
But this surface lust fever is on the verge of ballistic

The darker side of fifty shades is not my seek
There is no vindictive former lover on the prowl,
But a rose-petaled pond in which to enhance our bond
Is a body-rousing law of which I may run afoul

For a night, this particular night, this is our night
To cast aspersion on your former Valentine, I won’t,
You knew not what you were doing that time ago
You had questions, and Oprah says, “Doubt means don’t….”

Ah, but not tonight, my dear, let me quell your fear
Of the knowns and unknowns of a romantic loverman,
I want to kiss-trace your palm into the midnight calm
As you witness the gradual unfolding of my sensual plan

Still, soft water in which to make your introduction
Part secret garden, part lagoon for an erotic baptism,
A lathering of your hair for a slow cranial massage
Woman, close your eyes and give in to the pamperism

The rising of the knee and the shin breaks the surface
Crimson petals adorn the landscape of your skin,
A gentle rubbing and poking leads to aquatic thigh-stroking
Ouuww, girl, have a sip of this Scotland scotch blend

Your anxieties I’ll disarm while the free-radicals alarm
is silenced, giving way to musculoskeletal peace,
You’ve been fighting the good working warrioress fight
Your iron defense mechanism needs a moment to release

Let it go, Love, let go of the clench of your fear’s claw
Let me be the conduit for your tensions to pass through,
Here, bite into the essence of this chocolate-covered berry
And savor the sweetness of the therapy my hands will brew

Your soothing Valentine or your servant Valentine
Matters little the title that you bestow on me tonight,
You’re immersed in the luxury of an effervescent garden
Prelude to a weekend of rose petals and candlelight….


Romance . . . so many ways. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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