Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 378: ‘If I Come Tonight’: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (106)

16 Sep

(Rated Rg2: Adult Content)

“If I Come Tonight”

If I come tonight, will you let me leave sans guilt?
You turned the last thunderstorm into a cuddlestorm,
Scattered showers are in the offing around midnight
We survived Hurricane Irma, woman, my chest is warm

To say nothing of these safe-zone arms and hands
It’s Friday and I find myself erotically deprived,
Admit it, girl, you’re something of an erogenous wreck
I’ve inhabited your thoughts, now the moment’s arrived

If I come tonight, I’ve a bevy of nonverbal requests:
Edge of mattress finds us at the edge of darkness,
Two hands of yours, two knees of yours—all fours
Invites the ultimate taste test while your body’s at rest

Hind-thighs clutched by these ultra-gifted hands
A lower center of gravity I’ll position your spine,
Increase the millimeters from one knee to the other
Aiming to find sweet treasures on which to gently dine

There? What about there? And there? Absolutely
By all means, sink your head further into the pillow,
I’ll try to be civil but, damn, I can’t help but nibble
You like? Good, I’m taking you thera-sexually slow

Why must it feel like that? Why must I pamper the cat?
Woman, I don’t mean to perform so K-nine-ishly,
Oh, but these animal spirits must be unleashed
Now spread just a little more . . . and let a man be

If I stay tonight, will you let me leave in the morning?
Like, before daybreak or my ham & cheese waffle bake,
May find you still in bed with hot java and juice
No worries, I’ll keep it all warm until the moment to wake

You, yes, you, woman, epitomize the pamper-her type
Gosh, you act as if you don’t want me to leave,
I’ll tell you what, the rain is slated to end mid-afternoon
And we’ve only one more week of summer, I believe

Perhaps you’d like to stay next Pamper-Her-Friday
My place is peaceful and safe, woman, it’s your call,
A toast to a memorable summer we’ll make
And two kisses: goodbye, summer…and hello, fall….

Pamper the woman . . . and farewell to summer. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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