Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2™ 114: ‘A Summer’s Romance’ Collection by Rg2 (7)

26 May

(Rated: Rg2–For Mature Audiences) 

“Nothing Better Than This Love”

Romance isn’t disrobing your body; it’s clothing your naked fears
The quotation certainly has merit
But as the encroachment of a special summertime nears
I’ve unlocked Victoria’s secret, will you wear it?

It’s 10:59 afterdark and I’m sipping once again
No need of antidote or placebo
But for a deeper understanding of the meaning of sin
Compulsions long bottled, let them go

Methodical, slow, Gretchen vocal-like is how I want you
I vow to be meticulous as a surgeon
Employing every ounce of my skill toward your coo
I’ll re-release with gentle gloves your inner virgin

Your legs wrapped around me in harmonious silence
I can feel your body’s pulsebeat
We’ll love one another with a spiritual non-violence
Uh oh, you’re ticklish at your feet?

It’s hot but Swedish vodka’s on ice
I’ll fingerskate each cube down your spine
No need to employ a man-made device
All creative techniques will be mine

Woman, you’ve inhabited my wants, enraptured my soul
I’m prepared to master all feats
Orally traversing your entire skinscape will take its toll
Come, no need for these sheets

Better than, so greater than, a summer like no other
In discoveries we’ll take pleasure so many
A plethora of tenderpoints and fetishjoints to uncover
Touch confessions and ero-sessions aplenty

Be specific and tell me exactly what you need
Lest matters be taken in my hands
The details of your instructions I will devotedly heed
For you deserve the highest romance

No better than this love we eagerly await
Imaginations, anticipations at play
I’m counting down the days to you in my arms
Beginning this Pamper-Her-Friday.


Nothing Better Than . . . Romance. -Rg2



© 2012 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2

Vocals: The Sensually Soothing Ms. Gretchen Parlato

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