Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 436: ‘The Stein Mart Breakfast Affair’: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (129)

14 Sep


(Rated Rg2: Well, kinda)


Morning, Amber,

How does an impromptu breakfast by the bay sound this morning? The forecast today augurs triple digits in the Inland Valley. We’ll escape to much milder temps down by Tiera Cove. I’ve some money news I’d like to share; your morning fragrance will only enhance our come-together.

Remember back in February I mentioned my investment in Pier 1 Imports (ticker: PIR), at the time the shares were selling at a mere 70 cents per? Today a share of Pier 1 stock is demanding just shy of $8—a more than 1000% increase. I hope you kept at least some of the shares I gifted you. If so, you’re sitting on a small gold mine.

If by chance you sold early, no worries.

Another small, brick & mortar concern fallen on hard times, that has been on my investment radar, is Stein Mart Inc. (ticker: SMRT), a Jacksonville, Fla.-based specialty off-price retailer. From designer and name-brand fashion apparels to home décor merchandise to accessories and shoes at discount prices, Stein Mart sells a bevy of distinctive wares. And just this week, they announced the launch of a new Kids department—a range of apparel for babies, girls (size 2-16) and boys (size 2-20), as well as shoes and toys.

SMRT’s shares are going for only 81 cents today. I bought a grip earlier this week for 73 cents per. The shares are starting to move. Once the word gets out in force how cheap they are, the price will climb substantially. I’m adding shares next week as well.

I’m investing with you in mind. How so?

You’ve two options: I can purchase a tranche of shares for your account and you can sit on them until you’re ready to sell or I can simply split the capital gain cash, at the time I sell the shares, with you, so you can avoid the capital gain tax. You’ll profit either way . . . on one condition, however—have dinner with me tonight so I can share some additional investment news that will enhance further your weekend spirits.

And maybe I can entice you into a lingering candlelight kiss . . . and a playfully erotic Saturday tango to music of your choosing.

Facesitting optional . . . .



Pamper the woman . . . and forever live in her soul. -Rg2

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