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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 427: ‘Avon & Pier 1 Imports: the Rg2 Turnaround’: A Love Letter


Dear Amber,

My not feeling company this past Friday was certainly no fault of yours.

Admittedly I haven’t entertained the company of a woman since the turn of the new year. And I love the company of a sweet-scented, warm-spirited woman—more than I’d realized in her absence.

I need time to heal. Time to reckon with my foibles. More time to examine the reflection in my mirror when, all the previous occasions, I only saw the surface of a man apart.

Back to roots. Back to self-truth. Back to the very essence of Pamper-Her-Friday.

I’m not ready for new intimacy. No, not yet. I want to be totally discreet.

But if you want to meet me at the coffee shop next to the Pier 1 Imports at the corner of Fruit and Bayhill, I’d like very much to hear your voice in person, unobstructed by an e-device, and gaze into your eyes to interpret the stories they contain.

We can then visit the Pier 1 store before departing. Why? Well, the financials I’ve read say Pier 1 Imports (ticker: PIR), the eclectic-furniture and -décor retailer, has been on its last leg. The Amazon threat in full effect. But PIR has given leadership to Cheryl A. Bachelder and her team. Bachelder was previously with Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. She revived that dying franchise and brought exceptional returns to shareholders.

And I’d like to gather your thoughts on Avon (ticker: AVP)—yes, of pink Cadillac lore. It too has been given up for dead. Except China has opened up its market. And other markets across the globe are revitalizing the storied cosmetics-products brand.

I risked 10,000 shares of PIR at .70 cents per (it broke through $1.30 Friday) and 6,500 shares of
AVP at $2.95 per—it floated above $3.20 Friday and stayed there.

My instincts say both have just begun their turnarounds. The big institutional funds and hedgers have bought shares of both recently as well. They all smell something.

Like an Avon fragrance. And a Pier 1 organic candle.

If you would accept a gift, I’d like to share the stocks with you. No quid pro quo . . . you’d owe me nothing in return. I don’t believe in obligations.

Make something beautiful happen with the profits, Amber. Treat yourself and perhaps someones who could appreciate a monetary day-maker.

I know it’s not Friday but that evening I didn’t want to compromise either of us. But do me a favor, will you?

Call me next Friday and simply ask me how I’m doing. The value of a call like that, from a sweet-scented, warm-spirited woman, is invaluable to a man. Well, this man.

Enjoy your evening, Amber. Blessings to you.

Until then,


Pamper the woman . . . and return to the man you’re meant to be. -Rg2

© 2019 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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