Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 399: ‘Your First Spring Date (I Want To Be)’: A Love Letter In Verse

24 Mar


“Your First Spring Date”

Old Man Winter has lingered a tad too long 
And you’re eager to turn the seasonal page,
So ready to slip into that light-fabric gear
And free yourself from the heavy clothing cage

I’ve a proposal to make for your consideration alone
Call it a wish I’ve held in need of a grant,
What’re the chances I could be your first spring date?
This new season’s revelation that romance is extant

A concert is enticing, your favored eatery has merit
Brazilian salsa, Chi steppin’—we can dance the night away,
I’ll recite to you my poetry at a quiet neutral site
By moonglow and candlelight, for you the piano I’ll play

But if there’s an outing to augur the essence of spring
Under sunlight a slow row with you on the lake,
A satchel full of sweets and make-your-day treats
The serenity and tranquility will take your breath away

Let me ease you into spring, the start of a new fling
Jasmine-laced honey green tea with brandy hints,
May gently rock the boat but, woman, we’ll simply float
Overcome by the fragrance of honeysuckle scents

I wanna row you straight into the sherbet sunset
We’ll put away the trials of your winter storm survival,
It’s a new day, a new season, time for a new love
Are you ready for a mind, body and soul revival?

The high seas this may not be this time around
Our maiden voyage need not navigate waters less tame,
Your voice I want to hear in the bosom of nature’s still
On the paddles I’ll inscribe the initials of your name

A reminder of this day, should it never come again
So difficult would it be that I accept such a fate,
To have pampered you Friday is forever my memory
This privilege bestowed to me: Your first spring date



Pamper the woman . . . like a romantic in spring. -Rg2

© 2018 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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