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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 354: ‘I Didn’t Stand You Up, Lynn’: A Love Letter

“I Didn’t Stand You Up, Lynn”

Dear Lynn,

Never have I stood up a woman.

Especially one as tantalizingly alluring as you. So I implore you to take my not coming as the exception as opposed to the Rg2 rule.

I’d be disingenuous to say I didn’t want to see you that unforeseen evening, that intrigue hadn’t crept into my made-up mind that night after Pamper-Her-Friday. There was no other woman in my company at the time of your communique—nor was there one on her way.

You could have called on another, I understood. Whether you did, either before or after our talk, matters hardly to me. The fact that I was in your thoughts at all is a pleasantry I don’t take for granted. Having not seen you in a number of years brought back an infinity of silent wishes I hadn’t realized I harbored still.

Time has obviously been gracious to you; it might have even stood still in your behalf, judging visual effects alone. But as life does to most of us during the living of it, you haven’t escaped being upended by love’s flightiness. My grandfather once quipped, “The farther west one goes the more transitory love is.” The sage had lived through and survived a few heartbreaks of his own—and spoke in no double terms hence.

In spite of it all, we remain optimistic. Love demands it.

That night? It was a pre-planned “Rg2 night.” Solitude, twin vodka tonics, and into-the-night writing held me on lockdown. They were a jealous lover—daring me to defy their loyalty. I couldn’t, Lynn.

You kept creeping, mental footsteps tapping, no, ballerina-ing toward the corners of my mind, to the access keypad of my anatomy.

A weaker man would have crossed his values. Weakness, however, doesn’t live in this entrepreneur—though thighs and bedroom eyes are highly persuasive.

If another man attempted to take what was mine that evening, call him and tell him he’s a lucky chap for the effort.

Luck, however, doesn’t strike twice.

Pamper-Her-Friday, and what it means, has held you spellbound since hearing my voice. It’s no easy gift. Earned and deserved are its hallmarks.

If that describes you, meet me by the shoreline.

A table awaits us.

On Pamper-Her-Friday.



Romance lives. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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