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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 362: ‘Uh Oh: Her Prequel is Pre-Sex’: A Night Poem by Rg2


(Rated Rg2: For Women Readers Only)

“Uh Oh, Her Prequel is Pre-Sex”

I make no apologies for my erotic fire tonight
Burning your candle, I will, at both sensual ends,
You haven’t had a man touch you like a prophetic flame
That moist dream you had is about to pay dividends

You’ve languished in silent desperation long enough
Those selfish men indulgent in their own self-pleasure,
Having left you disenchanted with the notion of intimacy
You’ve fallen one too many times for the fleeting gesture

Of a sweet line, a paid-for dinner, flowers sent by assistant
When each of them has dissipated, what’re you left with?
You wanna put your hands on the granite chest of a man
Who’s neither storybook character nor fictional myth

I’m live and in the flesh, woman, you need me tonight
And you’re ready to unleash the hidden freak in you,
A quadruple of scotches on the rocks will tip our scales
I want every piece on you peeled away except the shoe

Paired, each heel not having yet touched the floor
Vertically positioned and then horizontally repositioned,
Innumerable spanks to coincide with the countless yanks
Woman, the animalistic lover in me you’ve commissioned

Your beck is my call, tonight you simply want it all
I’m prepared for you to slap me at the height of anger,
Take all your pent-up frustrations out on me, the G
Woman, I’m gonna phuck you like a handsome stranger

Your temperature’s rising and my hands are hypnotizing
Exactly a medical practitioner I must admit I’m not,
But while they’ve read books, I’ve tested on soft skin
You’ve read about me but tonight you’re the thickened plot

Stir you, I will, stir me, woman, is the ultimate thrill
Seems like you’re plenty ready for the unexpected,
You’ve been following me, even trolling me, across the ocean
And finally the man behind the words has been requested

To enact the prequel written so utterly beautiful
You’ve visualized everything about me pre-sexually,
The mind and the imagination are terrible things to waste
Woman, are you ready for this Pamper-Her-Friday intimacy?


Pamper the woman . . . like a stranger in her dreams. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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