Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 115: ‘A Summer’s Romance’ Collection by Rg2 (9)

01 Jun


“Um . . . Are You Married?”

Pardon me, Miss, but are you married? What a coincidence, neither am I
And if you’re amenable to an interview, I would love to apply,
I’ve always considered the coming-together a lovely institution
If only I could get beyond my inner revolution,

This reluctant playboy’s fighting his devoted monogamist
Teeming with ideas for an idyllic summer tryst,
Extending from June to the greeting of September
We’ll photograph our sandcastles to help us remember,

A summer romance has chosen us for its story
Acoustic guitar serenades and scents of morning glory,
Kayaking on the lake, a Montego Bay getaway
Gretchen live by starlight and dare might I say,

A Vegas run for spontaneous fun, Martini picnics for two
The stresses of our 9-to-fives we’ll gladly bid adieu,
Twin mountain bikes for floral hikes, skiing on the jets
Sand volleyball, winner takes all, I’m putting up the nets,

How’s your cardio? Got B-ball skills? Let’s get you on the court
I’ll play you close in the low post for a mental scouting report,
No hand-checking me, woman, or else you’ll be in trouble
I messed around last Friday and hit a quadruple-double:

24 points, 12 rebounds, 11 steals, 10 kisses along your neck
The fouls you give are more akin to an erotic body trek,
Sweatin’ you and wettin’ you, it’s gettin’ hot and heavy
Diversifying my sensual skills, for you deserve a bevy,

We share a yen for luscious foods, how ’bout a friendly competition?
I’ll take the wok, you take the grill, we’ll sample our renditions,
Curries of Thai, Hawaiian fresh, and southern comfort fusion
You’re licking your lips at my seared salmon curry, was there
ever any illusion?

Ahh yeah, girl, I’ve got a few gifts, on which you shouldn’t sleep
I’m taking liberties my feelings for you, the sakes of which you’ll keep,
Summerlong and long thereafter our lives will be enhanced
Pamper-Her-Friday shall be the theme of our magical summer romance,

Oh, by the way, did I ask if you’re married?
Coincidentally neither am I,
Strike the dates of other interview candidates
Tell them, ‘You need not apply.’


The art of a summer romance. -Rg2



© 2012 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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